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[open] Trying to forget our modern crises

Who: Frisk and YOU
When: August 3-9
What: Local child attempts to help everyone and pretend they aren't about to cry
Warnings: None yet, will be updated if needed

Throughout the whole of August, Frisk has been rather visibly upset. Given recent events (the horrific attack on the crew by the Cadeuceans, the glass warping of the ship and crew, and the subsequent scrambling to rescue crew from slavery) it's rather understandable that a young child like them would be thrown off by the series of trauma. But there's a somewhat alarming change in their demeanor very soon after the change of captaincy, though from an outsider's perspective it doesn't...seem negative.

Where Frisk had been quiet and unobtrusive before, suddenly they are boisterous and outgoing again. Where not even a day ago they had only offered meek smiles, now Frisk grins broadly and nearly bounces along down the halls. Despite their still glassy body, Frisk put out the image of a perfectly content and cheerful little child--just like they had been when they first arrived.

And maybe if they pretend hard enough, it'll be true.

A: Around the ship (August 3rd through the 8th)

One thing they've let go for far too long are their duties as Assistant Morale Officer. With Pepper gone, there hasn't been a whole lot of direction to their efforts, but that isn't going to stop Frisk now. They scurry around the whole ship, poking in wherever someone might be working with a kind smile and curious look. Waiting for an opportune moment to interrupt, they eventually pipe up with a simple request.

"How are you feeling today?"

B: In the gardens (August 5th)

Late in the afternoon, Frisk can be found kneeling over a patch of yellow flowers with a vaguely worried expression on their face. Though most of the patch seem to be healthy and thriving, a few off tot he side don't look like they're doing quite so well, and Frisk isn't exactly sure why. They've watered and fed them properly, plucked away any weeds they can find, made sure they're not being blocked from the artificial sunlight...but still they wilt. It's rather worrying, especially after they had promised to help Asriel in caring for them.

When they hear footsteps behind them they look up, then squeak with surprise and faint alarm, grabbing the watering can and hauling it and themself out of the way (though they had barely been taking up any space in the walkway in the first place.

"Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get in th' way!"

C: Cargo Bay (August 9th, closed to Toriel & Co.)

Frisk had been the first to wake, in the earliest hours of the morning. Jolting to consciousness, shivering from a nightmare, they had been confused to find only one of their siblings still in the room. It didn't neccessarily mean anything: Chara is often out of the room, and they have just as many issues with sleep as Frisk does. Sliding out of bed, they wander out of their room and send a private text asking where they are--

Only to recieve an error message.

Every message bounces back, and Chara's name has been hilighted in red. They are no longer on the ship.

A sharp crack echoes down the hall as Frisk stands stock still in complete shock. They can feel the pain in their chest, pieces of themself siding and crunching as the stress finally reaches a literal breaking point. But that sensation is dwarfed by the sudden and complete feeling of isolation.

"See you in the morning!"

"...sleep well, Frisk."

No. No, this can't be happening. They must be--they can't--

Frisk runs throughout the whole ship. Searching through every nook and cranny, praying against all hope that maybe, just maybe the MID was wrong. Maybe they're hiding somewhere, and it's just a mistake, and Chara will still be here, they'd finally moved in with everyone, they were finally a family like it should have always been--!

But there's nothing. The other child is gone without a trace, and all Frisk has to show for it are cracks spiderwebbing further and further through their body. They aren't sure how they wound up in the cargo bay, but when Frisk looks up, they see a familiar crate stored in a tucked away corner. There's still a few pieces of construction paper sticking to the side.

"...can I climb in, too?"

"Of course you can, silly!"

Nothing else is on top of the crate, but it still takes a bit of effort to get it pulled out far enough from it's spot for Frisk to prop the lid partially open. The Temmie Flakes are there, just like before. Colorful pieces of paper that look so unassuming, but tingle with the power of magic if you know how to look for it. Frisk crawls inside and nearly sinks completely into the pile, curling up and crying silently.

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