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my queen got machine gun hips

Who: Diana & Tex.
When: 12 July.
Where: Shooting Range, Kauto R1.
What: Diana learns how to use yet another weapon.
Warnings: N/A

The journey to the first region of this planet had been more harrowing than Diana had expected--she's never experienced public transport before. The rail system had been crowded with panicked people, and though Diana had been able to speak with and calm a few of them, the sheer number of refugees had been overwhelming. By the time she departs the EN-Line, she is eager to distract herself from the chaos around her.

Or at least enter a new kind of chaos.

She checks the location that Tex had sent her on the strange little TAB, and finds her way there with little delay. She stops, of course, to aid where she can--lifting boxes of supplies, fending off potential thieves from a small grocer, breaking up a fight or two--but she knows it is not enough. If the strange mimic creatures are allowed to run amok, the situation will only become worse. She's changed into her training clothing, knowing that she will be in a better condition to learn by doing so. The garb makes her feel closer to home, where she had first learned how to use weapons in the Amazonian way. Though she is about to learn man's way of fighting, she still feels it is appropriate to dress for a traditional training session. She hesitates only briefly before entering the building, and scans the area for her soon-to-be teacher.
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Tex has arrived slightly ahead of schedule, two rifles slung over her back and a handgun on each hip—a .22 and a .45. As promised, she has stripped off her helmet and arranged for them to use two lanes in the shooting gallery.

When Diana enters the shop, Tex indicates that is the person they're waiting on to the clerk with an incline of her head. The armor she's wearing is much more bulky than what Diana has chosen to wear. This doesn't bother her, though—with current event she sees no reason to take risks when headed out and about.

"Diana," she calls, and prepares to lead the way into the shooting range.
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"You don't need to trip over yourself thanking me, I'm not going to renege."

She goes in to the head of the first lane she's renting for this and pulls the .22 off her hip.

"First thing I'm going to show you is how to load it," she explains. "Once you're done firing, you'll pull out the clip and disassemble it."
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"Okay, good," she says. "The bullets go in the clip like this. Each clip holds 14 bullets. I try to keep a few clips on me at any given time." She hands Diana a clip and allows her to have access to the box of bullets. "It's a little fiddly until you learn to do it fast. The clip slides in the gun like this—you release the clip when it's empty with this lever." She demonstrates dropping the clip a few times. "Let's load all these clips and then you can fire them all at once."
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"A few," she says hanging back now, watching. "Back when we first started arriving, in this universe we were on a ship. I was given the position of teacher there. I taught a couple people back then. Kids."
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"Yeah, they've got lots more work here on the planet than we had on the ship. I was more of a schoolteacher, back there. It's just that...well, that's not really my field of expertise."

Tex is feeling a little restless, just standing here watching Diana load the clips with bullets, but part of learning is doing, so she continues to wait for the job to be finished. Once it is, she'll be prepared to show Diana the proper stance and hand grip for holding the gun, and to explain to her how to aim.
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"The Moira. The closest thing we had to a home for a long time, traveling here. It had the universe's only mobile Ingress."

Tex lifts the other handgun, the .45, to demonstrate proper grip and stance. She had given Diana a .22, the better to get a feel for the sensitivity of the trigger of a gun.

"Now, trigger discipline," Tex says. "You don't put your finger on the trigger until you're absolutely ready to shoot." She grips the gun with her right hand, wraps the fingers of her other around it. Her index finger is straight. "Like this."
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Tex pauses, loading her weapon, before responding.

"We experienced a series of holes in the universe when we approached the Midway Hub, which was where the Ingress was supposed to be able to be repaired. When we got there...we just crashed into it."

The targeting system is set up; Tex nods down Diana's lane.

"To aim, you line the sights on the front and back of the gun up with whatever you want to hit. I'm sure you know what the vulnerable spots are to hit on that target."
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"If I understood it, I might have been able to help fix it. Keep it from happening."

She shakes her head a little, then takes this opportunity to do some practice shooting with the .45.

"But I think," she adds, "it might have something to do with us being here in the first place."
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"The same malfunctions of the Ingress that brought us here caused the holes," she says, continuing to shoot in a measured way. "Or so it seems. Maybe if we'd been able to interpret the data better, we would have figured out what to do to prevent it."
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"It would be nice to think so, wouldn't it?" she says, a bitter mutter. She sniffs in sharply, and casts her eyes to one side to view Diana. "There were these journals...but we may never know if we found the key to translate them or not." She has shot all the bullets from the clip she was using, so she drops it out of the gun and loads another.
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"It wasn't code. It was a whole other alphabet and language. We managed to make out a few things, but that's all."

She fires another shot at the target.

"It hardly matters now, since the Moira crashed when we reached the Midway Hub."