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Who: Shadow!Asriel and Open
When: July 9th-13th
Where: Around Region Five
What: Shadow!Asriel appears and tries to replace his original
Warnings: Discussions of slavery, suicide, death, violence, and other unpleasant things

[July 9th]

[A small boss monster is scurrying from place to place around Region Five. Asriel's body language is timid, almost fearful as he tries avoiding everyone he can. It doesn't help that some of the Savrii recognize him, muttering about him being one of those "outsiders" that brought disease with him. While he keeps his head down, he seems to notice if anyone walks too close to him. He shuffles backwards, his jet-black eyes wide with panic and fear.]

D-don't come any closer!

[Don't hurt him. Don't take him away. Anyone here could hurt him... everyone here will hurt him.]

I-I just have to go home, I just need to go home, everything's too scary...

[July 13th]

[After shadow Asriel learns of the real Asriel's death, he's delighted! His old self was a mess, a broken thing that needed to be tossed out. And now he can take their place and take everything his real self had!

A couple days after Asriel's death, shadow Asriel goes to the house where his real self lived. It was a pretty nice place! Wouldn't it be a surprise, for his siblings to see him come back from the dead?

He walks through the door, scoping the place out a little before yelling out:]

I'm home! Heeelloooo, is anyone else here?

[Well, he's making himself at home whether someone answers or not. After helping himself to a quick sandwich, he'll head out to where the garden is. He plops down next to it, looking it over.]

Mm.. it looks so sad...

[Ugly. But he shouldn't say that out loud. He might have to act like his real self for a little while... but once Chara, Frisk, and Mettaton get to know him, they'll like this version much better!

After all... he's the better version.

He won't let them go.
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i actually wrote this last night but it was A MESS...

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[Mettaton's not left his house for a while now. He didn't want to face the world as it was, and after dealing with the false Chara's cruel words and actions, could he be blamed?

Was he to take it so swimmingly that they had blamed him for Asriel's death? Was he to accept with no qualms that they had literally thrown his disintegrated body at Mettaton? Even now, he felt as if the dust he wasn't able to gather was gumming his circuits.

Truthfully? It's the emotional exhaustion making him feel so worn out and broken.

Again...could he really be blamed? This isn't what he needed after recently reviving from death. He needs a break from...well, everything.

So naturally, upon hearing the sound of a very familiar voice, Mettaton dares to let himself think that maybe Asriel had come back at last, and that he could apologize profusely for being too late to help him, to prevent the poisoning that had dissolved his dear friend to nothing.

Mettaton immediately answers the door, his appearance only to be described as haggard. Hair fell untidily across his face, exposing his broken eye as if it was nothing. And yet, he looks...hopeful?]

Asriel, thank goodness!!

[There's no pride that can come between him and the young boss monster, and so he takes a knee and draws the boy close in a desperate hug. He's alive...he's here!]

I'm so sorry I couldn't...I couldn't stop it...
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For his part, Mettaton doesn't notice the eyes until he pulls away, after which point he maintains that familiar proximity by reaching a gloved hand up and placing his thumb under Asriel's left eye, stroking the fur on his cheek.]

Oh...oh honey, what happened to your eyes?! Did you lose them coming back?

[There's no focus on himself, all of it is on "Asriel." Mettaton's had his death come and go and thought so little of it...but Asriel dying was so difficult, and made worse by how the false Chara had made him feel about it. How they'd caused it...]
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[The answer is not entirely off-putting, and even if it had been, Mettaton chooses to ignore it. He doesn't want to force Asriel away. Instead, he smiles almost imperceptibly, straightening from his kneel.]

Stay here with me. I'll keep you safe.

[It's the best he can do, after what had happened.]

I owe you this much, sweetheart. I wasn't there when you needed me...

[Mettaton takes a few steps back, clearing the way for the young boy to enter his home properly if he wanted.]
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[As far as Mettaton's concerned, Asriel has every right to be harsh with him. The kid had been there when he died and listened to his incessant whining and fear before he finally expired, so why hadn't he been there for Asriel? Not just to keep him company, but to prevent the not-Chara individual from killing him.

He closes the door as he thinks about it all, hesitating with a hand over the latch. Eventually though, he turns to Asriel with a pleasant, if forced, expression.]

Do you need anything, darling? I'm sure I could make you something simple to eat.

[Very simple, given the state of Thisavrou. He hasn't had much time to go out and shop, and since he doesn't really need food, he hasn't wanted to inconvenience the ex-Moirans or the Savrii by being selfish.]

Or perhaps you'd rather rest? You may have my room, it isn't as if I will be using the bed.
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Certainly! Let's make sandwiches, then.

[The smile widens slightly as Mettaton reaches out, taking hold of Asriel's hand in his own and leading him to the kitchen. Everything would be fine.]

Is peanut butter and jelly alright?