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Who: Leonard L. Church and Agents Maine, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Washington. open to visitors with cr!
When: post-Freelancer meeting though the end of October
Where: ______ Suites, Unit 5
What: MINGLE LOG! settling in with friends, former enemies, and some guy who just can't get away.
Warnings: canon-typical language
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Who: The esteemed agents of Project Freelancer
When: AFTER THINGS HAVE CALMED DOWN A BIT, subject to change a bit
Where: Library
What: Brief summary.
Warnings: Talk of violence, possible actual violence, talk of trauma
The fear of falling apart )
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Who: Everyone
When: Approximately two weeks into the exile
Where: The core of the crashed Moira
What: The travelers reach the ship's Ingress and discover the truth of why they're here
Warnings: Potential violence. Please label your content!

A NOTE: As this log functions as something of a short-term bridge between the previous event and what comes next, it is being posted separately from a more standard log that covers a longer time period. As seen on the calendar, that log will be posted Saturday.

august event: part ii )
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Who: The RvB cast + L
When: As soon as everyone arrives
Where: The Midway Hub
What: Figuring out what to do in the immediate aftermath of arriving
Warnings: Probably language, mainly
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If you need a setup for logs, use this!


Who: Characters involved.
When: Time or date.
Where: Location.
What: Brief summary.
Warnings: Label for content.