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Who: The Legs and The Eyepatch
When: May 11th
Where: Kauto
What: One of Elizabeth's storytime regulars has gone missing, she enlists one of the few people she still knows, Badou, to help track the kid down. As with most kidnapping incidents, things go south.
Warnings: Badou. And violence. Definitely some blood.
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If you need a setup for logs, use this!


Who: Characters involved.
When: Time or date.
Where: Location.
What: Brief summary.
Warnings: Label for content.

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Who: Elizabeth DeWitt & Anybody on the Moira
When: October 30th
Where: The Medbay/halls of the Moira
What: Elizabeth fell into cryo somewhere around the 16th and now she's awake. Sweet criminy, why has everybody turned into different things/ohgodpleasedon'ttouchme.
Warnings: Phobias happening in here, fear of being touched, probably some unpleasant imagery related to experimentation.

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Oct. 15th, 2016 09:51 pm
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Who: Peter, Jean, Elizabeth, J
When: Early October
Where: Various places
What: Peter does some catching up with the women in his life
Warnings: N/A

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Who: Thane Krios and YOU
When: All through October
What: Visiting the terminally ill assassin
Warnings: Terminal illness? Probably nothing major, will edit if that changes.
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Who: The Entire Moira
When: Mid September 22nd - 25th
Where: All over the ship
What: Holes in reality, holes in reality everywhere.
Warnings: None so far, please mark your content!

Hey, what's that sound? It sounds like a sharp whine of white noise and moving air, and quiet. And it's coming from a glowing crack that appears to be... floating in midair inside the ship. Surely that can't be good, right? How come they're appearing all over the Moira? And why do they show such bizarre images when you get close enough...?

((OOC: Plot details are here, feel free to use this post or make new ones! :D Any questions, feel free to hit me up at [plurk.com profile] kouject, otherwise GO NUTS GUYS, AU SHENANIGANS~))
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Who: Elizabeth DeWitt (The Adult) & You
When: August 31st
Where: The Library
What: The stress of having her abilities back, keeping them a secret, and handling the changes aboard the Moira finally puts a crack in Elizabeth's control.
Warnings: Character injury, LOUD NOISES!!one

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Who: Sans + anyone! Seriously, the first part of this is essentially a scenario meme. No CR or interest in Sans even required.
When: Accessible from the 10th-16th
Where: THE VOIIIID. Okay but no, seriously, it's a vast expanse of nothingness.
What: Curiosity kills the skeleton. Sans has gone to see what has become of his world, and it's not pretty. Come explore the void? Feel that existential sting? Log split into two parts -- exploring the void with a partner (either in search of Sans, curiosity, or whatever reason you like!) and trying to rescue Sans from the pull his world has on him! Unfortunately, Sans is a little... different. He won't be coming back without a fight.
Warnings: A few flashing images, serious existential despair, violence and nightmare magic, impalings?? idk, man, this is gonna be a bundle of fish.

(ooc: please forgive the formatting, which I have cribbed heavily from memes. I figure it is the best way to create a play space for people! Feel free to dip in and out regardless of your character's interest in Sans!)

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Who: Elizabeth DeWitt & YOU
When: May 4th
Where: Her quarters and hallways of the Moira
What: Dawn of the first FastPenta victim...
Warnings: Potential discussion of torture and experimentation

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Who: The Vor Contingency (Ivan, Miles, and Gregor) and The Baewatch (Elizabeth, Clark, and Eggsy)
When: April 24th
Where: Del Pascia and the Moira
What: The Vorboys do what Vorboys do best: follow Miles into a dank enclosed space and become trapped on Del Pascia. An alien, a gentleman, and a daughter charge to the rescue.
Warnings: Violence, panic attacks, wrapped up with a nudity bow.

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Who: Ivan Vorpatril ([personal profile] whatdidisay), Alys Vorpatril ([personal profile] hostessing), and Elizabeth DeWitt ([personal profile] tearmeanewone).
When: Before all the nonsense with the mutant-zombie-what have you. The night of the 13th, maybe?
Where: Ivan's new room.
What: Someone's effort at keeping his mother away from his girlfriend fails spectacularly. One man can only be so lucky.
Warnings: Groats, Ivan.

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Who: Miles and company
When: the 9th through the 15th
Where: the Kvortira, Moro Deck #009
What: Now that Miles is a little more stable, Ivan and Gregor are permitting him visitors at their cabin.
Warnings: Mental illness/trauma, TBD

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Who: Ivan Vorpatril & VARIOUS (including YOU)
When: the month of march (and stuff backdated into feb.)
Where: all around the ship
What: catch all log post and OPEN LOG
Warnings: none!

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Who: Elizabeth DeWitt, Ginko, Solas, Leonard Snart, and Library Fans Shipwide
When: After the Emirimess
Where: The Library
What: Elizabeth welcomes her new assistants! Also library mingling, petting Robbie and Rosie, go wild guys.

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Who: Miles and Elizabeth
When: the 16th...ish
Where: Elizabeth and Lara's room
What: Miles comes to check on Elizabeth after her date with Ivan, and then some other unexpected feelings happen
Warnings: emotions.........

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Who: Varric Tethras, Elizabeth DeWitt, Sans, anyone else!
When: 21st Jan or some time thereabouts???
Where: Library
What: Varric finally gives in to his urges...and visits the library
Warnings: Sans and Varric being shits, probably.

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Who: Elizabeth DeWitt & Miles Vorkosigan
When: December 25th
Where: The Library
What: Elizabeth is glad to see Miles, Elizabeth is going to date Miles' cousin soon, discomfort ensues.

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