Aug. 9th, 2016

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Who: Frisk and YOU
When: August 3-9
What: Local child attempts to help everyone and pretend they aren't about to cry
Warnings: None yet, will be updated if needed

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Who: Armin & Tommy ([personal profile] madrush)
When: 8/3, evening
Where: the gym, near the swimming pool
What: discussing Tommy'd suggestion of a group
Warnings: some discussion of Armin's past in Eros, including mentions of prostitution.

just to put the fire on ice )
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Who: Gregor and anyone!
When: Throughout August.
Where: All over the ship!
What: Final catch-all log for Gregor.
Warnings: none at this time

and all the novels that have yet to be written about them )
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Who: Armin and Eggsy ([personal profile] commontype)
When: 8/7
Where: The observation deck
What: Eggsy is someone important from Armin's past, but he doesn't remember that.
Warnings: AAAAAAAAAAAAAANGST, potential of Armin's past including drugging, prostitution and other stressful situations, will try to warn as necessary

the reason you loved me before )