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Who: Shadow!Asriel and Open
When: July 9th-13th
Where: Around Region Five
What: Shadow!Asriel appears and tries to replace his original
Warnings: Discussions of slavery, suicide, death, violence, and other unpleasant things

[July 9th]

[A small boss monster is scurrying from place to place around Region Five. Asriel's body language is timid, almost fearful as he tries avoiding everyone he can. It doesn't help that some of the Savrii recognize him, muttering about him being one of those "outsiders" that brought disease with him. While he keeps his head down, he seems to notice if anyone walks too close to him. He shuffles backwards, his jet-black eyes wide with panic and fear.]

D-don't come any closer!

[Don't hurt him. Don't take him away. Anyone here could hurt him... everyone here will hurt him.]

I-I just have to go home, I just need to go home, everything's too scary...

[July 13th]

[After shadow Asriel learns of the real Asriel's death, he's delighted! His old self was a mess, a broken thing that needed to be tossed out. And now he can take their place and take everything his real self had!

A couple days after Asriel's death, shadow Asriel goes to the house where his real self lived. It was a pretty nice place! Wouldn't it be a surprise, for his siblings to see him come back from the dead?

He walks through the door, scoping the place out a little before yelling out:]

I'm home! Heeelloooo, is anyone else here?

[Well, he's making himself at home whether someone answers or not. After helping himself to a quick sandwich, he'll head out to where the garden is. He plops down next to it, looking it over.]

Mm.. it looks so sad...

[Ugly. But he shouldn't say that out loud. He might have to act like his real self for a little while... but once Chara, Frisk, and Mettaton get to know him, they'll like this version much better!

After all... he's the better version.

He won't let them go.

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