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we got off on an exit 'cause we couldn't read the map so great

Who: Lion House Crew + Lavellan
When: Backdated to before Lavellan Wrecked The Ingress
Where: An Unpopulated area of Region 3
What: Local teens and their adults who need adults get lost in the woods with an elf who should know better.
Warnings: None none

((Info: basically a big group tag-at-your-leisure kind of thing. Make your own adventure, poke other people, make space s'mores, let's just have a camping trip before everything goes wrong. I threw up some prompts but go ahead and make your own if you want!))

Getting There
The crew takes the EN-line as far as it will go. After that, they're walking, carrying their supplies. By decree of their "illustrious" leader. Along the way, they'll meet Lavellan and head out into the trees of Region 3. It's a bit of a hike, because the trees are also mostly houses. But after a while, they'll come to a fairly open place in the middle of Nowhere. Have fun hiking.

Setting Up Camp
Whoever brought the tent(s) gets to set them up. That, and decide who sleeps where. It's probably fairly uneventful, but Lavellan may be overseeing here, along with anyone who's actually been camping. Please don't start a fight over where you're sleeping, guys. Please. Also someone please start the fire.

Campfire Shenanigans
There's nothing like food cooked over a campfire. That's what started all of this. Dinner/Breakfast/Etc has to be prepared and someone's got to do it. Or y'know, space s'mores. And where there's a campfire, there's scary stories. Who's telling Man Door Car Hook Hand first?

Great Outdoors
Sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy the wonder of being outside where light pollution is minimal, the forest sounds replace the noise of the city, and you can see the stars. Stargaze, wander around, just please don't get lost guys, keep your GPS on. Basically the wildcard option.

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Getting There

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[So Pidge is definitely not the outdoorsy type. At all. The outside is all poison oak and sunburn and the definite opposite of her friend.

Which is why she's sort of at the back of the group, with a backpack that has her laptop in it, and a large-rimmed hat to cover her head and shoulders. And she definitely doesn't look terribly excited about all this.]
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[She's in the middle of adjusting her hold on the straps of her bags when Shiro comes up to her, and...

Well, she hesitates.

She doesn't like being mad at Shiro, but she kind of still is. And maybe that shows in the way her lips twitch slightly to the side, or her trying to hide her eyes beneath her big floppy hat. And with a small sniff, she presses onward.]

I'm good. [Her voice is flat when she says it. It sounds a lot like the way she spoke to everyone before she tried to leave the team.] Don't worry about me.
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It's really not great. [She huffs that out without thinking, glowering at the path ahead of her from beneath her hat.

But after that, she's quiet for a bit. She knows how much it means to Shiro that everyone on the team gets to bond and get better at working together and being friends and everything. Sometimes Pidge is even all for the team-building work. Especially where it involves some playful teasing and banter and badgering.

But apparently either that's not Shiro's style or he's just way too sensitive about Allura.]

...Guess no one can say I never did anything for the team now.

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[ Lance is talking to himself as he takes his time carefully inspecting every inch of the campsite for the ideal place to set up his stuff. The ground can't be too soft or too firm, no big rocks or tree roots, not too close to the where the fire will be, but not too far away, either. ]

Hmmm... No, not here...
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Yeah, I gotta find juuuust the right spot.

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[ Keith's already setting his up, quietly and efficiently. The spot he picked out looks nice.
Flat. Almost perfect. JEALOUS, LANCE?
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[ setting up (not necessarily closed to shiro) ]
[Overseeing. Ha. That's funny. The truth is he's not used to "camping" as these people seem to define it--his clan had their aravels or natural shelters, and the Inquisition had its entire entourage that insisted on doing all the setup for him, despite how much he'd rather have slept outside. This idea of doing an excursion just for pleasure is a novelty to him. He's entertained by the kids attempting to set up their polyester tents with varying degrees of success. He's starting to think this is going to be much more of an endeavor than he expected, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

He pauses as he watches one of them having particular difficulty, and leans toward where Shiro is standing nearby with some amusement.]
I didn't realize I'd have this much work to do.

[ delicious hot schmoes ]
[When Lavellan had said he was going to show them how to live off the land he meant it: bringing food supplies along with for this was for chumps. He'd never been a designated hunter, back home, but he knew the basics: everyone did. So he insisted on making food based solely on what he could forage.

There were some things that seemed to be universal constants, and one was the similarity of edible plantlife. Lavellan hopes, anyway. Well, if anybody got poisoned it was simple enough to return to the city with its fancy, incomprehensible medical centers.

He's taking a quiet moment to watch the water boil over the fire, his thoughts turning to the business he's left behind for this silly adventure. Important things he should be doing instead of this. He has half a mind to slip away and leave the rest to fend for themselves out here--despite everything, they seem like a group that can survive. But it's just an impulse, and he can't bring himself to abandon them.

Any noise nearby will probably startle the shit out of him.]

[ wildcard ]
[kazoo noises]
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[Lavellan hesitates, his eyes skating over Shiro's prosthetic--not something he really understands, but something he might have opted for had the asteroid not presented an alternate solution. It's weird, seeing someone else casually in the same situation.

Privately, he thinks he prefers his own choice. Something about cold metal doesn't sit well with him. But he extends his own left hand to shake anyway, because the alternative would be awkward.]

Don't think anything of it, I've needed it myself. I'll never be used to living in these cities, I think. It's nice to be the one who isn't out of his element for once.
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[If only Shiro knew that Lavellan had also been one-armed once.

Lavellan sends a crooked smirk at him, not quite humorous enough to be a smile.]

I do live in one of the treehouses, actually. But I work...


I used to work in the other regions, but I never quite got the hang of it. I'm too old-fashioned, I suppose.

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@ the fire

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[ Keith hadn't exactly loved the idea when it was first presented to him, but he's glad he agreed to it. Being out in the wilderness like this makes Keith feel calmer than he has in ages. It makes him want to stretch his legs, not out of irritable restlessness, but just the simple need to explore. It's... nice. He doesn't get to feel content like this very often.

He's lost in thought when he gets back to their campsite, and a thick twig snaps underneath the heel of his boot, loud in the quiet night. SORRY, MAN.
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a century later

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[Lavellan's on his feet immediately, his giant fuck-off magic sword manifesting in his hand a split second later.

He exhales and lowers it, then dismisses it entirely, when he realizes who he's actually looking at. One of the kids Shiro brought (dragged?) along on this little excursion. Kief or something.

He sighs again, with not a little embarrassment this time, and waves "Kief" away in a manner that he hopes is reassuring. Ish.]

Sorry. You caught me by surprise.
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[ Keith holds both hands up, palms out, in the universal signal for "calm down there buddy." He's tense, and it shows in his wary posture, but if he'd actually been worried, he would have drawn his bayard. ]

I wasn't sneaking around or anything...

[ Slowly, he lowers his hands to his sides, feeling suddenly, embarrassingly defensive about his nighttime wandering. ]
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No. No, you weren't. [Lavellan keeps his own hands lowered, hoping Keith will take it as the conciliatory gesture it is. He really does feel silly, now.]

I... sorry. [He already said that.] I'm just on edge, that's all. I apologize if I scared you.

[But wait. It is nighttime and it's only the two of them out here. Wasn't everyone else asleep?]

Did you need something?

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Getting There

[Finally. FINALLY. They're FINALLY GOING OUT AND DOING SOMETHING THAT DARIN ENJOYS. As a team!!! When Shiro finally made the announcement that they were all going camping, Darin could hardly contain himself. Almost as a point of pride, Darin packed as light as he could. In fact, he had a small pack of absolute necessities slung over his back as they marched through the woods. He was in his element here; away from technology, he can really showcase his survivalist skills.]

Come on, don't fall behind! We need to find a clearing to set up camp and it's gotta be by a fresh source of water!

Setting Up Camp

Tent? Nah, Darin doesn't need one of those. Instead, Darin quickly finds two trees that are close enough together that he can string up a hammock. Not only that, but he climbs a fair way up the trees to weave together a canopy out of the leaves and branches. With that, his sleeping space is already set up. And since everyone is busy getting their tents up...

...That means he gets to get the fire started.

Great Outdoors

[Now this is what Darin had been wanting for this entire trip. Having found a nearby freshwater lake, he's plopped himself on the bank, cast his line, and props it up with some rocks. Once that's done, he's got his notebook out and he's sketching the various types of flora and fauna. Every now and then, there's a tug on his line, and he hoots and hollers as he reels in his catch, dropping it in a pail to be gutted and cooked later.]

Man...I wish this could last forever...
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"Don't need more than this really. Don't forget, I was on the run for about a month before the Moira picked me up. Didn't have the chance to pack a tent and supplies and I couldn't really go to any major towns for supplies on account of being wanted."

Darin hops casually into the hammock to test its durability.

"I loved it. Falling asleep to the twin moons above me was probably the best thing about being on the lam."
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Darin merely points up to the canopy he put together out of leaves and branches.

"That's what that is for, my friend. Besides, a little water never hurt anyone."

Spoken like a person who is going to be caught in the mother of all downpours.

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