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Mistakes were made

Who: Mettaton, Frisk, and Asriel
When: Soon after this. Undertale cast please stop being on fire, would you?
Where: Mettaton's house
What: More apologies and explanations
Warnings: mention of drugs, potentially traumatic subjects of varying natures

Mettaton was going to get this done quick. His high was starting to wear off, and the more alert he became, the more his emotional turmoil seemed to magnify. The more he realized Chara wasn't really wrong about him, and that having the potential to be as terrible as he had in other timelines only meant that he was predisposed to it in every version of himself.

He was never going to escape the inevitable fact that he is not a good person. Mettaton the abandoner, the selfish murderer with no heart to give didn't deserve to have friends.

And yet.

Because he had hurt those he had called friends, he needed to pretend that it was all...okay? Maybe that it was a joke.

Something. He had to pull something.

But even if he prostrated himself before Frisk begging for forgiveness, he knew that he'd never, ever, ever be forgivable. Not to himself, and not to Chara. He doesn't understand...what it is he actually wants from them.

Maybe...just not their hate?

Either way, he sends two messages to the kids he apparently cared so much about that he'd pushed them away...

No. No he won't let himself hurt now.

Now he had to focus on them.

So Mettaton waited. His door was open, they were free to enter at their leisure. He just hoped that they both came.

Whoever showed up would probably notice that there was broken glass near the door--one of the windows was completely shattered inward. Mettaton, of course, was in the living room, seated with his hands on his lap and much more alert than he'd been during Chara's visit.

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