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Who: Primarily Adrien, Elena, and Nate for the closed prompts; for the open, anyone who wants to visit at the house and bump into her.
When: June 25 to June 30
Where: Ingress Complex, then at the house
What: Elena comes out of cryo after being 'dead' for the past 2 weeks and coping with the damage. It isn't a fun experience.
Warnings: Emotional things? Possible swearing. Will update if necessary.

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Who: Friends of Nathan Drake and Jane Shepard and also basically anyone who wanders in
When: The local calendar equivalent of April 11th-ish
Where: unp̨̛r͠o̧̕n̢ơ̕͡únć͢͡ȩ͢ab͞͠l͘͡e͟ s͏̶̢p͏̡͞a̢̧c̴̶̀e̴͞ ̢bar̵͢ ͟͡n͝a͡m͝è̛ in Region 1
What: It's a come meet my long lost brother party. It's a birthday with no birthday decorations party. It's a combination come meet my long lost brother and birthday with no birthday decorations party. Also there's a bar fight.
Warnings: F for Fisticuffs

We'll drink, and drink, and drink, and drink, and drink, and drink, and fight )

[ooc note: If your character is on friendly terms with Nate or Shep, it's likely they got a casual invitation to come by tonight. If not, the bar owners have been aggressively promoting their new business, so it would be easy for their attention to be caught—all are welcome!]
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Who: Nathan Drake, Sam Drake and Elena Fisher
When: Recently after Sam's arrival
Where: At home
What: Post-reunion gab and getting-to-know-you

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If you need a setup for logs, use this!


Who: Characters involved.
When: Time or date.
Where: Location.
What: Brief summary.
Warnings: Label for content.

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Who: Pepper Potts, Tony Stark, Marian Hawke, Varric Tethras, Nathan Drake, Elena Fisher + any invited guests
When: February
Where: Kauto R1, residence 15
What: Any and all roommate shenanigans in their new house! Top-levels to follow.
Warnings: Trolling, quips, committed couples

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Who: Hawke, Pepper Pots, and Tony Stark
When: During when the new arrivals show up
Where: The medical tent mostly
What: Hawke is an amazing hero who rescued the princess and Tony Stark better not hate and start to appreciate.
Warnings: Quips.

Look into your eyes and the sky’s the limit )
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Who: Nathan Drake ([personal profile] sketchycharacter) and Elena Fisher ([personal profile] tearsinajar)
When: October sometime
Where: The Moira, Nomo Deck
What: The marrieds finally get permanent privacy
Warnings: Stupid fluff, maybe sexy talk

Moving in )
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Who: Nathan Fisher Drake, Elena Fisher, Adrien Arbuckal
When: After things have settled down
Where: Observation Deck
What: Apologizing for being a mercurial dick
Warnings: Possible discussion of genocide, murder, angst, discussion of party planet induced accidental sexy time voyeurism.

And we'll start a fire, and we'll shut it down )
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Who: The Entire Moira
When: Mid September 22nd - 25th
Where: All over the ship
What: Holes in reality, holes in reality everywhere.
Warnings: None so far, please mark your content!

Hey, what's that sound? It sounds like a sharp whine of white noise and moving air, and quiet. And it's coming from a glowing crack that appears to be... floating in midair inside the ship. Surely that can't be good, right? How come they're appearing all over the Moira? And why do they show such bizarre images when you get close enough...?

((OOC: Plot details are here, feel free to use this post or make new ones! :D Any questions, feel free to hit me up at [plurk.com profile] kouject, otherwise GO NUTS GUYS, AU SHENANIGANS~))
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Who: Everyone on Moira!
When: Through the whole month of August
Where: Mero Deck #25
What: the new speakeasy: Niels Bahr is finally ready and taking some customers
Warnings: General drunk shenanigans? Some underage kid drinking? Will update if necessary
The ice cubes were spiked )
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Who: Nathan Drake ([personal profile] sketchycharacter) and Elena Fisher ([personal profile] tearsinajar)
When: Early August
Where: The Safe Space
What: It's time for the talk.
Warnings: Some spoilers for Uncharted 4.

And I know this could work if I could only let you in )