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I always feel like somebody's watching me

Who: Hawke, Cole, and Varric. Maybe others.
When: Before the power outages
Where: Hawke and Varric's inappropriately nicknamed house
What: Varric brought a spirit boy to come visit.
Warnings: None. Probably.

[When Hawke awoke, Varric was gone. But considering Hawke felt it was a disappointment (and also a great effort) to wake up before 11 AM, this wasn't unusual. Varric liked to get up and start writing before she had a chance to bother him anyway, so it worked out perfectly.

With a yawn, she kicked off the covers of her bed and stumbled out of her and Varric's ensuite of their large house. The rest was as quiet as her room. Tony was probably working down in his lab. Pepper off working on forming relationships with locals as she worked to kick off their company. Nate was probably still rightly doting on Elena.

Oh well, time to eat sugar cereal intended for children and watch nonsense alien TV. What a great day plan. Not having a job is really the best.

As Hawke is getting her breakfast together she feels a familiar tickle in her nose. Sneezing is a thing that happens when you are allergic to cats and yet live with a cat that you claim to hate but have been reportedly caught cuddling with. With a sigh, she turns to the side and sneezes. Covering her mouth is still something that people are trying to convince her makes sense but that seems like effort. Besides, she's alone and she'll sneeze how she wants.

She sniffs again, nose still apparently satisfied yet, turns and sn-what the fuck there is someone there. Hawke chokes on the sneeze and knocks the cereal across the counter as she stumbles back from the boy in the rather large hat that's suddenly standing there. It's probably good Cole caught her mid-sneeze so she couldn't yell. It means they can chat without Tony or Nate running to see what the commotion is.

She sniffs and frowns at the intruder.]

Maker, what now? Who are you? Why is your hat so needlessly big? Also if you're going to appear mid-sneeze, at least wish me a blessing.
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Bless you!

[He didn't mean to sneak up on her, not really, it was just still hard to remember sometimes that they could see him. He had just been curious about what she was doing, curious about the bowl of rainbow rocks and curious about the pictures moving across the surface of the plastic box. When he unfolded himself from the corner of the house he had stuffed himself in last night, it had all been very quiet. Not unlike living with Solas and Neriel, but Cole had already figured out their patterns of being and it was of no surprise to him anything that they did.

Here was different. And a lot more people to keep track of.

He's about to answer her questions, but then a little dart-hole forms belated in his heart. He clutches the sides of his hat, hoping it didn't hear her.]

What is wrong with the size of my hat?
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[Cole folds the brim down further until its flaps lay flat against his cheeks. The situation she described had certainly happened but nobody had seemed to mind. The hat had lots of merits, and he decides to take it off and hold it out so that she can see it properly. She just didn't understand.]

[He sounds like he wants her to understand.]

When everything is too real it keeps me safe. It makes things... less.. and when they are less they are better.
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[He shoves the hat back on his head and pops onto the table, long legs crossing beneath him. Now that his hat has been acknowledged as a Good hat, he can focus back to her other questions.]

Varric brought me here... yesterday. Here being his house. It feels like a very good house, much better than the one I live in now. There's less [he pauses, frowning for a moment while he digs around for the right words] there are less daggers in the air. Everyone seems to like each other.
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One of those?

[He stands up quickly, excitement jolting up all of his limbs. The face was all wrong but the voice was right. That was why it took him a moment to realize who she was. Since he had already grasped the concept there were many Varrics, Solases, Inquisitors and so on, it wasn't too much of a leap to quickly be ok with the fact there was another Hawke too.

Cole opens his mouth to speak but then slams it shut, thinking better of the words that were about to come out. Varric had seemed upset when he told him his Hawke was in the Fade, and hadn't he said this Hawke was from before any of that happened? He likes Hawkes (and he loves Varrics) and he doesn't want to upset any of them, so he decides not to bring it up.

He splays his hand across his chest, saying instead:]

You're Hawke— although you are a different color— and I am Cole. I like you. Or, I liked that you, but you seem just like her. So it seems right to still like you anyway.
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[How did he end up on the table? Cole glances down at his feet and sees they are not planted on the floor. No wonder Hawke suddenly seemed so small.

He slides off, comes to stand just a little more close to Hawke than she would probably like. As he speaks, his hands flutter about, joyful.]

Being around you and Varric together is good. He always treats me like a whole self. When you came to Skyhold, you two sat in the tavern for hours, and listening made me feel warm from the inside out, not outside in like the fire.

He said I should meet you.

[Then he smiles very small.]

So I have!
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He didn't.

[Cole's gaze wanders off as his memories come to the surface of his mind. He had been with the Inquisitor when she had to make the decision on who to leave behind. He remembered the purity in the sacrifice that Hawke had made; it had ached to be around someone so willing to put herself before others. This Hawke seems no different than that. The chimes he can hear ringing from somewhere in her chest aren't as loud as he remembers— and that's because of him, not her— but they are just as clear.

He doesn't know her well enough to touch her, so he doesn't, but his hands awkwardly grasp the air with the want to get her attention.]

You didn't do things perfectly; they didn't always go to plan. But it was never from the wrong place. I know that you are good. That is why I like you.
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[Varric had left early to attend to business at "the office." He liked to pretend he had an office, because it sounded official. In truth, he had snuck out to one of the bars, seeking out idle gossip from the Ingress Technicians just off of their shifts, or from the bartenders who had spent the night with said individuals.

Nothing special had crawled across his radar that morning, and so rather than waste his time, he'd opted to return home. Hawke was the first one he saw as he opened the door, a sight quick to evoke a smile as warm as a summer evening. He had just lifted his hand to greet her when he spotted the other figure.

At any other time, Varric might have been over the moon, seeing his two favorite people in the same room. Unfortunately, as much as Varric adored Cole, he knew that sometimes, the young man often needed a warning label. Especially when around someone as burdened as Hawke.

Not to mention the time discrepancies between the two.

Varric knew better than to try and fool Cole. He would see through his smile, read his heart and pick at his thoughts. He hoped that, despite the concern, the boy would know that Varric only meant well. For the both of them.]

I didn't expect to see you today, kid. [He kept on smiling, expression relaxed even as his chest tightened.] Something wrong?
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[Varric's arrival distracts him, his attention flitting away from Hawke and Hawke-feelings. There is something underlying in Varric's smile and it isn't quite in his grasp, but he's happy enough to see him that it doesn't concern him yet.]

No. I was just meeting Hawke like you said I should.

[He turns to look at Hawke again, close to vibrating with the easy joy Varric seems to bring him whenever they are near each other. It's so nice to be here after the weeks of dark-anxious-twist-hurt-half smile-black paint spattering bright faces on walls-neverspeakofthisagain.]

I like her just as much as I remember.
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I'm sure I mentioned me being there when it happened. [Truthfully, he wasn't sure he had. Didn't think it needed to be said, but then... that was how things were with Cole, weren't they? It was like speaking with a child at times.

In any case, there wasn't anything to be angry over. Worried, absolutely. The differences between them, namely those related to their place in time, troubled Varric. Not to mention the tension in the room was not the sort of thing that came from a casual introduction.]

Guess it's too late for me to add in any tacky introduction norms. Hawke this is Cole, Cole this is Hawke? Nothing like that?