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If you need a setup for logs, use this!


Who: Characters involved.
When: Time or date.
Where: Location.
What: Brief summary.
Warnings: Label for content.

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Who: Ex-Residents of Lion House
When: During the mediation center and ingress complex assaults.
Where: Angela Zielger's old house
What: The remainder of Team Voltron piece themselves back together again.
Warnings: none yet
Notes: tag around, tag whoever, it's the saddest mingle log.

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Who: Mother ([personal profile] awar) and the team that signed on to help her.
When: September 24
Where: The Ingress Complex
What: A rescue mission
Warnings: Violence, body horror, and more. Label your headers!

I would see them burn. )
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Who: Everyone who goes to the Mediation Center
When: September 24
Where: Underneath Region 5
What: Rescues, bossfights, and decisions
Warnings: Manipulation, mindfuck, brainwashing, violence, and any trauma you might bring. Label your headers!

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Who: Lavellan and anybody inclined to come yell at him
When: Mid-September to just before the final part of the event
Where: Adrien's clinic
What: Some idiot (read: this guy) got himself almost killed by the Savrii after failing to prevent Chara from being captured; this is for anybody who might want to slap him after the fact
Warnings: Uh, probable mentions of serious injury and/or Savrii mindfuck
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Who: L, Nihlus, Rinzler, Texas, Nova, Raeka and Yori!
When: After everyone gets their stuff back so uh, late-ish?
Where: The network tower!
What: Breaking in an causing havoc! Window washer uniforms??
Warnings: Some violence probably!

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Who: Steel and open
When: Now-ish (some time after information about intermediaries has been spread to the civilian population of Thisavrou, or at least some of this information has leaked out)
Where: Region Five - The Time District
What: Assignment T1 - The Petrified Dragon
Warnings: There is a potential for harm to dinosaurs and one NPC in this plot. I don't plan to write anything graphic, though. iron fence guards a delicate structure that seems to be shaped to mimic the form of its inhabitants. )

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Who: Allura and whoever. Or not-Allura and whoever, it's open!
When: Backdated to while all the escape shenanigans is ongoing.
Where: In the prison. And it can continue as we're all leaving if you like?
What: A break from serious business and battle. Let's train some dinosaurs and ride them around for the heck of it.
Warnings: "Don't try this at home"?
EVERYBODY... is obligated to reference this song when dinosaurs are involved. )
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Who: tetora nishizono and various, ideally
When: post-fallout of the VR
Where: all over
What: a clone with a problem with virtual reality faces problems with virtual reality.
Warnings: language at the very least
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Who: Alan Bradley and Clu
When: Late July, after Clu’s resurge
Where: Alan’s apartment
What: Alan has Clu’s disk. Clu (eventually) finds out.
Warnings: Involuntary memory sharing, likely discussion of brainwashing
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Who: Everyone
When: Approximately two weeks into the exile
Where: The core of the crashed Moira
What: The travelers reach the ship's Ingress and discover the truth of why they're here
Warnings: Potential violence. Please label your content!

A NOTE: As this log functions as something of a short-term bridge between the previous event and what comes next, it is being posted separately from a more standard log that covers a longer time period. As seen on the calendar, that log will be posted Saturday.

august event: part ii )
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Who: Quorra & Alan
When: Backdated to shortly after this.
Where: Alan's apartment
What: Q passes on a present from !Rinzler
Warnings: TBD

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Who: Clu and Rinzler and all their mess.
When: 26th July. (After the shadows subside but well before characters return to the Midway Hub.)
Where: A sad little office-park "green space" in R1. It was carefully chosen to be identical to all instances in the set and equidistant from all major residences for 26% of the total region volume.
What: Rinzler has waited for something Clu only now understands the real value of. This can only go well.
Warnings: PERSONHOOD ISSUES, abusive relationship themes and content, torture and mutilation references of various kinds and degree. Y'know. Wholesome family fun.

No one can doubt what we know you can do; )
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Who: The RvB cast + L
When: As soon as everyone arrives
Where: The Midway Hub
What: Figuring out what to do in the immediate aftermath of arriving
Warnings: Probably language, mainly
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Who: York and Carolina
When: morning august 8th
Where: York's place
What: a breakfast date and lots of Important Talking
Warnings: nothing right now, will label thread if that changes

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Who: J and various
When: Backdated to end of shadow plot to 8/8
Where: Around!
What: J got the rough deal during the shadow plot and once again she's licking her wounds
Warnings: Nooone so far.
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Who: Reaper and YOU (Closed prompt for Sombra)
When: Several hours after this
Where: Talon Tower and across the first three Regions of Kauto
What: Homeward bound.
Warnings: None (probably)

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Who: L, Solid Snake, Nathan Drake, Chara, NPCs, maybe you!
When: Between the end of the Shadow plot and now, with a hard cut-off at August's Ingress plot.
Where: Primarily R1 and R5.
What: Remember this? It's going down all over town. If you missed it at the time, whether for personal reasons or because your character is newer, and you want to do something like this, please shoot me a PM. I will also try to throw a few open prompts up in here if you'd rather start with mundane CR with L.
Warnings: Rough-housing and rough language and probably general intrigue.
48 hours needs 48 thrills )