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If you need a setup for logs, use this!


Who: Characters involved.
When: Time or date.
Where: Location.
What: Brief summary.
Warnings: Label for content.

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Who: Jesse Pinkman & various; one starter semi-open to anyone!
When: Feb 17 onwards.
Where: Around Monmouth & Region 1.
What: Jesse has returned from being [spoiler alert??] canon updated.
Warnings: Drug use, swearing, other stuff that comes with Jesse Pinkman territory. If you want a starter, feel free to hit me up via PM or over at [ profile] nanageddon!

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Who: riptide and whirl
When: a couple of hours after catgate
Where: riptide's room
What: sideswipe isn't in and riptide deals with his emotions by getting drunk with whirl. they have an agreement, you see
Warnings: whirl

what else do you do when you get a cat ass in the mail? )
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Who: Ultra Magnus, Megatron, and Riptide a little later
When: Not long after this thread
Where: Cargo Bay
What: Ultra Magnus has to break some really horrible news to one of his captains and apparently he's the only one who can. Also Riptide will screw it up.
Warnings: Discussion of death in general.

[After Magnus had left Riptide and Ratchet, he sent Megatron a brief message.]

["Something has come up. We have to talk in person. I am on my way to meet you in your quarters."]

[He had instructed Riptide to stay outside the Cargo wait until after he had brought Megatron in to see Ravage's remains before coming in and speaking with him. In part, because he knew Megatron enough to know that having both himself and Riptide approach him would set the former despot on edge. And after everything that had taken place recently, he was certain that Megatron was already walking on eggshells, so to speak.]

[So, he arrives at Megatron's quarters and gives a single, solitary knock.]

Megatron? It's Magnus.
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Who: Bumblebee (tfa) and You!
When: Throughout September
Where: Medbay for first half of the month and then his room during the second half.
What: Bumblebee got ripped in half by Megatron and has to be bed ridden for a month due to technical difficulties. This is recovery throughout September. Getting stabilised in the medbay for the first half and then being moved to his room the second.
Warnings: Mentions of Robot gore, medical gore, PTSD, small robot children getting maimed.

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Who: riptide and some other dudes
When: after magnus's post
Where: riptide's room
What: sad fish boy
Warnings: cw for possible discussion of war, violence, ptsd, generally the depressing shit you get with these metal tittybabies

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Who: Tailgate, Riptide, Sideswipe and any other sucker who ventures close.
When: They start not long after the new people arrive and keep going until someone tells them to fuck off.
Where: All around the ship.
What: In a sort of weird protest to the strict new rules, Tailgate, Sideswipe and Riptide have banded together to form the IDIOT BRIGADE, and are using this power to do stupid shit that no one asked for. PRANKS GALORE!
Warnings: Stupid robots.

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Who: Everyone
When: August 1st and on
Where: The Moira
What: New “guests” join the crew on their journey and implement some changes.
Warnings: None for now. Please label your content!

july intro log )
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Who:The idiot robots brigade of the Moira and their rescuers.
When: During the kidnapping adventure
Where:One very large compound owned by a very rich jerk.
What: So it turns out, this guy likes Robots. And so it was easier to do their drama like this than try and make a mess all over the event log.
Warnings:Same as the event log. Talks of all sorts of things like murder, forced captivity, sex things, really really bad attempts at understanding organic sexual practices. All sorts of things.

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Who: riptide and bee
When: a week after shitstorm
Where: the... moira
What: i have no idea how this is going to go honestly
Warnings: traumatised kids

sad )
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Who: Sideswipe & OPEN
When: In the days after this. 12th-15th of June.
Where: Cargo Bay then Aft Observation
What: Sideswipe is basically sulking after getting into an argument with Riptide. It goes about as well as you'd expect.
Warnings: None ATM

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Who: Sans & YOU
When: From the 16th on.
Where: All around the ship.
What: Catch-all log for May!! Some post-void shenanigans, some general around the ship shenanigans, fun for everybody!
Warnings: Will add if any come up! Probably some talk of mass murder, though.

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Who: Nico Robin "Jaguar D. Clover" and YOU!
What: Various things!
When: March 8th, 13th & 14th
Where: Various places!
Warnings: Child trauma? Mention of death? Will update if anything bad happens.

They don't mean what I meant, they don't say what I said )
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Who: Tailgate, Riptide, Sideswipe, and rescue
When: March 7th
Where: Ceta
What: Bored robots do pointlessly stupid things.
Warnings: none for now

Whale riding )
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Who: Sans & YOU
When: The 24th, spanning from early in the morning to the evening
Where: All around the ship
What: Sans is back! It is unclear to him at this point what "back" means, both for him and for everyone else.
Warnings: Alcohol (er, well, ketchup, but y'know), Undertale spoilers out the wazoo

Moira, my home sweet home, I wanna give you a kiss )
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Who: Megs, Lara Croft, Tailgate, and others!
When: Post Explosion (Feb 15)
Where: Multiple Moira Locations!
Tailgate and Riptide suffer the consequences of their utter buffoonery
Warnings: N/A?

Threads Incoming! )
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Who: tailgate and riptide
When: the afternoon of the 12th
Where: their room (nomo deck 15-16)
What: they decided to try and build an xbox. somehow, they manage to build an explosion instead
Warnings: robots

- lady, 2k16 )