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Who: Chara, Chara's Shadow, some closed starters, and Y O U
When: July 9th - July 21st
Where: All over? All over.
What: You're really kind of a freak, huh?
Warnings: Chara. Suicide ideation and extreme self-hatred are probable. Further warnings will be noted.
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Jun. 12th, 2017 12:32 am
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Who: Mettaton and anyone crashing in Rinzler's home, including Rinzler because it is his home.
When: Backdated to 6/10
Where: Rinzler's condo
What: It is time to die from monster sadness.
Warnings: Character death
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Who: Who wants to kill some slavers? You do! Of course you do!
When: May 15th and onwards
Where: Slave trade outpost in the Runoff
What: The slavers that targeted the crew of the Moira in July are overdue for some justice. Chara breaks some regulations to make that happen. THIS IS A MINGLE LOG; anyone and everyone who wants to get in on this and kill some slavers is absolutely free to do so! Chara is relying on there being some chaos for this to work.
Warnings: PROBABLE DEATH. Probable references to slavery, trauma, and also death. Chara.
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Who: Mettaton, Frisk, and Asriel
When: Soon after this. Undertale cast please stop being on fire, would you?
Where: Mettaton's house
What: More apologies and explanations
Warnings: mention of drugs, potentially traumatic subjects of varying natures
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Who: Chara and Mettaton. AGAIN.
When: 4/28
Where: House in the shape of Mettaton's face
What: Mistakes have been made, two kids with wild abandonment issues consequently suffer, and Chara's here to make the quo more status.
Warnings: Chara. Potential discussion of trauma. More to be added if necessary.
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Who: Mettaton and Chara
When: 4/23, afternoon
Where: Outside the supermarket in Kauto R5
What: It's time to have a talk.
Warnings: Chara. Probable discussion of trauma and slavery. Will update if necessary.
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If you need a setup for logs, use this!


Who: Characters involved.
When: Time or date.
Where: Location.
What: Brief summary.
Warnings: Label for content.

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Who: Frisk, Asriel, Chara, and YOU
When: Sssssssometime this month, wibbly wobbly have fun with it
Where: A park in Kauto R1
What: Kids having a picnic, what could be better?
Warnings: Chara, will be updated as needed

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Who: Mettaton
When: All month
Where: the Midway Hub; different places.
What: Catch-all for the month of December! I'll be adding prompts as I see prudent!
Warnings: None for now.

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Dec. 4th, 2016 02:27 pm
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Who: Bucky (crau) and you
When: During December
Where: The Midway Hub
What: Catch-all
Warnings: None; will update as needed

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Who: Frisk and YOU
When: November 15th
Where: Around the Moira
What: Don't try to hack your FILE, kids
Warnings: violence, reality fuckery, will update as needed

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Who: Toriel, Mettaton & Open.
When: Oct 20th mid-afternoon, Oct 21st and Oct 22nd.
Where: Observation Deck, Toriel's room, around the ship.
What: Toriel and Mettaton have a chance to finally talk after Toriel awakens from her time at cryo. Toriel and Ana are moms having tea. Along with open prompts below!
Warnings: Sad goat, tea and mom jokes.
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Who: Mettaton and...whoever!
When: First prompt: Day 1 of humanity. Second prompt: ffff later in the week of humanity. May add more stuff if I want to experiment further with the humanity thing!
Where: Medbay and rec room respectively
What: First prompt: Recovering in bed after losing a lot of blood + getting some cuts tended to. Basically he can't move and so he'll just make conversation with anyone in passing. Second prompt: Mettaton suddenly realizes he's acquired an irrational fear; loud sounds, including voices. Including his own voice...which is awkward.
Warnings: Mostly gonna warn for MTT experiencing debilitating anxiety in the second prompt.

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