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Who: Steel and open [closed as of 10/3]
When: Now-ish (some time after information about intermediaries has been spread to the civilian population of Thisavrou, or at least some of this information has leaked out)
Where: Region Five - The Time District
What: Assignment T1 - The Petrified Dragon
Warnings: There is a potential for harm to dinosaurs and one NPC in this plot. I don't plan to write anything graphic, though.

Deep within the Time District, between a Moorish fortress and a Vulcan school, an iron fence guards a delicate structure that seems to be shaped to mimic the form of its inhabitants. Both are shimmer-scaled and wide winged, with sinuous spines and delicate feather decorations at every joint or turn.

Under its scales, the structure is weathered stone, and its twists and turns are held in place by flying buttresses made of pink granite. The inhabitants once squeezed in and out through dilations of the ageless, weary eyes, and in happier days, the air above echoed with their sonorous calls.

Today, only one of them remains, deep within the twisting stone guts of the petrified dragon.


This is not meant to be a world-affecting plot; all effects of this plot will be contained within the iron fence that encloses one lot within Region Five.

Sometime on or after the 4th of October, I will summarize the plot-relevant outcome for each thread within this assignment, and write a conclusion for the assignment based on these events.