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(closed) run from the pity, from responsibility

Who: Tex, L, and Calla
When: Backdated to late June
Where: Earth 91c
What: Tex and L help Calla escape Earth 91c
Warnings: References to AI slavery

[The outside world has always been something of an abstract concept to Calla. He knows there are places that lie beyond the Gardens. He saw them once, in that brief period between his creation and his installation. He can’t remember much—just flashes of scenery from the window of a CCOA bus. It hadn’t seemed important at the time.

Now he wishes he had paid more attention. He had run at first, backup in hand, not knowing where he was going except for “not back there.” When he had noticed the alarmed looks, he had slowed his pace. Now he’s trying to blend in, walking along the sidewalk while desperately hoping no one will comment on the persistent sound ticking from his shell or the backup clutched in his hands. He has no idea where he is. He has no idea where he’s going. He’s heard about the Ingress, though. That’s where the visitors came from. And he's heard that it can take you anywhere.

That information might be more useful to him if he had the first idea where the Ingress was or how to get there. At this point, he’s only walking because it’s marginally more likely he’ll find a way out if he keeps moving rather than if he stays still.

He shouldn’t have run in the first place. It must’ve been that useless glitch that gave him the idea. He attacked a Creator. Whatever happens to him now (and he has no illusions that he’s fated for anything other than speedy decommission) is his own fault. If he had stayed put, the CCOA officer would’ve looked over his memories, seen what had happened, and calmly taken him back to their headquarters for decommission or even reset if he’s lucky. Maybe there would’ve even been sympathy in the officer’s voice. ’It wasn’t your fault, Calla. We’ll find the people who did this.’

Calla can’t quite keep the scowl from his face at the thought. He must be truly desperate if he’s daydreaming about a Creator’s kindness, of all things.

It must be a scowl that tips off a passing Creator. The man looks at Calla and stops in his tracks, frowning. Calla comes to a standstill, more out of instinct than anything.

’Do you hear that?’

Calla adopts a well-practiced smile. His fingers tighten around his backup.]
I’m afraid I don’t hear anything, sir.

[’No, no, I’m sure I hear something. Stand still.’

Calla already knows what’s going to happen. It's obvious there's something wrong with him. The man will ask to see his Creator, of course. But Calla left his Creators behind. He attacked a Creator who wanted to help him, and then ran because he’s glitched and if the man finds out—

It’s the glitch that’s telling him to run now. It’s the glitch that’s telling him to fight. And right now, more than any moment before, Calla can’t be glitched.

He stands perfectly still.]
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[ Tex recognizes Calla when she sees him out on the street, of course. It doesn't really occur to her that something is odd about that, because she hadn't entirely internalized the part about how Calla was never supposed to leave the Gardens. She nudges her boyfriend's arm and starts to mention something about seeing Calla there— and then Calla has his encounter. Calla doesn't exactly look distressed, per se, but something about his expression tells Tex that something is terribly wrong.

Tex leaves Daniel's side then. She knows he wouldn't want her to put herself in any danger but this is about to go bad, she knows it. She approaches the place where the man is facing off with Calla.

Tex knows she appears to be a so-called creator. That's what she needs to take to her advantage. She calls out to Calla: ]

Oh, there you are.
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[L might have assumed that there could be other Created who look like Calla, but once they get into the vicinity, the low noise is unmistakable. He follows Tex as she makes her way to the apparent confrontation, then adds his voice to hers.]

Don't wander off, Cal... even if you're curious.
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He's with us.

[ Tex hasn't planned ahead to the point where she's crafted a lie to tell about how or why that's possible, but she's ready to fight on Calla's behalf, if it escalates to that point. She moves slightly closer, body language possessive. ]
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He's a rental,

[L adds, also moving in closely and giving the man a meaningful, almost challenging look: we paid for him; are you going to mess with us and his real owners? Someone might recognize Calla's origins as one of the Created in the pleasure complex, but L remembers the suggestion that Calla is sometimes called upon to "play" with couples. With only a moment to make a decision, and remembering his suggestion that Calla be prepared to go to ground if need be, this is the best story he can come up with.

He leans towards Calla and strokes his long, slender finger down the Created's smooth cheek.]

We have a little more time with him, but if we don't get him back soon, we'll be in breach of contract. Is there a problem?
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Does it matter?

[ Tex is a bit annoyed at needing to put so much effort into the ruse; why won't this guy drop it? ]

And what we paid really is none of your business. Come on, Calla.

[ She jerks her head in another direction, ready to lead him away. ]