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Who: Soldier: 76 and Ana Amari
When: after this kerfuffle.
Where: the decontamination center
What: mission debrief, excessive worrying
Warnings: nothing yet!

[They're separated shortly after the fog happens, and though Jack isn't exactly happy about it, he knows it could be worse. The comms still work, miraculously, and he uses it to stay in touch for most of the search, at least until she finds others. From there, Jack signs off with a be careful, knowing that trying to stay in her ear will only prove a distraction if something important is about to happen.

Doesn't stop him from worrying--he knows that Ana is more than capable of handling herself, but after everything they've been through, the thought of her injured or incapacitated or lost under his watch is too much for him to even think about.

Then the fog clears, and there's only silence on the other end of his communicator, which leads him to believe she had something to do with it, and that maybe something has gone wrong. Staying calm is sort of a tall order, but he steels himself and heads back to the complex they snuck into, asking around until he catches wind of people pulled out of the facility and taken to decontamination. They won't let him in (it's decontamination for a reason), but Jack is waiting for her as close as they'd allow him to get. When she's released, the relief in his body language is almost palpable.

Got here as soon as I could.

[Read: he tried to force his way into quarantine, but that didn't fly, so he's been waiting outside ever since, and he's quick to close the distance, giving her an obvious once-over for any sign of injury.]

Are you okay?
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( It had certainly been an adventure, and something that Ana wished she'd had Jack's support on. She could complete a mission, and had worked solo for a time before reuniting with Jack, but the support of unknown individuals... she didn't know them enough, and they weren't a team.

Waking up in decontamination had not pleased Ana. She'd made a lot of effort to avoid it after the asteroid, and being there now had been a little frustrating. She assumed that the Savrii had taken her there, and the wait between waking up and being released was a quiet but tense one.

Seeing Jack out there, and perhaps guessing in between the lines (she had gone off comms for longer than necessary) made her smile somewhat. She could always count on him )

They didn't find anything. ( Though it was also their fault that she was there ) I'm not sure if they were hoping they would, just to prove a point.
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( There's a nod in response to his hovering hands, knowing that he'd be most satisfied, or maybe relieved was more apt, if he checked himself. Just in case, though there was nothing to find )

They didn't. When the decontamination team reached us they knocked us unconscious.

( All of them, Ana assumes, but she hadn't exactly been able to go and snoop around to check on everyone )

There was something else down there. Someone. I would doubt it to be alive now.
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( She didn't stand down when she saw them coming, that might have been one thing that lead to it. It wasn't the only thing though, and regardless of Ana's actions it may have happened )

That's what they said would happen-- the girl, not the team.

( And it's an almost reluctance that Ana calls it a girl. It looked like one, but it wasn't made by any methods she tended to know, and it didn't entirely act like one either )

After visiting the asteroid I'd had a strange dream. I'd forgotten about it until I was down there. The feeling I got from it was the same as the dream.
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As we go.

( Because she sure would like to be away from decontamination, and Savrii ears, as much as possible. What they don't know about the tunnels Ana certainly isn't filling them in on )

When I arrived down there there were already others, some from our team and others new. We'd stopped at a forcefield, with-- a sac behind it. That was where the girl came from.
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( She'll nod, because it's the best assumption that Ana has about it all. There were so many "them"'s and "they"'s in the conversation that assumptions were all they'd had )

Apparently there were others, though they were killed-- along with those on the asteroid.

( Ana had assumed that the people there had been responsible for it all, though apparently they'd only been the makers, and trying to help. That part she didn't believe, but she could consider that they were dead. The Savrii hadn't reacted well after they'd visited there, though the biohazards hadn't given them any reason to )

We're definitely running without all of the cards.

( Which they'd already known, but having it confirmed wasn't a pleasant thought )
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There were things on the asteroid the greeters didn't want us knowing about-- ( The locked doors had been answer enough to that ) --but the Savrii didn't approve of our travel there.

( Perhaps even before the biohazard business. What was she missing from before? From the memories of her last stay here )

And they didn't want us to find out more from the tunnel.

( They were quick to knock them unconscious and take them away )

I think we need to dig some more.
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Every question needs an answer.

( Though Ana knew it would still be dificult to find answers to everything, and that knowing how to get those answers might also be difficult )

Finding out which is most pressing could be somewhere start.
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( There's a scoff, because hah you think she was planning on involving anyone else? Even their friends Ana wouldn't have told because of the danger, and the more people the know the more that it could spread )

And then talk out what we already know at home. Find out where the gaps fall.

( Other than everywhere, but getting everything shared and gathered together will give them a plan of where to pick at first )
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( The contact makes her look at him -- right at him, rather then around them as she walks, and Ana gives a small nod )

I am.

( She smiles, just a little, and appreciates it -- appreciates that he said it, rather than Ana simply knowing that he thinks it )

I wouldn't get into that much trouble. Not without letting you see it too.

( The good kind of trouble of course )
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They revoked our travel permissions. Perhaps their feelings on our travel to the asteroid were more than just about what we'd brought back.

( They were angry, though perhaps angrier with those on the asteroid than them.

As Jack starts shedding his gear Ana fills their kettle, getting out two cups and some tea as the water boils )

And if this is something they've done before then I would be less surprised.

( She's not going to be surprised even if they haven't done it before )
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( She nods. Ana remembers his previous tale and is glad his mind is jumping to the same places as hers is )

They're very ready to kill. It's a wonder why they didn't anyway, and why everyone at Midway Hub was dead.

( That part she doesnt remember from the brochure )
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It seems like a small distinction.

( But she's definitely very glad that Jack didn't die. Or the previous her. They might not have had these opportunities now )

It just means that we have to be careful now to not give them any reason to change their minds.

( Which could be difficult with the odd group brought here )
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No doubt for some it already has.

( there had been more than a couple of incidents lately involving transplants. ana didn't believe that it would take too much more, unfortunately. they'd seen things go south before, they knew it was coming )

As long as we're prepared.

( they certainly would be but not everyone else )
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( if only one of the other planets was a little more hospitable, or there was the possibility of transport, but neither of those options entailed them getting home. nothing did without the ingress and that didn't seem to be exact either. ana may have been sent back home once but she'd come back again, and this time she wasn't leaving without jack )

Let me know if there's anything missing. I need to go out and procure some other items.
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( birthday presents, new eye patch-- she's got a whole list )

Nothing important. Though with our luck having more than enough would help.

( because something is coming )