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[semi-open] girlfriend in a coma i know

Who: Lavellan and anybody inclined to come yell at him
When: Mid-September to just before the final part of the event
Where: Adrien's clinic
What: Some idiot (read: this guy) got himself almost killed by the Savrii after failing to prevent Chara from being captured; this is for anybody who might want to slap him after the fact
Warnings: Uh, probable mentions of serious injury and/or Savrii mindfuck

[ 01. earlier ]
[Immediately after being stabilized, he's not really one for conversation. But there are some people who might need to talk to him sooner rather than later. He might be able to focus long enough for that, at least.

He'll be lying on a cot, pale and half-asleep, when you walk in; but he looks as healthy as he could be, relatively speaking. Adrien does good work.

Depending on how soon you're visiting, he may or may not have a dick drawn on his forehead. Apparently he hasn't noticed it.]

[ 02. later ]
[So Lavellan doesn't know much about guns on the best of days, but here's something everyone neglected to tell him: getting shot fucking sucks.

He's been here a week and he's still nowhere near recovered. He misses alchemists; healing never took this long in Thedas. If he even moves wrong he gets sharp, excruciating pain shooting up his abdomen. He can't fight like this. He can't do anything like this.

It's bullshit, and he's grumpy about it. Which is why he's on his feet and preparing to pack it up way sooner than he should be.

Maybe you run into him while he's on the way out.]

[ 03. whenever ]
[Requisite wildcard option! My plurk is [ profile] listen.]

[ closed to adrien ]
[He's grateful for the soup, really. He's just also kind of sick of soup.

He knows Adrien is just doing his job. He does. But he is seriously about to go stir crazy if he has to just sit here for a moment longer. He hates not being able to move, just having to sit here and take it easy while the world goes to hell outside. He ends up just pushing the bowl away from him, having hardly eaten any of it.]

How long did you say I'd have to stay here, again?

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