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Who: L, Nihlus, Rinzler, Texas, Nova, Raeka and Yori!
When: After everyone gets their stuff back so uh, late-ish?
Where: The network tower!
What: Breaking in an causing havoc! Window washer uniforms??
Warnings: Some violence probably!

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Who: Nihlus and various!
When: July 22 and onwards.
Where: Various!
What: Post shadow recovery catchall!
Warnings: Injuries, trauma, relationship talks.
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Who: COMMANDER SHEPARD ([personal profile] squadgoals) and YOU, DUDE
When: Early morning July 1st onwards.
Where: TAB communication + Ingress Complex Apartment #019
What: Shepard is out of her month and a half sojourn in Thisavrou's space jail"Mediation Chambers", right on time! She's being... awfully quiet.
Warnings: Mental trauma warning? Possibly a very sad blanket fort???

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Who: Closed to the Tron-Undertale Trainwreck Cast & Friends
When: June 24, shortly before the player plot ends
Where: The Center for Created Oversight and Affairs (Earth 91c)
What: Rinzler and Alan get in trouble; everyone else gets them out. With worse trouble. And frisbees that are brains that might be bombs?
Warnings: Mindscrew references for pretty near everyone. Personhood issues. VIOLENCE AND FRIENDSHIP, which are strangely inextricable.

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Who: Shepard ([personal profile] squadgoals) & Nihlus ([personal profile] beautifulspaceraptor)
When: Morning of April 12th (Day 1), post-party.
Where: Kauto R1, Nihlus' apartment.
What: Welp,
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Who: Rinzler and Saren, plus later Shepard and Nihlus
When: late March, after this
Where: Some back alley on Kauto
What: Rinzler tries to go three for three on fighting Spectres
Warnings: violence, probable injury, frequent and varied mindscrew references

'cause one of us is going, one of us is going down )
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Who: Closed to Saren and Nihlus and Shepard later on.
When: Right after this debacle.
Where: Nihlus’ tech repair shop’s basement.
What: Reaper coding fun times! And potential reconciliation?
Warnings: Potential body horror?

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If you need a setup for logs, use this!


Who: Characters involved.
When: Time or date.
Where: Location.
What: Brief summary.
Warnings: Label for content.

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Who: Rinzler and Nihlus
When: 02.04 morning-ish
Where: Middle of the goddamn jungle somewhere in the off skirts of R1 Kauto.
What: Ass-kicking!
Warnings: Ass-kicking?

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Who: Adrien & Open
When: Jan 1 - 24, various prompts
Where: Mostly Floor One and outside the complex but I can do starters anywhere
What: It's been a very long couple of months
Warnings: Adrien's mental stability took a hard blow as a result of all that's been going on and then the slaughter on the second floor and then the disappointing news on fourth floor. As such his head is a basket of wet cats that could touch on suicide, genocide, murder and other dark topics.

Turn ourselves into these ashes )
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Who: Alan Bradley and Nihlus
When: Some time during the last week of December
Where: Outskirts of camp
What: Nihlus still hasn’t told Alan why he attacked Rinzler, and Alan is 999% Done.
Warnings: Discussion of violence, possible amputation mention.

but that was just a dream )
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Who: Shepard and Nihlus.
When: About a week after the Crash.
Where: On the outskirts of the encampment.
What: Finally dealing with some of that grief and some potential CR fixing.
Warnings: Talk of death and general sadness.

Now I'm in Too Deep )
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Who: Everyone who wants in on this brainwashing/techno-zombie fun times!
When: In the wee hours of the morning, following this PSA, 12.11.2016.
Where: Around the Moira and in a room in the ILR
What: Mass Effect-style brainwashing/techno-zombie fun times!
Warnings: Brainwashing and potential body horror and techno-zombies! Now with more combat!

Sinking, Sinking... )

((OOC: Prommpts/starters are in the comments! If you have questions, ask them here!))
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Who: Everyone who wants in on this brainwashing/techno-zombie fun times!
When: 08-11.11.2016
Where: Around the Moira and in a room in the ILR
What: Mass Effect-style brainwashing/techno-zombie fun times!
Warnings: Brainwashing, potential body horror and techno-zombies!

Two Days Before )

((OOC: Prommpts/starters are in the comments! If you have questions, ask them here!))
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Who: Clone Shepard and Commander Shepard, Nihlus Kryik, and Aurelia Hammerlock; Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan and Nathan Drake
When: October 26th
Where: various
What: Everyone's out of cryo - thread dumping ground!


  • Shepard - the clone's out of the bag
  • Nihlus - mentor no more
  • Aurelia - reintroductions


  • Sully - blast from the past
  • Big Nate - what'd I miss?
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    Who: Commander Shepard ([personal profile] squadgoals) & Nihlus Kryik ([personal profile] beautifulspaceraptor)
    When: Post-Thane chat
    Where: Mero Deck #013
    What: Shep found out about the Clone stuff. Shep also found out that Nihlus already knew. Now it's time to find out why she didn't find it out from him.
    Warnings: Swearing, probably. Maybe violence.

    Good afternoon, dear )
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    Who: Thane Krios and YOU
    When: All through October
    Where: THE MEDBAY
    What: Visiting the terminally ill assassin
    Warnings: Terminal illness? Probably nothing major, will edit if that changes.
    Who told you he was here? )
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    Who: Nihlus Kryik and you!
    When: Aug 20th at night-ish.
    Where: In a broom closet.
    What: Troubled bird teen.
    Warnings: Teen alcohol abuse, abandonment issues, possible mentions of self-harm, racism, bullying, etc.

    And I can think of a thousand reasons why I don't believe in you )