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we find out what we're made of

Who: Hermione Granger, Katsa and open
When: End of June and throughout July
Where: Treehouse in R3
What: Katsa and Hermione are finally moving in.
Warnings: N/A
[ The house is nothing like anything she had seen in the Drabwurld and, Hermione thinks to herself quietly, that's probably for the best. The wonderful opulence of the Citadel was a little distracting compared to the quiet, gentle nature of her house in Haven and the Harbourage had been somewhere in the middle, but this... The treehouse is back to basics, simple and charming and wonderful, and Hermione practically relishes it.

There's no real working electricity, but she can fix that with a little bit of runic magic and some spells here and there - and the offer to Katsa of her choice of what she wants to brighten her own room. She can transfigure the furniture they need and she's more than good enough at charms to change things and make it a little more homey. The first few days of the 'moving in' period are more 'Hermione making sure everything is okay' than anything else - and, it seems, she takes it all on her own shoulders.

Sometimes she checks in with Katsa. Sometimes she forgets.

When it's all ready and done it's already the beginning of July and Hermione is ready to bring her friend to their little home. It's so different from anything she's had before and she loves it; she wants to be removed from anything that reminds her too strongly of the world she'd left behind, especially when she knows that she and Katsa could spend some of their time talking about all the things that were left unsaid. It's better to move forward, as far as Hermione's concerned, and that means pretending all of that is well over and done with. There's no use bringing up old arguments when they're making a place for themselves here.

Finally, despite the chill, the windows are clean, the house is warmed with runes and charms and Hermione is settling in, leaving the windows open and milling around the neighbourhood, wondering who else lives nearby and if she ought to go and introduce herself. ]
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[Neighbors aren't something he's ever had before. Not at least like this. There had always been people in the rooms in the tavern, but they came and went and besides, didn't even know he was there, making curious notes about their lives. Whoever these people were, they would see him, know him (Cole), and maybe like having him around.

Before he goes over, he wanders the wood for the first time in weeks. He wants to show his new neighbors his good intentions, so he gathers up a bouquet of wildflowers of all sorts, careful in how he arranges them in his hands by color and size. He knows the flowers don't mind— they want to be seen! They are a little wilted and ragged from the front, but to him, still beautiful.

He knocks gently at the door, not wanting to disturb in case the new occupants were busy. He had cleaned up a bit, did his best to scrub the dirt off of his hands and shake the dust off of his clothes. Best to make a good impression!]

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[Cole doesn't respond immediately. He's following the trail of scars down her face and along her neck, he's wondering at the odd tattoo on her hand. How soft the music is with her, and how safe. Without them having exchanged a single word he believes he can trust her with everything and that she would never intentionally hurt anyone— she doesn't hold her pain in her hands like a weapon.

Finally, he extends the flowers out to her.]

My name is Cole. You moved in next door to me.

[He pauses, smiles a little.]

I wanted to make your new house happy, so I brought the flowers.
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I... yes.

[He feels compelled to take off his hat before entering her home. Why? He does it anyway, holds it carefully in his hands as he looks around. The smile on his face grows wider. There were touches here and there in the house with Solas and Neriel— and he can remember how nice he had thought it at first— but they had become hollow after a while. Neither Solas or Neriel were really present there, they were always floating away on the wind of their thoughts far away from their bodies.

He feels like Hermione has tried very hard to be present, here, now. As if this was truly a place to make her home instead of a brief stop on the journey to elsewhere.

The hat crumples smaller between his hands as he tries to keep his urge to touch things in check.]

Are you... from here?
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[ The flowers do look nice in their vase. They look settled into their new home, like they were there all along and he had just noticed them.

Britain and Allaid Darach don't mean anything to him, but he's not surprised. Many people here are from many places he's never heard of. The fact that she's from outside reassures him a little. The people who are from here seem to struggle with understanding him even more than other arrivals like him.

In the effort of being polite, he keeps it to himself how the question seemed to be a drop and a ripple in a pool of sadness in her heart.

He sits down in their living room, a little stiff in the chair but visibly relaxing as the moments pass. His fingers absently familiarize themselves with the wood and cloth beneath them.]

I am from Thedas. It's... it looks the most like this part of where we are. There's no metal there or. Well there is, but not in the great, shining towers like here.
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[Cole can't help but brighten too. Thedas has never made him that happy, nor anybody else he knows. But it is a nice place, if you think about it, and there are a lot of things about it that he misses.

He smiles at her, a little strained from lack of practice but still genuine.]

I do know Commander Cullen. He is a good man.

[The other names are unfamiliar, so he lets them drift away.]

What do you imagine it to be?
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[Cole listens intently to what she says, but he finds the words are as water. It's not that he doesn't understand, it's that well, their meaning doesn't seem to matter so much as what's behind them and who. He watches her face shift through expressions of happiness, joy, curiosity, and he does his best to map each little change, suddenly deciding that he never wants to forget any of them. The song radiating out of her heart seemed to resonate with his own. He could hear the harmonies begin to form. The good radiates out of her so bright he can't help but stare.

And he does stare. Even after she finishes speaking, he is still staring. He realizes it, blinks, and feels heat come to his cheeks though he doesn't understand why. He scrambles for words, anything appropriate to say, and manages to come up with:]

I... yes.

[He clears his throat, tries again.]

People have the same hurts as anywhere, even though here they are sometimes harder for me to understand. I want to do good too.
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[Cole leans forward, forgetting the strange flush in favor of the topic at hand. His hands flutter as his words tumble rapid and buzzing out of his mouth and he holds her gaze as best he can. He thinks she might just be able to


Hurt is here too, and maybe the Draubwurld, and Britain, and anywhere else. I am ok being here because I can help here too. It's not the same as Thedas, but people are still people. People still need to hear that they are good, and that things are not their fault.
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[ Katsa isn't a particularly social person. The concept of visiting neighbors, making a social call, isn't a wholly strange one: she grew up nobility, after all, and lords were always quibbling over who lived closest to his lands, and how far his trees had gone on the edge of one's property, and couldn't they do something about the view? You always had to know who was behind it, so you could best know how to proceed. She'd been on these trips when Raffin made them, or Giddon. Even Po wandered the fishing village just south of his castle. But it always seemed silly to Katsa, and she merely sat and watched, aware of frightened eyes always careful to avoid hers.

She knows Cole and Hermione are talking. Katsa ignores them, mostly, when she comes home and sees them, sees the flowers sitting offered in a vase she's never seen.

Katsa takes off her shoes, sits, glances Cole's way.

Well. It's her home, too. She doesn't have to say anything if she doesn't wish it.

Still, Katsa can almost hear Po's voice in her mind, laughing at her. She shakes her head, scowls, and then does her best to look as friendly as possible. (It's an almost comical effect.) ]

Who are you?
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[Perhaps if he had been a human drilled on the proper social what-to-dos and polite-and-not he would have taken offense at Katsa first pointedly ignoring him. But he is barely becoming human at all— or he's doing his best to be human, anyway— and while he notices her arrival, he doesn't remark on it. The expression though, even he can still its strained, but he doesn't mind.

She is trying.

He tries too, lifts up the corners of his mouth into a smile that is very small, but genuine. ]

My name is Cole.

[He shuffles around in his mind for the correct information to follow it up with.]

I live next door. [What else is he?] I am from Thedas. I, uhm... I like to walk.
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[ It's strange, really. Katsa doesn't like feeling so settled. She'd been content to sleep on Arno's floor despite he lack of comfort for months, because it was obviously a place that was temporary—like this place ought to be, somewhere she could leave once she just found the right way to go. Katsa had grown attached to a place she'd wanted to leave once before. She doesn't want to do it again.

Now this starts to feel like a home.

It's a bad thing only when she dwells on it. Taken at face value, things are pretty good. The house is decent, and neither strange nor overwhelming. She's here with Hermione, and they are at peace. ]

I like that we're among the trees.
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[ Hermione speaks, and Katsa finds herself smiling, her discomforting thoughts suddenly and strangely vanished. Katsa doesn't have to prompt Hermione for Hermione to find the right things to say, the right solutions—she's a better friend, Katsa is reminded again and again, than Katsa could ever have the capability to be; and even without Po's Grace Hermione still has the strange ability just to know.

It would be too much, indeed. ]

No. [ Katsa's next reply is becoming something of a habit between them. ] I never need anything. This is a lovely place, Hermione.

[ As long as she doesn't think about being forced to stay somewhere once again. The thought flashes across her face; Katsa winces, smooths it over. ]

What about you? I know you've all your—magic, and things, but—have you forgotten anything?
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[ Katsa nudges back, a bit harder than Hermione—enough to knock her a little to the side, jostling both of them. ]

I've everything I own in one bag as well. But I imagine there's more in yours. Somehow I'll not be surprised if you pull out another house.
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[ Hermione, honestly. Katsa could say the same. ]

Why ever would you need a tent in your bag? Are you afraid of our roof getting blown off in a storm?
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Oh. [ Katsa doesn't recognize the second name, though she's fairly certain the first is familiar. It's difficult, sometimes, to remember the Drabwurld—almost like a dream. ] From all the way back then? That's a long time to carry something like that around. I'm surprised your arm did not fall off with all the weight.