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Who: Allura and whoever. Or not-Allura and whoever, it's open!
When: Backdated to while all the escape shenanigans is ongoing.
Where: In the prison. And it can continue as we're all leaving if you like?
What: A break from serious business and battle. Let's train some dinosaurs and ride them around for the heck of it.
Warnings: "Don't try this at home"?


"That's the plan, then? We point them at the enemy, and let them charge?"

She wasn't speaking to you directly, but she wasn't simply talking to herself, either. Allura decided to share her thoughts with whoever's nearby.

This area was built for observation, overseeing the dinosaurs in one of their holding pens. And unlike many rooms around here, it still fills that purpose fairly well, since all it needed was a window and a vantage point. If one looks down, just as Allura is doing, they'll see the shapes of oversized lizards stomping through the foliage.

"Surely, they can't be that difficult to train as a proper mount. They actually seem very intelligent, don't they?" She starts heading towards the door, one that leads out onto a balcony. "They might be food motivated, but -- well, so are the mice. And so is Hunk. They're all quite capable when it comes to how they get those meals."

Speaking of meals. As she approaches the edge of the balcony, some dinosaurs that look ready to tear her to shreds are gathering around below. She looks completely immune to the impending danger, as if raptors are as common and harmless as pigeons. They are not. Don't follow her example, kids.

"It's just a matter of teaching them to recognize the proper signals. And earning their trust, of course!"

She's going to start heading down there. Do you follow her? Do you try to stop her?


Well, some way or another, it worked. Allura has been accepted by the raptors, and has taken the prettiest one for her own to ride. (It's the bluest one. Blue is a very pretty color for a dinosaur.)

However, she seems to be getting caught up in the fun of riding a dinosaur, because how often does she actually get to do this? ... actually, it really shouldn't be that thrilling. Her experience with space vehicles are all much higher velocity than this one creature. But maybe it's the fact that this is a living creature, much like how riding a horse is completely different from driving a car. Or maybe it's that, with no helmet of any kind, her hair is fluttering and bouncing behind her in the wind. Or maybe it's that...

"Come on, try to keep up! You'll never beat us with that sluggish pace!"

... she can race you, and forget about the fighting for a bit. And if anyone asks, she can claim it's necessary combat preparation.


(Wildcard, feel free to come up with another prompt!)

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