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Who: X-Mansion residents, students, weather!refugees, whoever else.
When: Through July
Where: R5, Residence 15
What: Schooling nonsense, weather sheltering, general shenanigans, et. al.
Warnings: See individual top levels for applicable warnings.
Let's have an adventure; )
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Who: X-friends and visitors to the Howlett farm
When: The month of June
Where: Howlett farm, R2
What: Mingling for those evacuated to the farm!
Warnings: Threads will have individual warnings
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Who: Residents and visitors of the X-mansion
When: The month of June
Where: The X-Mansion (Kauto, region five, residence fifteen)
What: Mingling
Warnings: Drama? Individual threads should have their own warnings.
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Who: Charles Xavier ([personal profile] welcomeprofessor), Logan ([personal profile] el_paso), Kurt Wagner ([personal profile] preciousblueberry), & Laura ([personal profile] coercive). Jean Grey is Sir Not Appearing in This Film.
When: Late 5/15-Early 5/16; set after this.
Where: X-Mansion.
What: Impulsive teenagers (and tweens) impulsively teenage. Charles and Logan good cop/bad cop. (Actually, they're both angry. What a twist.)
Warnings: Mentions of slavery, gore/injuries, alcohol, and likely a good amount of cursing.
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If you need a setup for logs, use this!


Who: Characters involved.
When: Time or date.
Where: Location.
What: Brief summary.
Warnings: Label for content.

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Who: Clone Shepard she's trying out some different names on Wanda Maximoff / Jean Grey / OPEN
When: backdated to February but I'll add a March open thread later
Where: various
What: Biotics training!

  • Wanda Maximoff - cloney's place in Kauto region 1 - backdated to February
  • Jean Grey / OPEN - X-Mansion - backdated to February
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    Who: Charles Xavier |anyone visiting/moving into the X-Mansion
    When: All February
    Where: X-Mansion (residence 15 of region 5 on Kauto)
    What: Month-long mingle, let everyone settle and get comfortable, claim rooms, train, whatever
    Warnings: None?

    X-Men assemble? )
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    Who: J and everyone else
    When: After 23rd of October.
    Where: J deck, laundry room, training room. Simply around.
    What: Personnel officer shenanigans, testing out new super powers and singing.
    Warnings: Smoking and a chance for slurs? n/a for now

    But the film is a saddening bore )
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    Who: Bruce Banner & YOU!
    When: from the end of September to the start of October
    Where: all around the Moira
    What: Bruce copes (poorly) with the aftermath of the party planet, his girlfriend leaving the ship, and getting a new empathic ability.
    Warnings: possible mind/emotion-reading, will update as need be. Please read Bruce's info & permissions post to learn more about his empathic ability, and also feel free to fill out the form there and leave a comment!

    it took some lost before you found me )
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    Who: Charles (Daisy, Jean, Tex, Peter)
    When: The day Charles wakes up from Cryo
    Where: Medical, Moro deck, kipos garden, bow observation deck
    What: Charles has been in cryo for a few months and he's waking up to a few changes. And people.
    Warnings: Nooooone?

    You get a second chance every second. )