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Who: Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer.
When: After this reunion.
Where: Kauto 15.
What: So it's pretty awkward when you accidentally get your ex's wife killed. It's even more awkward when you don't really talk about it afterwards.
Warnings: Nope!
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Who: Sam Drake & Nathan Drake
When: Backdated to shadow event
Where: Around Region 1
What: Shadow Sam roams around
Warnings: Violence??

Here there be monsters )
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Who: Primarily Adrien, Elena, and Nate for the closed prompts; for the open, anyone who wants to visit at the house and bump into her.
When: June 25 to June 30
Where: Ingress Complex, then at the house
What: Elena comes out of cryo after being 'dead' for the past 2 weeks and coping with the damage. It isn't a fun experience.
Warnings: Emotional things? Possible swearing. Will update if necessary.

closed/open things )
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Who: Chloe Frazer and Nathan Drake (more may be added later)
When:Backdated to 11/6
Where: Medical.
What: Bad things went down on the planet and Chloe has to be the bearer of bad news. Really bad news.
Warnings:Blood and discussion of character death.
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Who: J and everyone else
When: Backdated to mid-May!
Where: Several locations: X-men mansion, R5, Ingress Complex, R1.
What: Peter leaves and J moves out. She's briefly homeless.
Warnings: CW: for talk about and endorsing the drug use in thread with Nihlus.

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Who: Sombra and you!
When: open catchall for May
Where: various locations across Kauto and Chioni
What: intel gathering, supply runs, aquiring allies— Sombra is getting settled into Thisavrou as actively as possible in the wake of her arrival
Warnings: NA
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( open )

Apr. 17th, 2017 11:56 pm
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Who: Claire Saunders + open
When: Second half of April
Where: See prompts
What: Claire's finally checking out the planets
Warnings: N/A
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Who: Friends of Nathan Drake and Jane Shepard and also basically anyone who wanders in
When: The local calendar equivalent of April 11th-ish
Where: unp̨̛r͠o̧̕n̢ơ̕͡únć͢͡ȩ͢ab͞͠l͘͡e͟ s͏̶̢p͏̡͞a̢̧c̴̶̀e̴͞ ̢bar̵͢ ͟͡n͝a͡m͝è̛ in Region 1
What: It's a come meet my long lost brother party. It's a birthday with no birthday decorations party. It's a combination come meet my long lost brother and birthday with no birthday decorations party. Also there's a bar fight.
Warnings: F for Fisticuffs

We'll drink, and drink, and drink, and drink, and drink, and drink, and fight )

[ooc note: If your character is on friendly terms with Nate or Shep, it's likely they got a casual invitation to come by tonight. If not, the bar owners have been aggressively promoting their new business, so it would be easy for their attention to be caught—all are welcome!]
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Who: Nathan Drake, Sam Drake and Elena Fisher
When: Recently after Sam's arrival
Where: At home
What: Post-reunion gab and getting-to-know-you

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If you need a setup for logs, use this!


Who: Characters involved.
When: Time or date.
Where: Location.
What: Brief summary.
Warnings: Label for content.

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Who: Nathan Drake, Marian Hawke and Tony Stark
When: Early March
Where: Region 1
What: A thief, a mage and a tech genius walk into a bar

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Who: Nathan Drake, Harry Flynn and Chloe Frazer
When: March 7th
Where: Region 5
What: Chloe and Nate get hired to do some thieving. Little do they know, Harry's been hired for the same job. This worked out so well the last time they all took on a job together what could possibly go wrong?
Warnings: language, theft, tiddies and arse.

You pick your fancy, you pick the lock )
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Who: Everyone!
When: March 3rd-31st!
Where: Normandy Securities office @ Ingress Complex + Mission locations
What: It's the first month of Normandy Securities missions! Come check the job board, guys!
Warnings: Clown death?

STEAL THE CLOWNHONEY, WIN A PRIZE (the prize is money) )
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Who: Pepper Potts, Tony Stark, Marian Hawke, Varric Tethras, Nathan Drake, Elena Fisher + any invited guests
When: February
Where: Kauto R1, residence 15
What: Any and all roommate shenanigans in their new house! Top-levels to follow.
Warnings: Trolling, quips, committed couples

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