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Bucky Barnes ([personal profile] readytocomply) wrote in [community profile] thisavrou_log2016-10-31 12:59 am


Who: bucky barnes (crau) and zevran
When: backdated to the event
Where: zev's room
What: transformations
Warnings: blood, body transformations, will update if needed

[The change, when it hits him, is too fast and too much. Everything about this place is quick. Sudden and abrupt. All overwhelming and way more than he can process on his best days. Nothing about any of this is normal, and that’s what makes it hard to get through. Another him. Other Steve’s. Too many people who look like each other. Stars and space ships and floating trees.

It’s a lot but it’s nothing compared to the change.

He’s him and then suddenly he’s more. Two of his teeth elongate, his skin is pale, eyes red, and he’s so hungry. Hungrier than he’s ever been and what he’s craving feels normal and his mind tells him it’s not. Bucky doesn’t know where to go, what to do, and then he thinks of the one person he’s met so far that has no prior knowledge of him to base anything on. Someone that is getting to know him for him. Someone that can help him.

He’s fast and then he’s at Zevran’s door. Knocking.]

It’s Bucky.

[He shouldn’t be here.]

Let me in.

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