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Who: Erik Lehnsherr & Adrien Arbuckal
When: Sometime after arrival
Where: MedBay
What: Erik offering assistance to help clean up MedBay
Warnings: N/A

The irony of these two men in Medbay )
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Who: Lavellan and anybody inclined to come yell at him
When: Mid-September to just before the final part of the event
Where: Adrien's clinic
What: Some idiot (read: this guy) got himself almost killed by the Savrii after failing to prevent Chara from being captured; this is for anybody who might want to slap him after the fact
Warnings: Uh, probable mentions of serious injury and/or Savrii mindfuck
i know it's really serious )
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Who: tetora nishizono & (open)
When: fluid
Where: generally the ingress complex
What: when you miss your band of misfits from home, you end up with some pretty bad decision-making.
Warnings: PG-13 language

rise the tide. )
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Who: Primarily Adrien, Elena, and Nate for the closed prompts; for the open, anyone who wants to visit at the house and bump into her.
When: June 25 to June 30
Where: Ingress Complex, then at the house
What: Elena comes out of cryo after being 'dead' for the past 2 weeks and coping with the damage. It isn't a fun experience.
Warnings: Emotional things? Possible swearing. Will update if necessary.

closed/open things )
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Who: Natasha Stark and Adrien Arbuckal
When: May 24
Where: Adrien's home
What: A continuation of their text exchange
Warnings: Will add as needed
if they really are out to get you )
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Who: Friends of Nathan Drake and Jane Shepard and also basically anyone who wanders in
When: The local calendar equivalent of April 11th-ish
Where: unp̨̛r͠o̧̕n̢ơ̕͡únć͢͡ȩ͢ab͞͠l͘͡e͟ s͏̶̢p͏̡͞a̢̧c̴̶̀e̴͞ ̢bar̵͢ ͟͡n͝a͡m͝è̛ in Region 1
What: It's a come meet my long lost brother party. It's a birthday with no birthday decorations party. It's a combination come meet my long lost brother and birthday with no birthday decorations party. Also there's a bar fight.
Warnings: F for Fisticuffs

We'll drink, and drink, and drink, and drink, and drink, and drink, and fight )

[ooc note: If your character is on friendly terms with Nate or Shep, it's likely they got a casual invitation to come by tonight. If not, the bar owners have been aggressively promoting their new business, so it would be easy for their attention to be caught—all are welcome!]
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If you need a setup for logs, use this!


Who: Characters involved.
When: Time or date.
Where: Location.
What: Brief summary.
Warnings: Label for content.

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Who: Adrien Arbuckal
When: Anytime in March
Where: Kauto
What: Doctoring | Apple picking | Soup stirring
Warnings: Adrien's mouth. Will warn for any other necessary content on the comment headers
Notes: Will match style prose or action.

Oh for fuck's sake )
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Who: Lucifer and whoever likes a good time, really.
When: All month long. The party never stops.
Where: Why at Lux of course. Various dance floors, balconies overlooking said floors, plush and posh seating, a hell of a good bar, and Lucifer's penthouse if you're spectacularly lucky.
What: After the grand opening, and some breaking in, Lux is in business properly.
Warnings: Drinking, possible drug use, sexual content, and more warnings to come later.

step inside~ )
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Who: Adrien & Open
When: Jan 1 - 24, various prompts
Where: Mostly Floor One and outside the complex but I can do starters anywhere
What: It's been a very long couple of months
Warnings: Adrien's mental stability took a hard blow as a result of all that's been going on and then the slaughter on the second floor and then the disappointing news on fourth floor. As such his head is a basket of wet cats that could touch on suicide, genocide, murder and other dark topics.

Turn ourselves into these ashes )

( closed )

Oct. 17th, 2016 03:42 pm
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Who: Tony and Adrien
When: Early October
Where: Nomo & Moro decks
What: Moving house and making journal-related discoveries
Warnings: N/A. Adrien's mouth?

listen i can't be expected to think of witty cut text )
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Who: Adrien and OPEN
When: Month of October
Where: MedBay (of course) | Training room | Mini Colony
What: Various prompts and OPEN to setting up different scenarios
Warnings: Cranky doctor scaring med techs? idk nothing for now, will warn in comments in necessary.

A million roads, a million fears )