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Who: Alan Bradley and Clu
When: Late July, after Clu’s resurge
Where: Alan’s apartment
What: Alan has Clu’s disk. Clu (eventually) finds out.
Warnings: Involuntary memory sharing, likely discussion of brainwashing
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Who: Alan (and !Alan) and Rinzler (and !Rinzler)
When: Backdated to late July
Where: Alan’s apartment
What: Alan and Rinzler’s shadows think it’s high time the real Alan and Rinzler got their shit together. Which means it’s time for a learning experience \o/
Warnings: Violence, mindfuckery, shadows being awful, a whole load of self-loathing in one room.
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Who: Closed to the Tron-Undertale Trainwreck Cast & Friends
When: June 24, shortly before the player plot ends
Where: The Center for Created Oversight and Affairs (Earth 91c)
What: Rinzler and Alan get in trouble; everyone else gets them out. With worse trouble. And frisbees that are brains that might be bombs?
Warnings: Mindscrew references for pretty near everyone. Personhood issues. VIOLENCE AND FRIENDSHIP, which are strangely inextricable.

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Who: Peter and various closed CR
When: Early May
Where: Various; mostly X-Mansion
What: Peter makes amends, makes a few confessions.
Warnings: Will be added as needed.
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If you need a setup for logs, use this!


Who: Characters involved.
When: Time or date.
Where: Location.
What: Brief summary.
Warnings: Label for content.

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Who: Alan Bradley and Prometheus
When: Mid-February
Where: Business district of Kauto R1
What: Prometheus runs into Alan scoping out AI in the business district and has Some Questions.
Warnings: Probably nothing, will update if needed.

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Who: Alan Bradley and Nihlus
When: Some time during the last week of December
Where: Outskirts of camp
What: Nihlus still hasn’t told Alan why he attacked Rinzler, and Alan is 999% Done.
Warnings: Discussion of violence, possible amputation mention.

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Who: Alan Bradley and Clu
When: After Rinzler is incapacitated and discovered (floating point between Stardate 11.12 and 11.15.)
Where: Seriously, Alan; you need to invent or encode a Program-proof perimeter fence.
What: Clu Does Not Want (but absolutely needs) User supervision.
Warnings: Discussion of dismemberment, violence, abuse, and similar unpleasant dynamics; are Programs people; the usual fun and games

If you say it loud enough; )
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Who: closed to Rinzler, Nihlus, Alan, and Clu
When: backdated to August 6
Where: Gardens
What: Rinzler gets fixed; Clu's mind gets broken. Alan gets permission for (this) codescrew, and Nihlus is a disapproving mom.
Warnings: glowy dismemberment, casual discussion and/or demonstration of mindfuckery, personhood issues, abuse, The Joy That Is Tron Canon. Also, Rinzler and Clu: now with adult supervision!

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Who: Clu and Alan Bradley
When: After the beatdown, and soon enough after the elevator. (Pay attention to the warnings on those threads.)
Where: On the MID, then outside Alan's room, then inside it whether Alan wants visitors or not.
What: Clu knows two things: Rinzler's gone, and Nihlus has the disc. Time to call an adult Alan-1.
Warnings: Clu is a walking talking warning tag; psychological issues; broad discussion of various levels and types of abuse; are computers even people; lethal withering contempt on all sides. Charming fun for the whole family with two of your favorite Disney characters!

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Who: Rinzler and OPEN
When: August 1-?
Where: Moro deck and beyond
What: Rinzler got his ass kicked and drags himself off to recover. A followup to this.
Warnings: severe injuries, references to mindfuck and violence. Glowy, glowy dismemberment. Rinzler?

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Who: Everyone
When: August 1st and on
Where: The Moira
What: New “guests” join the crew on their journey and implement some changes.
Warnings: None for now. Please label your content!

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Jul. 28th, 2016 01:49 pm
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Who: Alan Bradley and Peter Maximoff
When: 27th
Where: Science Department
What: An awkward conversation about Rinzler, sentience, and science
Warnings: Non-organic prejudice? Teenage angst? Will update as needed

Wanted to be a better adversary to the evil I have done )
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Who: Alan Bradley and you! (and a couple of closed prompts)
When: July 8th
Where: Around the ship
What: Alan comes back from the dead.
Warnings: Mentions of gun violence

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Who: Sam Flynn ([personal profile] whoami) and Alan Bradley ([personal profile] alan_1)
When: backdated to ...sometime during the Clu clusterfault
Where: The aft (or the observation deck whichever)
What: It's sharing time about the Grid whether Sam likes it or not.
Warnings: Angst? TBE if needed

Would you stand in disgrace or take a bow )
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Who: Rinzler, his CR, and OPEN
When: first week of June
Where: around the Moira.
What: Rinzler's real boss is on the ship. Flailing ensues! Some open prompts; some closed ones.
Warnings: references to mindfuck, genocide, and other family-friendly Disney canon. Creeping, violence, and general awfulness in the thread with Clu. TBE as things happen.

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Who: Alan, Rinzler, and mostly-open!
When: May 14-16
Where: From the planetary Ingress to the Grid and back
What: Rinzler gets stuck in his old life and people go to get him back.
Warnings: Rinzler things and Tron canon. Depression, violence, NPC-murder, and copious references to genocide, mindscrew, etc. All culminating in... BSOD by warm fuzzies?

no need to say goodbye )
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Who: Chara and Alan
When: Sometime May3-5
Where: Nihlus' room, Mero Deck
What: Chara has a bone to pick.
Warnings: Codescrew/mindscrew warnings, chara warnings. Undertale and Tron spoilers.

, ...jealous in honor, sudden and quick in quarrel. )
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Who: Tron [personal profile] fight4theusers and Alan Bradley [personal profile] alan_1
When: After Alan's attempt to recode Rinzler
Where: The Library
What: Tron confronts his User about his liberties with Rinzler's code
Warnings: References to brainwashing

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