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Who: Asriel and various people
When: July 3rd and onward
Where: Various places around the Moira
What: Catchall log for July!
Warnings: Undertale spoilers probably, also talking about murders

[After the massacre was over, and the Moira had been mostly crystallized, Asriel finally had to come to terms with what he'd done. His family was still dead, his room was empty, but there were still plenty of people left who he needed to see and apologize to.

It's time to start picking up the pieces.]
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[Rinzler had been glad for the battle. A chance to test himself, a chance to fly and fight and win with no encouragement to hold back. He hadn't minded the numbers of the threats, or their supernatural skills at simulation. If anything, that just seemed like it would make a better challenge.

It had. And he'd fought, and he'd won, and been perfect, just as he was coded to.

Until he followed the echo of gunshots and found his user dead on the ground.


It takes a few moments, but the door slides open. Rinzler's just inside. The blood that soaked him in the battle is gone, only a few still-sealing cracks of damage on his own frame. His lights are an even burn, noise ticking out quietly. But there's something oddly muted about the way the program stands and waits. Even for Rinzler.]
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[Asriel is in luck. Kyoko rarely visits her room, preferring sleeping in odd spaces and wasting time to being trapped in the company of others. It was oppressive, frustrating, with few comforts to make up for it, and as such her room had served as little more than a glorified storage area for odd things that she didn't care enough to keep with her.

He's still luckier yet for the fact that she opens the door, despite her every inclination being to ignore a knock--after all, nobody would come looking for her. The decision to do so is little more than a whim, a whim and the worry that they would keep knocking if she didn't.

Perhaps both of those things could be considered lucky for her as well, though. Kyoko hadn't seen Asriel since the incident, dismissing every thought and concern about him as unnecessary now that he'd return to himself. There were others better equipped to handle the scars that he'd gained.

Kyoko makes a shooing gesture to allow herself room to step out past the door, letting it come to a close behind her. She was getting ready to head off again, anyway.]


[Her tone is casual as always, her gaze questioning rather than disapproving, as though nothing had ever happened.]