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Who: Everyone
When: Approximately two weeks into the exile
Where: The core of the crashed Moira
What: The travelers reach the ship's Ingress and discover the truth of why they're here
Warnings: Potential violence. Please label your content!

A NOTE: As this log functions as something of a short-term bridge between the previous event and what comes next, it is being posted separately from a more standard log that covers a longer time period. As seen on the calendar, that log will be posted Saturday.

august event: part ii )
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Who: X-friends and visitors to the Howlett farm
When: The month of June
Where: Howlett farm, R2
What: Mingling for those evacuated to the farm!
Warnings: Threads will have individual warnings
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If you need a setup for logs, use this!


Who: Characters involved.
When: Time or date.
Where: Location.
What: Brief summary.
Warnings: Label for content.

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Who: Lucifer and whoever likes a good time, really.
When: After their arrival and a few odd jobs here and there. We'll backdate to about mid-month?
Where: Why at Lux of course. Various dance floors, balconies overlooking said floors, plush and posh seating, a hell of a good bar, and Lucifer's penthouse if you're spectacularly lucky.
What: Every good club needs a fantastic opening. Help him break in the place, why don't you?
Warnings: Drinking, possible drug use, sexual content, and more warnings to come later.

my eyes wide shut, my eyes wide shut )

[ ooc: party post! feel free to mingle as options come up. if you're going to take it any farther than a ftb on anything, kindly take it to a journal or mark well. thank you! ]
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Who: steve ([personal profile] abide) & laura ([personal profile] foins)
When: somewhere between week 3 and 4 on the hub
Where: some caves probably
What: c a v i n g. and alternates! but mostly caving.
Warnings: none for now

aah, she was a freaky kind of girl )