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june mod plot log

Who: Everyone
When: June 1 to June 30th
Where: Thisavrou + New Worlds
Warnings: Body horror in the fog description. Description and pictures of monstrous wildlife for Aioros. Label your headers where appropriate!

thisavrou monthly info ( the tmi )

All information is current as of day 52 (June 1). There are 100 days in a cycle, and the current cycle started on April 11.

At the beginning of June, temperatures on Kauto are at a catastrophic low of 40° F / 4° C during the day and 19° F / -7° C at night. Region Two’s agricultural production is devastated as most crops on the supposedly static planet prove unable to survive below freezing. Throughout the month, increased Ingress activity will cause a gradual increase of approximately +18° F/+10° C, but food shortages can still be expected.

Chioni, in contrast, has thawed, if only by a little. EN-Line adjacent regions are up to -20° F / -29° C during the day, and -50° F / -46° C at night. While the further burgs are still restricted, access to Burg One has been re-opened to those capable of surviving the freeze.

Savrii Notices:

  • While a few individuals might have a greater understanding of events, the first catastrophe of the half-cycle will catch most beings by surprise. On Day 52, a mist appears in Region Four, spreading rapidly through the underwater city and the surface areas alike. Within hours, it deepens to a thick fog, deep enough to block vision of anything past arm's length. Within a day? It appears in Region Five as well.

    A biohazard warning is issued immediately, as well as a mandatory evacuation of all parties in the regions of effect. No one but the Savrii’s licensed decontamination teams are permitted past the quarantine, a rule they will enforce both strictly and with force. However, the border is massive, and those who evade notice to enter or remain will, within a day, hear voices. They sound like your friends. Your neighbors. Maybe, you'll even hear your own. They sound like anyone and everyone who came back from Asteroid 276, and to others you have never met. Follow, and you can find them.

    In part.

    They aren't in the streets. They aren't in the buildings. But those who look below, to the cellars and sewers and passages beneath most habitable zones? Will come across faces. Mouths. Distended and wide, copied and patched into the surface of the walls like wax impressions-- but crafted out of flesh and bone. A larynx might dangle beneath, or bubble out of the wall, blood trickling impossibly in from the side. Just enough to cry out. Beg. To call, to you.

    “Liars,” they say. “Don’t trust them.” “Help us.” “Come back.” And more than any other plea? Run.”

    Those who follow that advice will be rescued by the Savrii and led off to decontamination. Those who keep searching may encounter something very different at the center of the fog. Whether by your choices or the Savrii's alone, the fog will recede on Day 59 (June 8), leaving no flesh, no noise-- no sign that anything went on at all.

  • The initial warning about the contaminant sent waves of paranoia through Thisavrou’s population. The subsequent call to slaughter another world-- and the news that newcomers had hijacked the ingress to accomplish it-- gave the Savrii someone to blame. Paranoia towards new arrivals is at an all-time high, with some establishments refusing commerce to non-natives. Others discuss loudly how few of the current problems predated the group taken at the midway hub... and how culpable they might have been in the crimes there. While the rumors of “protection gangs” are probably overblown, it might not be a bad idea to take a friend when you wander about out of doors. Or, of course, keep your nearest Mediation Center on speed dial.

  • Whether from the climatological strain or the social one, the Department of Ingress Contingency Coordination is activating the Ingress to allow travel to new worlds. As previously, the Ingress will operate on specific travel intervals, and the heightened security can very much be seen in effect.

    The initial test brought through a wave of new arrivals, who will receive wary greetings and be processed as usual. Subsequent tests will open up two new worlds. As the agricultural failures have increased dependence on offworld trade, those making contact with new worlds are encouraged to act carefully-- both in their own behavior and in any resources they choose to bring back.

  • ingress travel info

    Signatures are the base reason for traveling through the Ingress (aside from general exploration and monetary gain) and are used to discover the correct world visitors on Thisavrou wish to return to. Every visit through a different Ingress brings the technicians a little closer to finding it.

    Missions are jobs or specific tasks listed on the TAB once new worlds are open for exploration. Be sure to check if Clearance Levels are required to accept some of these missions.

    Clearance Levels are given to visitors for the length of time they have been on Thisavrou (or traveling on the Moira). Each CL can offer access to certain things or incentives that others will not have. As of this month, security will be in place outside the Ingress to ID travelers and ensure no clearance violations occur.


    Ingress technicians have discovered an energy link to a new world. It has been marked as Exploration Class (EC’s) and all who go through will be given a drone to use for documentation. This drone also serves a secondary purpose as a location beacon because it’s important to note that Aioros, while looking like a lush tropical rain forest when you arrive on planet, is also incredibly deadly to almost every non-native lifeform that visits it. The very air itself is poisonous to breathe thanks to the pollen and spores permeating the air and every traveler is given a breather mask to protect their face. Exposure to mucus membranes or even open cuts will introduce the native poisons to a body’s system. Really you should be wearing full body protection, or at least gloves. At least some of the plants transmit their poison through contact with skin!

    Please, wear the suits the nice scientists give you. They don’t want you to die.

    Of course, it isn’t just the air that wants to kill you. While Aioros doesn’t have any sentient life-forms residing upon it that doesn’t mean it’s devoid of life. In fact it’s just chock full of things that will kill you! Giant spiders, venomous snakes and lizards as well as a bevy of incredibly aggressive mammals. Explorers are encouraged to venture out in groups of two or more because if equipment fails the only way of finding you is a drone that may or may not break down before it reaches the base camp set at the Ingress gate. There’s safety in numbers, folks!

    Prompt 1 (Mission): What could possibly go wrong in this lush jungle paradise???

    The scientists at the Ingress Complex are just fascinated with the diverse life present on Aioros! Not enough to go there themselves, though! All that toxic flora and fauna is scary, you know? Which is where you come in, explorer! You’ve been assigned to collect samples of the plants in a certain area. Aioros might be full of things ready to kill you for absolutely no reason but that’s no reason to not have fun! The scientists are willing to pay a lot of money for plant samples and photographs since the plant life has a great capacity for providing insight into the development of new medicines and chemical compounds that they haven’t even dreamed of. While the fee for a photograph will vary based on quality and detail, every sample turned in is worth 40 sencs, with another 60 to come in the future if it results in a promising medical or chemical lead. So put on your masks and get out there! Just, be careful, okay?

    Prompt 2: Euphorium

    The worst has happened, your breathing mask has broken down whether because you broke it on your mission or simply because of poor equipment maintenance. Either way, you’re in trouble. The first breath of unfiltered air makes eyes water but then… then you feel amazing. Vaguely you remember that the first stage of pollen toxicity is euphoria but that doesn’t matter so much. Maybe you’re immune and that’s why you feel wonderful! If you have a companion with you, this would probably be the best time for them to get you back to camp -- or, even better: get a backup mask on you before you go breathing in any more poison. If exposure continues the euphoria fades away and is replaced with intense hallucinations of your fears. An average sized human can last five hours before fatal toxicity sets in and there is little hope for recovery. Thankfully the Savrii are willing to provide extraction for stranded explorers provided they’re able to activate their drone beacon in time.

    * Prompt 3 (Mission): MMM… SMASHING

    If you’re feeling adventurous (or you really need the payday) the scientists have a special request of you. There isn’t much documentation of the wildlife on Aioros. Mostly because people who go out there looking for it tend to come back needing a really big dose of antivenom. The Savrii are willing to pay 200 sencs per week spent documenting the wildlife. A few private buyers will also pay for dead samples: 50-100 sencs per body, depending on the sample and on your negotiating skills.

    • It seems the map that you were given has led you into… a really dark part of the jungle. What was that rustling sound? Why is the ground sticky? Are those… webs? It looks like you’ve stumbled into the territory of a colony of some very large, very aggressive spiders. You might want to run.

    • What's that peering down at you from the tree branches? Aww...that bear is so fuzzy. And it must be friendly, because it's…smiling? These creatures are safe if you keep enough of a distance, but when threatened, they'll put those fangs to use. And watch out—if they decide to come down from the trees, they'll take the fastest way down, and heads make great landing spots.

    • All visitors are warned about wearing anything too flashy in a certain quadrant of the forest that’s home to Aioros’s least dangerous beastie, the Aiorosian Purple Ringed Tree Octopus. These clever creatures are hardly poisonous at all! Unfortunately they make up for that by being too damn smart for their own good with a love of shiny objects. Any explorers who attract their attention might find themselves getting sprayed in the face with a mildly paralytic ink before they’re robbed for everything they have. Similarly, if you spot a nest of sparkling objects in the trees you’d be well served to go in the opposite direction, it means a family of octopodes is nearby.

    (All sencs are awarded ICly when you come back through. OOCly, you keep track of what you earn.)

    Earth 91c

    ...coming soon, to a set of comms near you. Keep an eye out for June's upcoming player plot!

    For questions, comments, or additional information, check out the OOC post here. Don't forget to respond to the Activity Check!

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    Contaminant Encounter; CLOSED to RNG

    [personal profile] acall 2017-06-09 02:48 am (UTC)(link)
    [From above ground, the voices are a whisper, pleas carried on the wind, breathed faint and desperate from the heavy, opaque fog around. But underground, you hear them for what they are. Screams and stutters, cries for help and exhortations to escape. "Liars." "Get out!" "Don't trust them!" "Don't leave."

    Maybe you were listening. Maybe you stumbled into the tunnels following a different call. Maybe you were hunting, or running, or simply lost amidst the blinding whiteness of the fog. One way or another, you found your way to its true center.

    The tunnel is wide and slick, but the faint splash of liquid underneath your feet has faded. The texture that remains is spongy and raw--a match, if you look closely, for the thin sacks and threads of fluid that honeycomb the walls. Connections, links, organic paths of some kind to the mouths patched into the walls further behind. The reek is palpable, a medley of flesh and blood thickening the fog with its own miasma, to the point where even with a source of light, it's impossible to see past arm's length.

    Except, that is, for a dim pink glow. Ahead.]
    modelsixtythree: ([armor] firefight)

    [personal profile] modelsixtythree 2017-06-09 03:12 pm (UTC)(link)
    [It was a combination of frustration, guilt, and determination that had kept Natasha searching for answers after everything at the treatment plant had gone decidedly pear-shaped, and it's what keeps her going through the tunnels she's found her way into now. She is going to see this thing through.

    Even when the increasing amount of organic matter around her has her sensors going haywire to the point where she turns most of them off. It means she's left mostly blind in the haze around her with nothing but the voices that make her hair stand on end and the metal-on-metal sounds of her own armor moving, but she keeps going. She's had enough experience with bizarre situations to know that the literal light at the end of the tunnel means she's most likely on the right track. It may not be anything good, but it will be an answer. Hopefully.]
    prorenataa: commission dnt (are u dead?)

    [personal profile] prorenataa 2017-06-09 06:58 pm (UTC)(link)
    [ Adrien had come into the contamination area on the strength of his credentials and his work with the Savrii medical teams during the initial outbreak. His sense of guilt over what had happened at the treatment plant, combined with his stubborn need to try to protect those he identified as his crew, and genuine curiosity, kept him moving forward when common sense would have suggested it was time to turn back.

    The screams had been what first drew him (as a predator or as a healer, even Adrien didn't know the answer to that question) and the cries for help. The whispers stirred a sense of curiosity, rather than dread in the doctor, even as they drew him closer to the stench of flesh and blood.

    He moved with his handgun drawn but kept low and at his side. The ring he wore, had been given plenty of time to recharge and while the odd texture of the space around him (and beneath his feet) made the hair at the back of his head stand on end, Adrien forced himself to wait on triggering the shield.

    Instead, he focused on tracking his way towards the pink glow ahead. Moving silently and with great caution, he continued to hold the gun down along his thigh but he had the safety off and a finger on the trigger guard. ]
    gentlemenpreferblondes: (Find a gentleman who's shy or bold)

    [personal profile] gentlemenpreferblondes 2017-06-09 09:10 pm (UTC)(link)
    [It hadn't been in J's intentions to go down in the sewers. In fact it had been all because of embarrassing accident as she had fallen down from the well after failing to notice the open lid thanks to the blinding fog. Just like everyone in the area, she had heard the voices and had actually tried to get away them -- the husk incident was still fresh on her mind making her extra vary of the strange voices.

    But guess there had been luck in the accident; J had survived from the fall with just few bruises, aching ankle and wet clothes. With no other options left, J swears to herself gets up and walks forward. The further she gets the more the surroundings make her want to gag and vomit, the ground and walls are soft and disgusting. It's all like something out of nightmare, almost enough to paralyze someone with a fear. But thanks to all other horrific experiences that the crew went through on Moira, J had learned to swallow her fears, ignore them and push herself to continue. Just like she's doing now.

    Averting her eyes from focusing on the texture of walls, she carefully strides forward -- hoping that for once the sounds she hears ahead of her are friendly.]
    sleepdarts: (sɪxᴛʏ ᴛᴡᴏ)

    [personal profile] sleepdarts 2017-06-09 10:08 pm (UTC)(link)
    ( She'd been hunting, determined not to let what could essentially be called a failure deter her. There was no point in any of their efforts if they simply gave up, and they had to fix what had happened.

    She'd split up from Jack in her search, luck being what had brought her on this path. The right path, if the smell was anything to go by. The sounds that Ana could hear were... unsettling, but only solidified her belief.

    She was close, and not alone. There were other footsteps around, though whether it was more hunters or not-- )

    Be careful.

    ( She can't be certain who is there, the area too dark, but she can see enough to make out a person, rather than what they're hunting. They all needed care on something like this )
    gh0stamidstthec0mbat: (s0 have a haiku)

    [personal profile] gh0stamidstthec0mbat 2017-06-09 11:18 pm (UTC)(link)
    [It wasn't any sense of guilt or regret that brought Zer0 to the area. A good assassin doesn't let himself get emotionally invested in his work, so as far as Zer0 was concerned, this was just another job. A job that had been interrupted and kind of sabotaged by some reptilian looking alien. Zer0's personal secondary objective was to stab that guy in the face if they somehow happened to cross paths, but mostly he'd come just to find answers.

    Naturally, the creepy voices and walls made of flesh only served to raise more questions. Trying to take a scan of the area proved futile. Not because he couldn't pick anything up with his sensors, but because pretty much everything around him was pinging as potentially hostile, at least as far as his scanners could tell. Seeing as attacking the walls probably wasn't the best course of action, he switched off his scanner, freezing in his tracks a moment later when he hears a voice somewhere behind him.

    Y'know, a familiar one. Not one of those fucked up wall mouths trying to yell at him.]

    We wouldn't be here / If careful was our concern. / Just pointing that out.

    [Let's be honest, everything about this screamed "bad idea". Zer0 sounds amused, at least.]
    Edited 2017-06-09 23:19 (UTC)
    coldhardy: (afraid)

    [personal profile] coldhardy 2017-06-10 06:10 am (UTC)(link)
    [Elsa knows she shouldn't be here, but her sense of responsibility led her to come back and check on the status of her charge, Jim's little ice palace. She's known for a long time that sometimes, areas that have been abandoned temporarily or permanently are looted. It would be terrible if that happened to a place that's supposed to be fun for everyone who visits and that's her responsibility anyway, and she's already gone through regular decontamination -- how much worse could it be? The dreams were terrible and the feeling they'd left her with had clung to her for days, but she's stronger in her own way than most people can imagine.

    She catches glimpses of people in the fog. Dr. Arbuckal, and she intends to follow him to ask him if he knows when this might all be cleared up, and then... the pretty woman named J. It makes less sense that J would be here. Elsa loses sight of her, briefly, but hears something in the air, a whisper that pulls her forward until she sees them again.

    Eventually she comes across more people. Back at the Midway Hub, she'd seen people wearing what were clearly different sorts of armor, which would mean these people aren't taking unnecessary risks outside of being somewhere they're mostly not supposed to be. The older woman is less protected, but she has a capable air. Elsa has fallen into step with them and hasn't taken notice of any sidelong glances at her long, shimmering gown.]

    Who do you think we're not supposed to trust?

    [Her voice is quiet, and crisp and dry and low, and she keeps her hands to her sides, ready to raise. She's not afraid yet, but it could come... for the moment, what she feels is mostly disgust, with just enough curiosity and confidence in her powers to keep her going forward.]
    acall: (next)

    [personal profile] acall 2017-06-10 02:23 pm (UTC)(link)
    [One step. Another. One more, and you might be able to make out the shape of the glow, a flat plane stretching across the width of the tunnel. Two, and you might be able to detect the reason why. The low hum of a generator vibrates softly through the walls and floor, and those with better vision can make out the shimmer of a force field. Emergency countermeasure, tactical defense-- whatever the reason, the barrier blocks forward passage.

    It also blocks the fog.

    The space adjacent holds only a thin vapor, and those who draw close enough will be able to see each other clearly. The space beyond holds much, much more. The lines and threads of flesh and fluid draw together to a pink-grey mound, lit from inside. While the voices from behind you grow only more cacophonous at the approach, no sound comes from the mass just past the barrier. Only an erratic quiver, a pulse of light...

    ...and the faint silhouette of a human hand, flattening against its membrane from within.

    Slowly, the outer layer of the mound begins to melt.]
    prorenataa: (3secondwhyIdon'tkillyounow)

    [personal profile] prorenataa 2017-06-10 02:54 pm (UTC)(link)
    [ He is aware of the others as they continue to approach. A few faces (or face masks) he recognizes, particularly Natasha, J and Elsa. The others, he hears their words and makes note of the back and forth on the subject of being careful.

    When Elsa speaks, her question appearing to be directed towards him, he responds. ]

    Don't know enough about the situation to draw a conclusion yet.

    [ It had been tempting to mutter something along the lines of take your pick but he'd curbed the urge for sharpness, in favor of trying to help keep the situation more calm.

    As the the hum of a what sounds like a generator increases, he focuses forward again. His eyes are merely baseline human, so it's going to take him a few more steps before he can get close enough to notice the actual barrier in place. He's eventually close enough that when the hand flattens against the membrane, Adrien does actually draw back quickly, his hand with the gun coming up to a more defensive posture; though he is careful not to shoot.

    Caught in that moment of stillness, he blinks a couple of times confirming what he's seeing as the mound within begins to ... ]

    Is that ... doing what it looks like it's doing?
    gh0stamidstthec0mbat: (like sn0w n shit)

    [personal profile] gh0stamidstthec0mbat 2017-06-10 05:13 pm (UTC)(link)
    [While usually the type to shoot first and ask questions later, the only thing keeping Zer0 from firing his own pistol after he draws it is some sense of sick, morbid curiosity. Zer0 wasn't sure what he'd expected when he started making his way down here. Not that he'd expected the screaming flesh walls either, but this was on a completely new level of weird.]

    Huh. That's... different.

    [Different and probably pretty important. Pistol still fixed on the hand, for lack of anything better to aim at, Zer0 fishes his TAB out of his pocket and starts recording video. What else can you do, right?]
    coldhardy: (surprised)

    [personal profile] coldhardy 2017-06-11 07:06 am (UTC)(link)
    [When Dr. Arbuckal draws back at the sight of the hand in the membrane, Elsa does too, with a sharp gasp. She lifts her hands a little higher, without conscious effort, and because she's surprised and a little on edge, she forgets herself for a moment.

    The temperature of her immediate vicinity drops ten to fifteen degrees. A moment later, it regains about half of what it lost.

    Did everyone just walk through a cold spot or something?]
    gentlemenpreferblondes: (And all that it meant to me)

    [personal profile] gentlemenpreferblondes 2017-06-11 12:11 pm (UTC)(link)
    [For J's fortune, the first figures she had spotted ahead of her had turned out to be friends. For most of part. The first one one that catches her attention is the very familiar looking colorful armor.] Tony? [She asks quietly, speaking mostly to herself. The next person she recognizes is Adrien. If Tony's here investigating things it only makes sense for Adrien's presence. The rest of group falls down on the list "seen around but never interacted with" all except for--

    When J spots Zer0 ahead of her, her heart begins to beat faster out of learned resentment. J squints her eyes and purses lips together into thin stressed line.Rinzler. But before she has any chance to express her irritation any further the dark figure does something unexpected: he speaks. Something that Rinzler has never done so far. Hearing the voice throws her off and leaves her even more confused that earlier.

    Despite the warnings others waddle forward towards the light, J hesitantly following the group behind. After few steps she, too, can see better what's waiting for them and--

    "That's different,"-- J couldn't have said it better herself. Remarkably, the sight is somehow even more gross than the whispering flesh walls and as the hand reaches towards them J can't hold in a panicked scream. She cries out loud and feeling the cold wave causes her to take a step back, almost stumbling on her own feet.]
    acall: (Cassandra)

    [personal profile] acall 2017-06-11 04:53 pm (UTC)(link)
    [J's screams change nothing. The quiet mutters of the others neither slow nor stop the unraveling ahead. Flesh shifts and melts, the pink-grey ooze puddling across the mass below as the light inside intensifies. The substance beneath seems stronger, twisted in a knot, but the membrane splits, and piece by piece, it falls off too. Spreading apart, like the petals of a flower.

    Human hands. Human features. The figure at the center stands barely taller than four feet, only her head and the curl of thin fingers cresting the slough of her former shell. A child. Sticky liquid coats her body, clinging to long hair and pricking at the edges of her eyes. The light is hers, entirely, an almost blinding glow emitted from within.

    When she speaks, her voice is thin, but clear. Those present on the Asteroid will hear a little more. A rush of gratitude. A touch of warmth.]


    You came.

    [The other voices have gone silent.]
    sleepdarts: (sᴇᴠᴇɴᴛʏ ᴛᴡᴏ)

    [personal profile] sleepdarts 2017-06-11 05:06 pm (UTC)(link)
    ( Not knowing the others well, by sight and brief meeting at best, Ana's focus is on the... person that is forming from the mess.

    And it's unnerving, not simply that it's a child but hoe the entire situation is playing out. Someone forming from the mess, the voices going quieter, theirs clear )

    We did.

    ( She's keeping her eye on it, waiting for what it might do next )

    Is that surprising?

    ( Keeping it talking to figure out what it's doing is an idea... )
    prorenataa: dnt (shotgun)

    [personal profile] prorenataa 2017-06-11 05:20 pm (UTC)(link)
    [ Adrien felt a sinking dread as the figure transformed into that of a child. Every instinct and experience putting him even more on his guard, though as he heard Ana speak, he stepped slightly to the side and waited.

    If the construct/creature/child/whatever was willing to engage in a dialogue, perhaps something of this entire shit show could be salvaged.

    He wasn't particularly optimistic about this, but he was willing to give the more diplomatic individuals in the immediate area, a chance to try. ]
    gh0stamidstthec0mbat: (tee hee)

    [personal profile] gh0stamidstthec0mbat 2017-06-11 05:51 pm (UTC)(link)
    [Despite the sudden drop in temperature and the screaming, Zer0 kept his attention on ...whatever the actual fuck was going on in front of him. There were probably horror flicks that started this way. Everything about this situation screamed "shoot first, ask questions later", and if not for the fact that Ana had beaten him to the ask questions part, Zer0 would have probably opened fire by now.

    He briefly considers shooting the thing anyway, but decides against it for the time being. Lowering his gun (but not his TAB because this was some crazy shit), he steps back. Probably best to let Ana take this one.]
    coldhardy: (pensive)

    [personal profile] coldhardy 2017-06-11 08:50 pm (UTC)(link)
    [Not knowing how to feel, Elsa feels several things at once.

    That thing, that membrane, is probably the most disgusting thing she's ever seen, with the possible exception of the room of dead men back at the Midway Hub. Granted, she'd kept mostly to her room growing up, and her status had meant there would be things she'd be unlikely to ever be exposed to, but she thinks that even with those considerations, this is a rare sight. It's not like an animal being born... so much about it is wrong.

    On the other hand, it's just a child, and she feels the rush of warm gratitude from it. But she also remembers how the nightmare had clung to her like a gown for days.

    And what child is born knowing how to talk?

    She wants to ask it who it is, why it's there, if it even knows, but the older woman has already addressed it. That's a good place to start... as good as any.]
    modelsixtythree: ([armor] ready)

    [personal profile] modelsixtythree 2017-06-12 01:21 am (UTC)(link)
    [The greatfulness, oddly, puts Natasha even more on edge. She can still remember the warning on the network: hostile. Gratitude is not always a good thing.

    She shifts, slowly and as unobstrusively as she can, and puts herself between the...child the two women she doesn't recognize but appear to be unarmed. If things go badly, she can at least try to draw the fire away from them.

    There's a quiet whine as her repulsors power up, but Natasha keeps her hands at her sides for the moment. She wants to hope this situation can be talked down, but she's going to be ready in case it can't.]
    acall: (Boann)

    [personal profile] acall 2017-06-12 02:34 am (UTC)(link)
    [The girl's eyes flit from one figure to the next. Despite the wary expressions (and the weapons readying at hand), the twitch of her lips is almost exultant. Or, perhaps, relieved.

    Ana's voice draws her focus, and she turns, mouth twisting with a halting, ragged breath.]

    I-- yes, you-- I called before, but you didn't-- no one came. Just--

    [Small fingers curl around the edges of the fleshy shell, an aborted sideways jerk as she struggles for the words. Slowly, the whispers from the walls begin again, a quiet susurrus filling the silence. "Run." "Don't leave." "Help us." "Listen."

    "Don't trust them."

    The child's gaze flicks up and back.]


    We don't have long.
    Edited 2017-06-12 02:55 (UTC)
    sleepdarts: (ɴɪɴᴇᴛʏ ᴛᴡᴏ)

    [personal profile] sleepdarts 2017-06-12 04:09 pm (UTC)(link)
    Before what? I don't tend to run blindly into situations.

    ( Especially not when, whether it's directed at the child or them she can only guess at, something talks about trust. It wants help, or a trap. It could easily be either.

    Not having a group that Ana knows well at her back also troubles her a little, though she understands the urge to shoot first. At least, for now, they're letting her talks. She appreciates that much )
    gentlemenpreferblondes: (They never did seem to mind at all)

    [personal profile] gentlemenpreferblondes 2017-06-13 07:45 pm (UTC)(link)
    [As her screams of terror goes to deaf ears, having no effect to those around her, J can feel a burning sensation to creep behind her neck. It's a little embarrassing to see how well others are managing their outer calm. Although at the same time it does make her question their reaction.

    Isn't anyone else thinking this is creepy and way too fucked up? It's true that the child form is less threatening than the mysterious dark figure but if there's something J's learned it's that one shouldn't judge book by its cover. How is everyone else seemingly okay with all of this.

    With a stressed yet more collected expression she watches the events happening before them. Child's wavering attempts at conversation only makes her hairs stand up and heart beating fast. They all should really leave.]

    What do you want? Where are the others?
    acall: (Rán)

    [personal profile] acall 2017-06-13 08:30 pm (UTC)(link)
    [The rebuke seems to give the girl pause, and she ducks her head, throat working. The glow emitting from her body pulses faintly, like the beat of an erratic heart.]

    They're coming. The--

    ["Reaching." "Prying." "Liars." "Thieves."

    The voices in the walls pick up where she falters, and if the words aren't of her choosing, the girl doesn't disagree.]

    I--I don't know how you see them.

    [Hands come up, brush down, a ragged flutter, and after a moment, more of the fleshy casing melts away. Enough for the child to stumble forward, an unsteady step as she tries to step free of what remains.

    She pauses, as J speaks. Small hands curl to fists at each side, voice sharp and aching, digging into the brains of the listeners. No one present will be free of the pain, though the exposed, the contaminated, will suffer it much more strongly.]

    They killed the others.
    prorenataa: (3secondwhyIdon'tkillyounow)

    [personal profile] prorenataa 2017-06-13 08:43 pm (UTC)(link)
    [ Adrien had been quiet as Ana and then J conversed with the child. He tensed when the walls began to echo with their own words, marking what was said but it wasn't until he felt that digging presence against his mind, that he winced and his gun arm came up.

    It was very unusual for Adrien to be affected by anything psychic, which meant that if he was experiencing a reaction, it couldn't be a good thing. Which didn't put the doctor in the best of moods. ]

    Let's drop the pronoun game. Who is 'they' and who are 'others'?
    modelsixtythree: ([armor] tearing)

    [personal profile] modelsixtythree 2017-06-13 09:47 pm (UTC)(link)
    [The sudden sharp shock of pain is surprising enough that Natasha flinches, the movement visible even through her armor. She can feel Extremis scrambling to deal with an injury that isn't there, and it makes her grit her teeth, makes her voice sharper as she speaks.]

    Answer the questions or we're leaving. [It's a gamble, but if the girl is already willing to hurt them then they're on a time limit before she decides to get worse. Feigned gratitude or not, it's the only threat she can think of at the moment than isn't violent.]

    What do you want.
    gh0stamidstthec0mbat: (yeah i'unn0)

    [personal profile] gh0stamidstthec0mbat 2017-06-13 10:16 pm (UTC)(link)
    [The freakyass horror movie walls and the creepy mutant boogiechild hadn't been enough to catch Zer0 off guard (y'know somehow), but the sudden rush of pain that wasn't his own managed to surprise him. He makes a sound, sharp intake of air behind his mask, and raises his gun in time with Adrien.

    While the others speak though, he ends up lowering his gun again. The smart thing to do would probably be to shoot this kid in the head and be done with it, but Zer0's curiosity wins out in the end. There will be no head shooting, at least not yet.]

    Something to call you / Would be a good place to start. / Tell us who you are.

    [Good cop/Bad cop probably wasn't in the cards, but maybe he could shoot for Slightly Less Cranky cop/Bad cop?]

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