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Who: Asriel, Kyoko, Frisk, Toriel, and an open prompt
When: August 27-30th
Where: Various places
What: Asriel watches a home movie, attempts to deal with feelings, and tries baking with Kyoko
Warnings: Undertale spoilers, slavery and abuse mentions

[Prompts below!]
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[It's a dangerous thing, to try and be alone in a ship with a robot who can't sleep. Mettaton is, for once in his life, not trying to be a busybody though.

He just hears the sound of Asriel's voice, slightly filtered as if it's coming through a television, and decides to peek into the room where it's coming from; even if he's back to his present age, Mettaton still feels a need to investigate whether Asriel's a baby. If he is, he might want some company again, and age didn't really change the robot's willingness to babysit.

When Mettaton pokes his head in however, he sees the Asriel he knows, holding a disk which appears to be transmitting what he'd heard.

...Chara. He can see them in the image. Oh...

His brows knit together, and he knocks gently against the doorframe to announce himself.]

Sweetheart, shouldn't you be sleeping?
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[Mettaton's initial reaction is to enter the room fully, his mouth opening to assure Asriel that he hadn't intended to eavesdrop or interrupt. But the clatter of the disk cuts him off before the first syllable, and then...he's captivated by the images.

At first, anyway. If he had time to process any of the blurred playback, he might wonder what Asriel could be doing to brink forth such negative emotions from Sans or Toriel. After all, Toriel was his mother and shouldn't be afraid of him, and Sans? The only time he looked that way was under some level of upset.

But...he didn't have time to process it, because all of it fell away like nothing as the images replayed events from just last month; Mettaton on the platform, Asriel crying out in despair as he's captured again.

Mettaton thought he had been able to internalize this better, and with the memories afforded to him by his foray into the future, he even thought he had a strategy. But it didn't matter as soon as he saw that. He dropped to one knee, feeling as if his entire body was in the midst of shutting down.

Thank God Asriel didn't have any way to see what MTT was thinking. His mind was everywhere, traitorously reminding him of every awful thing, and how guilty he felt--no, how guilty he was--for having let the slaver take Asriel away.

When he could finally bring himself to move, he doesn't hesitate to reach out and wrap his arms around Asriel. To comfort him.

To comfort them both.]

I'm so sorry.
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[Mettaton struggles to focus on Asriel. He fights to turn his attention onto the small goat child, but it's very difficult to do that when he's also struggling with himself to keep hugging Asriel. It's not oppressive, but his thoughts are gruesome, centered around the necessitated acts of murder he'd committed.

He could feel it. The collar...the collar used to make him harm others.

Was it the collar? Nnh...]

You are safe here! We won't be recaptured--you won't be!! I won't allow it...!!

[He knows it won't help much, if at all. He wasn't a trustworthy protector.]
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[Mettaton's grip tightens the longer Asriel speaks, he can't help it. He'd become so involved with the small prince, and in this, they were sadly quite similar. They'd both been slaves, and it had been awful. The robot just thanks the fates that Asriel hadn't been sold into murdersport.

He wasn't going to let a new friend be scared and alone. If the disk was to be believed, then that had already happened.

At any other time, Mettaton might have said that hate was the wrong word for this. Just utter distaste would do. But that's not true, is it? He hates his slaver too. He hates that he'd lost his freedom and become a tool. Even if his collar wasn't controlling him physically, it was through simply existing with the threat it held.

Mettaton's arms shook for a moment as his thoughts wandered to that uncomfortable place, but no. No, this was about Asriel, not him!!

He was an adult. He was fine to handle it.]

...I can't tell you not to hate him. I can't tell you not to be upset about what's happened. But I can tell you this. I would never let it go unpunished. Nothing could stop me from helping you, even if it took some time.

So I will only ask that you not fear. If anyone could have helped you. We would have...

[Where was his mother? Where were the captains? Where was anyone?]

I would have. You didn't deserve your treatment, and that disgusting, abhorrent human should never have shown you such disrespect as a living being, never mind a prince!! If I could just have gotten free, I'd have shown them...shown them what a real monster could do!!

[Not the true monsters they were. But what humans thought of them, and treated them like. He would show them what he was past just being a killer robot.]
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[For all the disapproval that the others would have, and the disappointment they might express that Asriel wasn't a perfect little monster...Mettaton didn't care. It wasn't important to him that monsters remained perfect. Not if humans were so imperfect...

To be honest, it was just another part to his personal crisis puzzle; humans weren't all good. He had put so much faith in the race due to the entertainment aspect, and he'd looked up to him. Now his body made him feel sick. It was what he wanted, and yet he hated himself more than ever for it, because how could he be comfortable in the "skin" of those who had oppressed monsterkind so thoroughly?

Who would treat a child like an animal, just because they didn't look the same?]

Oh are strong though. It hurts, it won't ever feel alright. But you held through, and you're back on board, with the people who love you!!

[Mettaton smiles, trying to look encouraging, but it's a hollow expression, and he appears as if he's looking through Asriel.

Words spoken out of truth tend to carry less weight when someone's upset with themselves. But god is he trying. He's so fortunate that he can't cry like Asriel can.]

Someone came to save you. It wouldn't have been your responsibility to save me or Papyrus. You are far more important.
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[Mettaton settles himself with his legs folded beneath him, his arms now loosening around Asriel. Less of a desperate hug, and more of a loose cradle. Heh. He'd never have seen himself becoming so thoroughly attached to the king's son like this.

When the question is posed, he lets out a breath he wasn't even aware he was holding.]

Papyrus. He did it.

[That's all he says. He doesn't want to say more, especially since Papyrus has been absent for almost two weeks. He hadn't thought to ask--he just internalized it all. The fact that Papyrus was in cryo. That he might be at fault for it somehow.

That he was a selfish bastard for not noticing some invisible sign...

He grits his teeth, pushing it back again. He's good at that.]

I owe him so much. He's such a good person.
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[To be told that he can be mad too...heh.

Mettaton lets out a laugh that sounds as if it could almost be a sob. Is Asriel serious?]

Sweetheart...all getting mad has done is make things worse! Why would I want to be mad? The first time, I was mad, I was told what an awful person I was. And I stayed mad anyway until my soul shattered. The second time I was mad? It didn't matter, because I couldn't change anything. All I could do was kill defenseless people until...Papyrus...

[He shakes his head, and there's that hollow smile of his again. What he had meant with all that was...whenever he was mad, he hurt people. He wouldn't stop and that's how he died. And then he lied and hurt the feelings of those concerned for him, until he was laid bare and had to admit what he was. When things began to look better, they instantly fishtailed into slavery, and more hurting. Loss of control until full compliance was gained.

Asriel really was stronger than him.]

You're so sweet, Asriel. It makes me feel awful that I intruded upon you! It's not your fault that those awful things played out.

[Mettaton's segue is hardly smooth. Clearly he's struggling a little.]

What, uh. What was that anyway? That round thing. A gift from the captains, was it?
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[While Asriel fetches his disk and proceeds to explain what it's for, Mettaton shifts positions in an attempt to look more relaxed, and therefore force himself to feel that way. One leg crosses languidly over the other, and he manages to take a deep breath, exhaling it slowly.]

I see. How interesting! I assume it's now an intrinsic part of you, and that you should take very good care of it.

[He smiles a little as the disk begins to glow before him.]

Look at you, you may as well be a proper robot yourself. [It's a tease, of course. One that he abandons when Asriel appears to become more serious.]

Oh? What would you like to show me?

[His tone is uncertain. He's not...interested in seeing anything from the past few months, he doesn't think. But maybe it won't be something like that.]
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[...Not a good memory, if Mettaton had to say. It makes him cringe away, but it's not at Asriel. It's the reminder that he had killed so many people.

But that monster. He knows that monster, had even ventured a guess as to who it was. Interesting to see how correct he really was. There's something beyond that, and Mettaton wonders why this adult boss monster seems so uncomfortably familiar.

Like he's seen it before this memory. Except he'd certainly remember that, so clearly that wasn't the case.]

Sans. Of course it was Sans.

[He rolls his eye, looking half-guilty, half-annoyed, as he watched the argument unfold. It doesn't linger though; there's more important things here than being aggravated at the short skeleton.]

Being angry doesn't make you a bad monster. If it did, what in the hell would we do with Undyne? She's angry almost all the time!


[He tips his head down, his brows knitting together.]

You know, even as a ghost, I could never stomach the thought of being anything but a happy person. Even when I was miserable, I didn't want to feel it. I would just work harder, be more energetic and optimistic.

...This must be what it feels like when you don't hold it in. Anger? Sadness? Maybe even a little hatred.

Even in here, I feel my own emotions. Inside.

[He puts a hand to his stomach, pressing his fingers over his core container.]

I used to be a monster. I can still feel, but I can't cry.

[Maybe if he did, he'd feel better. Mettaton was, after all, a very emotional creature. Why wouldn't he cry if he was upset, except if he couldn't?]

Asriel? May I please ask you for something?
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[Mettaton averts his eye for a moment. Yeah...he'd asked for the favor. But he could still regret it...maybe change his mind.


He needs this.]

My soul hasn't fully integrated with my body since I only recently repossessed it. I can still leave here since I'm not permanently corporeal yet. I'm not completely the same as a ghost. I sound different and all, and I really don't like it. However...

I would really cry. Just this once. Before I can't do this anymore.
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[Maybe sometime, Mettaton would explain it. He's already partway explained it to Tony, and he told everyone on the ship that he was a ghost. What could it really hurt at this point?

He looks...relieved when Asriel all but says yes. It's not his intention to make the young boss monster cry anymore, but Mettaton really just wants to feel. His range of emotions is usually on the optimistic spectrum, as he said, but sometimes you had to let go.

This...was a start.]

Please do stay. I'm not concerned if you see me this way. I just wanted to warn you--

[Mettaton's core--the soul in his abdomen--begins to glow as he removes himself from his body. It looks strange, because as soon as that pink glow leaves his body, it simply slumps over, lifeless. It really doesn't have complex programming, so when he's not there, it may as well be dead.

The glowing light reforms into something more transparent. Pink and small, the size of a child. When Mettaton speaks, his voice is pitched higher. More feminine.]

--so you won't be too surprised.

[There's a momentary pause, in which he fades out, but it's only to reappear closer to Asriel.]

Honey, thank you.

[Tears well up in his one visible eye. What a miserable looking specter.]
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[The inviting gesture is all it really takes. Mettaton's already emotionally compromised, but just makes him fall apart right then and there. He glides forward, sobbing and pressing his incorporeal ghost face against Asriel's chest.

He should be embarrassed that he, an adult, is seeking comfort from a child who he had upset first, but he doesn't care. All he wants to do is cry, and finally...finally he can.

It doesn't take the upset away...but it helps a little to be so close to someone who wouldn't judge him, and who wouldn't think he was a lame little ghost for crying loudly into their shirt.]
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[Asriel doesn't have to do anything but stand there, as far as Mettaton's concerned. As long as he gets to cry...

He doesn't want anyone else to see this. Not Papyrus, not one. It was the one secret he could share with Asriel.

It's a good few minutes before he controls himself, dabbing at his eye with one nubby "hand" once he's gotten about as much emotional turmoil out as he's able. He still remains silent for a while, just...existing. But eventually, he gives a little sniff and looks up at Asriel.]

Thank you.

[He feels less...heavy.]
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[Mettaton leans against Asriel again, in his closest approximation of a hug. His nubs aren't long enough to actually hug, but it's all in the intent, really.]

You are allowed to cry. We have experienced something unhappy, and crying...being sad about it may be the only way to express it.

[He wants to say he feels better, and in a way he does. But on the other hand...he will never feel alright with this, and he knows it.]

Asriel, you really are a good prince. Thank you for taking care of your silly little ghost subject. And thank you for being a good friend.
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Surely Mettaton felt that, but even hearing it makes him eel just a little better. It's weird, perhaps because he doesn't believe he deserves friends right now. All he does is be sad anymore.

...Asriel's feelings are just as valid as his though, and when he's asked permission for Asriel to keep crying? He laughs softly, not in derision. Just in awe.]

Of course you can cry, as I said--it is the only way we can express ourselves at this point. And if you need a shoulder, I will be there for you. I promise, sweetheart. That's what friends are for.
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[It's the voice that draws Rinzler's attention. The voice, and the name it calls out. Asriel's laughter isn't a new sound (though it's been much rarer recently), but Chara has been missing for some time now.

A quick brush of scans finds only one signature, and when he rounds the corner, the program isn't too surprised by what he sees. Disk review. Memory. The data should be accessible in dock, and short of a bugcheck, there's not a lot of reason for an external playback with no audience. But Rinzler's learned better than to expect strict logic from anyone in this place. Especially his allies.

The enforcer makes no move to enter, but he'll settle outside the door, ready to glower, growl, or otherwise drive off any potential intruders. He won't announce himself otherwise, though he's not being too careful to hide. If Asriel looks up at the right time, he might notice a glimmer of red-orange light. And even if he doesn't, the regular hums and noises of the ship seem to have acquired a familiar low rumble.]
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[The low rumbling skips a beat before the enforcer takes a step back into view. That's answer enough, by Rinzler's standards—though the mask will tip a little pointedly toward the unsealed door. If Asriel was trying for total privacy, his planning skills could use some work.]
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[The apology is noted and discarded; if Rinzler were bothered by the memories, he wouldn't have stayed close. Still, it's fairly solid evidence Asriel doesn't object to his presence. A moment's pause, and the program steps inside, glancing lingering on the display for a moment before he reaches for his MID.]

Internal access: faulty?
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[Frisk's sleepless nights are nothing new in the slightest. Even back home they had slept lightly, often woken by horrible dreams that chased them away from a peaceful sleep. But now it's gotten much worse, leaving them roaming the halls more and more often. They'd noticed Asriel gone from his bed as well; maybe they can help him, at least.]

[It takes a while before they track him down. They stop for a moment with their hand on the doorway, their chest clenching painfully hearing the familiar voices. For a moment they're frozen, sorrow and pain welling up and nearly overwhelming them...stop. Breathe. Count to ten...]

[Frisk doesn't stay anything. Quietly, trying to not disturb their brother, they make their way across the room and hesitate for a moment before sitting down next to him.]
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[Frisk shakes their head, leaning over to let their head rest on Asriel's shoulder. For a moment, it doesn't seem like they're going to speak, but then they murmur very quietly...soft enough it could almost be missed.]

...what...what were they like with Mom an' Dad?
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[They can sense Asriel's upset, in the way his shoulder tenses just slightly, the creases between his brows. Frisk frowns and puts a hand over Asriel's, but their gaze drops down to the disk again when he starts the new memory up.]

[A small smile pulls at their face, though the sight of the Dreemurrs together like this makes their chest ache. Toriel cooking, and Asgore watching his children fondly...seeing a happy moment like this makes knowing what happened later all the worse. But Frisk chuckles quietly when Chara puts their dirty hands all over Asriel's face. That's so like them...]

Did they help in th' garden a lot?
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[Frisk nods, their eyes lowering. They remember those odd spikes of frustration at the oddest moments, and while Frisk learned to predict them they didn't always know exactly what brought them about.]

...did they tell you about th' Surface much? I know they...never talked about before they fell much,
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[Chara...hadn't ever told them much, either. Only little snippets, and that only because the filter of mind-to-mind made things bleed over so much easier. Vague ideas of pain, of anger, of not feeling like there was any place safe...some of it had resonated with Frisk's own memories. Others...not so much.]

...yeah. They never told me, neither, but...I could sorta guess. I don't think they wanted anyone knowin'. hurts sometimes, thinkin' 'bout that stuff.

[Frisk wraps an arm around Asriel's back, squeezing him as support and comfort for them both.]

...'s not your fault.