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[semi-open] girlfriend in a coma i know

Who: Lavellan and anybody inclined to come yell at him
When: Mid-September to just before the final part of the event
Where: Adrien's clinic
What: Some idiot (read: this guy) got himself almost killed by the Savrii after failing to prevent Chara from being captured; this is for anybody who might want to slap him after the fact
Warnings: Uh, probable mentions of serious injury and/or Savrii mindfuck

[ 01. earlier ]
[Immediately after being stabilized, he's not really one for conversation. But there are some people who might need to talk to him sooner rather than later. He might be able to focus long enough for that, at least.

He'll be lying on a cot, pale and half-asleep, when you walk in; but he looks as healthy as he could be, relatively speaking. Adrien does good work.

Depending on how soon you're visiting, he may or may not have a dick drawn on his forehead. Apparently he hasn't noticed it.]

[ 02. later ]
[So Lavellan doesn't know much about guns on the best of days, but here's something everyone neglected to tell him: getting shot fucking sucks.

He's been here a week and he's still nowhere near recovered. He misses alchemists; healing never took this long in Thedas. If he even moves wrong he gets sharp, excruciating pain shooting up his abdomen. He can't fight like this. He can't do anything like this.

It's bullshit, and he's grumpy about it. Which is why he's on his feet and preparing to pack it up way sooner than he should be.

Maybe you run into him while he's on the way out.]

[ 03. whenever ]
[Requisite wildcard option! My plurk is [ profile] listen.]

[ closed to adrien ]
[He's grateful for the soup, really. He's just also kind of sick of soup.

He knows Adrien is just doing his job. He does. But he is seriously about to go stir crazy if he has to just sit here for a moment longer. He hates not being able to move, just having to sit here and take it easy while the world goes to hell outside. He ends up just pushing the bowl away from him, having hardly eaten any of it.]

How long did you say I'd have to stay here, again?
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[Considering Sideswipe couldn't fit in any buildings, and has no idea Lavellan is even there, it's pure chance he's outside the building when the elf is trying to leave.]

[Idling outside, trying his best to look inconspicuous.]

[But if anyone knows him, it's probably obvious who he is. Or what he is.]
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[Honestly, Lavellan is the last person Sideswipe expects to see anywhere. Especially after... the entire Shadow Thing. He rocks on his wheels a little, like someone looking for a hasty exit. For all the good it's going to do a bright red sportscar.]

[So, in that moment of startled panic, he does the first thing that comes to mind.]

[Something Stupid.]

I'm. Not Sideswipe! I'm just an ordinary car rented by someone in that building!
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It's. Special! New feature...! All the cars are doing it.

[Maybe Lavellan won't call him on this? Maybe this will just. Slide on by and he can gently coast out of the way. He has no idea where they stand anymore, after all. Maybe he won't even be wanted.]

[ I'm what he really thinks of you.]


I... think I gotta go.
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[His engine had started up. He'd almost pulled away. But... can we talk makes him freeze. If it were possible for a car to look anxious, this one sure does.]

[But at length, it sags on its wheels.]

Yeah. Okay dude. Whatever you wanna do.

[This is probably when the other shoe drops. The rest of the rug gets pulled from under him. The "It's You Not Me" speech in reprise.]
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[He doesn't answer. Or move. For a good minute, he's just trying to process that question. Shouldn't Lavellan know the answer? Shouldn't he just... know?]

[Finally, the car twitches, and transforms. It ends with Sideswipe sitting in the middle of the road. Which probably isn't the best idea, given everything that's happening.]

'Cause. [Wow. Much words. Very insightful.] 'Cause you think I'm a big stupid failure like ... oh, I dunno, everybody else?

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I didn't.

[ Adrien said, in a flat tone as he worked on inputting some data on a pad of some sort. ]

I advised that you would be best served to rest for at least three days until we can stabilize your blood volume against what you lost.

I advised that you have bleeders tied off with knitting and hope that will require at least two weeks before the flesh forms a proper scar and the risk of re-opening the wound reduces significantly.
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[ Adrien paused and then finished his note, before he turned his full attention on Lavellan. ]

Why would I stop you? This isn't a prison and I'm not your parent.

From a professional standpoint all I am allowed to do is advise you of the risks you take and give you the symptoms to be alert for as they may be life threatening.

What you do with that information is entirely up to you.

[ He paused and arched one eyebrow. ]

Though I would point out that in taking an unnecessary risk like that, you'll be upsetting your friends and for widely ineffectual reasons. So I may ask you ... why would do that?
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And compounding that mistake by releasing yourself AMA to go ... what, exactly?

[ Adrien leaned back against the counter and watched the man in the bed. ]

You are currently held together by what could charitably be called dental floss and my expert needlepoint. You were brought here with a dangerous volume of blood loss, which despite that bag hanging over you head, your body will take days to weeks to replenish.

Additionally, in order to stabilize your life, J was forced to perform an emergency procedures under less than sterile conditions, which means you are a high risk for a post op secondary infection that would love to go systemic.

While you remain here, attached to that [ he pointed to the lactate ringer ] I can pump you full of the antibiotics you need to avoid the particular complication and help increase your blood volume, raise your blood pressure and pulse ox numbers. If you insist on taking yourself off the IV, the best I can do is hurl a bottle of less effective oral antibiotics at your head as you walk out the door.

Whether you take them or not is completely up to you.

So in short, you will risk tearing your sutures, causing yourself a massive internal and probable external bleed, in addition to courting a debilitating infection. At best you will cause your friends the pain of more worry over your safety, and at worse you will drive yourself into the ground at a time and place that will require your friends to risk their lives to get you to safety.

[ He's not and never has been Dr. Feel Good. ]

And don't try telling me that you'll do this without their knowledge. I know some of these people and have the utmost confidence in the fact that they will get themselves killed to protect a friend, and that ... would be you.

You want to go out that door, say the word and I'll unhook your IV and get you your underwear. But know that you're going to end up flat on your face and whatever mistake you believe you've made, you're going to compound it.
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A small price. [ Adrien repeated pensively, before he gave a small nod. ] That's guilt talking and it's not an accurate reflection of balance.

Because it won't be a small price, will it? You're feeling guilty right now for a mistake you made. [ It was an assumption of course, but Adrien felt pretty secure in it, given what he's seen. ] And you should, because that is how life works.

[ No, no ... don't everybody applaud his bedside manner at once here. ]

Mistakes are hard. They sit in your chest, just at the base of your throat and they want to choke you. They whisper in your ear, until you can't hear anything else and all you want to do, is run ... and make it stop.

[ Yeah he may have some experience in this. ]

But mistakes are pack hunters and if you run, they will chase you and the worst part about it? They don't care about catching up with you. They'll take out collateral damage, just as easily.

So you say it would be a small price to pay? Is that the value you place on your friends and the people who will chase after you if you try to be noble and stupid about this?

Because I said I wouldn't try to stop you and I won't. But you walk out the door or I come in here and find you missing? My first call is to Shepard.

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[She's not the sort to shake someone awake — especially not after they've been injured, and especially not someone in Adrien's care. They had an understanding, and further injuring a patient was about as bad as it got considering manners.

So Shepard slips in, pulling a seat over, and watches Lavellan drift hazily for a minute or so, mastering the urge to tap her foot, jaw squared and set.

Why did he have a dick on his head?]
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[As soon as the mumbled words are out of his mouth, it's all she can do to stop a rush of bile, of anger. At herself. At him. At the whole god damn world, falling apart and taking all of them with it, ever the hapless idiots groping in the dark, trying to make it just a little bit better.

No, Chara was not okay. Who knew where they were now? Everything I--

She's silent as she masters it, lips pursed, jaw clenched, working through each step of her tension in one logical step after another. Finally, after a long moment, she speaks, her own voice caught on something odd.]

I don't know.

[And then:]

They're with the intermediaries, aren't they.

[It's blunt, to the point. She's not yelling. She doesn't have to.]
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[As soon his eyes fly open, she already regrets not hiding he expression better. He struggles, visage wrought with shock, pain, suffering — and she reaches out, instinctively, steadying him on a shoulder.]

I know.

You would have done all you could.

[Any last trace of the impotent heat beneath the surface is gone, leaving trails of exhaustion instead, ruddy hue of her face mottled with the emotion of the moment.]

It's not your fault.
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[He pulls back, and she rescinds her hand— hovering it for a moment, then folding it back to her lap.]

Was there anything you could have done?

[There's a peace in rationality, a valley between sorrow and rage. She sits there now, patient, feet anchored to the floor.]

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