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Who: bucky barnes (crau) and zevran
When: backdated to the event
Where: zev's room
What: transformations
Warnings: blood, body transformations, will update if needed

[The change, when it hits him, is too fast and too much. Everything about this place is quick. Sudden and abrupt. All overwhelming and way more than he can process on his best days. Nothing about any of this is normal, and that’s what makes it hard to get through. Another him. Other Steve’s. Too many people who look like each other. Stars and space ships and floating trees.

It’s a lot but it’s nothing compared to the change.

He’s him and then suddenly he’s more. Two of his teeth elongate, his skin is pale, eyes red, and he’s so hungry. Hungrier than he’s ever been and what he’s craving feels normal and his mind tells him it’s not. Bucky doesn’t know where to go, what to do, and then he thinks of the one person he’s met so far that has no prior knowledge of him to base anything on. Someone that is getting to know him for him. Someone that can help him.

He’s fast and then he’s at Zevran’s door. Knocking.]

It’s Bucky.

[He shouldn’t be here.]

Let me in.
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[Sleep hasn't come easy to him in days. Not since she arrived. At first she was just a haze in the corner of his eye. Slowly she turned to more, became clearer and more in his line of vision. Now she stands in the center of his sight, clear as day. Her figure is shorter than he is, thin, dark hair and eyes and with slightly pointed ears. Her black leather armor is stained red and it drains from her finger tips to the floor.

Zevran knows that he is the only one who can see it. It makes sense, of course he would be haunted by her outside of his dreams. He didn't except the overwhelming sense of dread that he got by the sight of her though.

The knock at the door is a welcomed sound that breaks the silence between him and the spector. He nearly leaps off his bed, and it swings slightly as he leaves it to open the door. He is all too happy to see Bucky, even if it's an odd sight. He puts on his best stepford smile and pretends all is well.]

What? No please?
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[He notices that the changes aren't just physical. He seems more anxious and worried now. About what he isn't sure, and the explanation does little to help him.]

What do you mean?

[And then he says it, thirsty. He is pretty sure he heard something like this on the net work. Someone had been asking for blood donates, he thought it was a joke!]

Do you mean blood? [He asks it with little concern. If that's what he wants, well it's not Bucky's fault. He obviously wasn't blood thirsty when they first met. This must be some sort of space magic. He didn't think for a moment that it could also be the cause of his phantom guest. At least his attention isn't on her right now.]
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I don't know exactly, but I do know that it has happened to others.

[How many and if it is permanent...well that's another unanswered question.

He doesn't seem afraid though. He sits beside Bucky without hesitation. He either trusts that nothing will happen, or he doesn't care if it does.]

Where will you go? The ship is full of people.
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Just take what you need.

[He decides to ignore that comment about not wanting to hurt him. He must have meant more people, he isn't so important to anyone here.

He gives a small shug. It's simple really. If Bucky needs blood, the need isn't going to stop once he leaves the ship. It will just cause him to starve or go mad. Neither of those being productive.

To drive his point even further he unzips the top of his suit, down to the collar bone, and pulls the collar outwards.]

Really, I don't mind.
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[His words slur just slightly as he speaks them softly. He lets Bucky tilt and position him how he wants. He's never done anything like this before, which is saying something. It not every day he gets a new experience. This isn't like one of his adventures though, this is actually helping odd.

His eyes close when he feels Bucky's tongue on his skin. One hand moves to Bucky's shoulder, the other moves to the thigh closest to Zevran. He wonders for a moment just how painful this might be....or if it would actually not feel too bad at all.]
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[He feels something other than pain as teeth sink into him. At first it's white hot, then it cools and leaves him boneless. His jaw slacks with a moans as Bucky takes from him and he leans closer. A part of him wonders how much Bucky needs, how much he will take, and another part doesn't want him to stop.

But he does and it leaves him breathless. He doesn't move, he is slack against Bucky as left over blood drips from the previously open wound.]

Maker- [That was something.]
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No- no I'm fine.

[Better than fine really, he didn't think that getting his neck bitten and blood sucked would be that...enjoyable he guessed the word was. His hand comes to the place where he was bleeding just a moment again.]

Are you- do you feel better?
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[He had no reason not to trust Bucky, but he also had little reason to trust him, especially if he honestly was dangerous to be around. The truth was he didn't care if something happened to him, he wasn't about to voice that though.]

Good I'm--

[Before he could finish Bucky moves to lie on the bed and he takes Zevran down with him. His body tenses for a moment, but he quickly relaxes into the other man's arms. His mouth curves into a small smile before his hazy vision clears. His eyes refocus on the figure standing in the corner of the room, still bleeding from her neck. He shuts his eyes tight.]

I feel like you spend more time here than in your own room.

[Not a bad thing, especially right now. He just wonders if there was a reason for it, and he didn't like the silence right now.]
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[Zevran isn't sure how to take that. Is that a compliment? It sounds like one. It's rare that he hears one about him and not about how great a kill was.]

Well, I am a rather charming person.

[He grins as he turns on his side, facing Bucky now. Looking closer at him, the changes are dramatic. Pale skin, fangs, and glowing eyes. He hasn't seen anything like this before, but he's heard stories of something similar. His hand walks up Bucky's chest and rests on his shoulder.]

And I guess I have you under my spell now.
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If it were, I'd be going to your room.

[He grins as he gives Bucky a wink.]

I'm not complaining though. I get to see a handsome face everyday.