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Who: Nihlus and various!
When: July 22 and onwards.
Where: Various!
What: Post shadow recovery catchall!
Warnings: Injuries, trauma, relationship talks.
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Who: Lavellan and YOU, FRIENDO
When: End of July to the start of the August plot
Where: You pick, I'm flex. Lavellan is going to be all over the place trying to avoid people he knows.
What: Lavellan lost some control of his magic as resurrection damage. The result: shitposting.
Warnings: Silliness, secondhand embarrassment

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Who: Chara, Chara's Shadow, some closed starters, and Y O U
When: July 9th - July 21st
Where: All over? All over.
What: You're really kind of a freak, huh?
Warnings: Chara. Suicide ideation and extreme self-hatred are probable. Further warnings will be noted.
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Who: COMMANDER SHEPARD ([personal profile] squadgoals) and YOU, DUDE
When: Early morning July 1st onwards.
Where: TAB communication + Ingress Complex Apartment #019
What: Shepard is out of her month and a half sojourn in Thisavrou's space jail"Mediation Chambers", right on time! She's being... awfully quiet.
Warnings: Mental trauma warning? Possibly a very sad blanket fort???

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Who: Who wants to kill some slavers? You do! Of course you do!
When: May 15th and onwards
Where: Slave trade outpost in the Runoff
What: The slavers that targeted the crew of the Moira in July are overdue for some justice. Chara breaks some regulations to make that happen. THIS IS A MINGLE LOG; anyone and everyone who wants to get in on this and kill some slavers is absolutely free to do so! Chara is relying on there being some chaos for this to work.
Warnings: PROBABLE DEATH. Probable references to slavery, trauma, and also death. Chara.
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Who: Shepard ([personal profile] squadgoals) & Nihlus ([personal profile] beautifulspaceraptor)
When: Morning of April 12th (Day 1), post-party.
Where: Kauto R1, Nihlus' apartment.
What: Welp,
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Who: Friends of Nathan Drake and Jane Shepard and also basically anyone who wanders in
When: The local calendar equivalent of April 11th-ish
Where: unp̨̛r͠o̧̕n̢ơ̕͡únć͢͡ȩ͢ab͞͠l͘͡e͟ s͏̶̢p͏̡͞a̢̧c̴̶̀e̴͞ ̢bar̵͢ ͟͡n͝a͡m͝è̛ in Region 1
What: It's a come meet my long lost brother party. It's a birthday with no birthday decorations party. It's a combination come meet my long lost brother and birthday with no birthday decorations party. Also there's a bar fight.
Warnings: F for Fisticuffs

We'll drink, and drink, and drink, and drink, and drink, and drink, and fight )

[ooc note: If your character is on friendly terms with Nate or Shep, it's likely they got a casual invitation to come by tonight. If not, the bar owners have been aggressively promoting their new business, so it would be easy for their attention to be caught—all are welcome!]
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Who: Rinzler and Saren, plus later Shepard and Nihlus
When: late March, after this
Where: Some back alley on Kauto
What: Rinzler tries to go three for three on fighting Spectres
Warnings: violence, probable injury, frequent and varied mindscrew references

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Who: Closed to Saren and Nihlus and Shepard later on.
When: Right after this debacle.
Where: Nihlus’ tech repair shop’s basement.
What: Reaper coding fun times! And potential reconciliation?
Warnings: Potential body horror?

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If you need a setup for logs, use this!


Who: Characters involved.
When: Time or date.
Where: Location.
What: Brief summary.
Warnings: Label for content.

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Who: Duelists, medics, friends, spectators, and you!
When: Mid-March
Where: Shock Box Arena
What: Duels to decide whether the Artifixx choose to share their technology, which will protect the Savrii, Moirans, and Ingress Complex from the space storm. Please mark any duel threads in the title so they can be found easily and linked in the entry text below. However, combat RP is optional; you can also use this log for characters to socialize, provide medical care, heckle, steal, and so on. PM me or use this post to provide feedback.
Warnings: PG-13 for violence, quite possibly language, etc.!

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Who: Everyone!
When: March 3rd-31st!
Where: Normandy Securities office @ Ingress Complex + Mission locations
What: It's the first month of Normandy Securities missions! Come check the job board, guys!
Warnings: Clown death?

STEAL THE CLOWNHONEY, WIN A PRIZE (the prize is money) )
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Who: Shepard and Nihlus.
When: About a week after the Crash.
Where: On the outskirts of the encampment.
What: Finally dealing with some of that grief and some potential CR fixing.
Warnings: Talk of death and general sadness.

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Who: EVERYONE ON THE MOIRA! I mean, if you want.
When: October 31st, roughly in the evening.
Where: Everywhere on the Moira! Doesn't have to be your room!
What: TRICK-OR-TREATING! Might be more tricks than treats. Maybe. Possibly.
Warnings: Cute kids gettin' their sweet on? Weird adults pouring shots in your pumpkin??

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Who: Clone Shepard and Commander Shepard, Nihlus Kryik, and Aurelia Hammerlock; Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan and Nathan Drake
When: October 26th
Where: various
What: Everyone's out of cryo - thread dumping ground!


  • Shepard - the clone's out of the bag
  • Nihlus - mentor no more
  • Aurelia - reintroductions


  • Sully - blast from the past
  • Big Nate - what'd I miss?
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    Who: Commander Shepard ([personal profile] squadgoals) & Nihlus Kryik ([personal profile] beautifulspaceraptor)
    When: Post-Thane chat
    Where: Mero Deck #013
    What: Shep found out about the Clone stuff. Shep also found out that Nihlus already knew. Now it's time to find out why she didn't find it out from him.
    Warnings: Swearing, probably. Maybe violence.

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