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Follow the sunlight down

Who: Closed to the Tron-Undertale Trainwreck Cast & Friends
When: June 24, shortly before the player plot ends
Where: The Center for Created Oversight and Affairs (Earth 91c)
What: Rinzler and Alan get in trouble; everyone else gets them out. With worse trouble. And frisbees that are brains that might be bombs?
Warnings: Mindscrew references for pretty near everyone. Personhood issues. VIOLENCE AND FRIENDSHIP, which are strangely inextricable.

"Multiple injured. One dead. In a world priding itself on peace and plenty, a utopia where Creators and Created have flourished together for centuries, the incident is horrifying to the extreme. Unthinkable that a Created would commit this kind of violence. Terrifying, that it isn't the first time. Eastgate City has been shaken since the attack at the rally, and to have another case of bloodshed so soon...

It truly is fortunate, that the matter has been closed.

Two nights ago, visiting Creator Alan Bradley was taken into custody following an outbreak of violence outside a local bar. Witnesses reported that Bradley's program initiated an unprovoked assault on passerby attempting conversation, agitating a child on the scene to join the fight as well. Though the child was initially believed to be responsible for the glitched program, Bradley proved able to control it on arrival—though not before his negligence resulted in a death."
The news goes on. It lists Ingress records and testimonials, identifying Alan Bradley as an offworld programmer clearly responsible for his creation's faults. A few sources even mention his effort to send away the program, and speculate darkly about what for. Not that it matters. Not long after the initial reports leaked, full of shock and rage and calls for retribution, Bradley's creation surrendered to the CCOA. That part, at least, no one speaks of with surprise. Even the most damaged Created know the debt they owe their keepers.

Besides, they don't know how to operate alone.

True, that Rinzler wasn't written to. True, that any risk to Alan-one is unacceptable—especially as a result of choices that he made. Rinzler attacked the users on the street. Chara helped, but he initiated, and Tron's maker only came to stop the harm he dealt from going further.

Still, not everything makes it to the news. There's no reference to Rinzler's missing disks. Not a word of the standoff that has built behind closed doors. On this world, as on any other, code is just another form of property—but Rinzler is Alan's property, requiring his creator's permission to modify or open up. It's not something that should have been an issue—the crimes the visitor is charged with are enough to warrant exile a dozen times over. Except that Alan Bradley has refused to leave without his program.

So they wait.

The stalemate won't last. Motions are underway already: invoking exigency for the risk posed to and by a program with no backup, filing to have Alan Bradley forcibly removed or else prosecuted as a native to their world. It won't last, but it's been long enough for those aware of the arrests to gather.

And possibly, prepare a less legal response.
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If it weren't obvious just from the fact of imprisonment, the low circuits show how strained Rinzler must be.

Yori's grateful for the silent nod of reassurance, even though she's aware Rinzler would have to be on the edge of derez to answer the question any other way. That probably says something about how worried she's been.

She's not sure how to respond to the bow. It doesn't feel right. She doesn't know what would. Maybe nothing can.

Maybe she should test that. Yori knows what would make her feel better.

"Would it be okay if I hug you?" she asks. Rinzler's been trapped for some interminable time on top of all the things he's already dealing with, Yori doesn't want to grab hold of him without asking.

But clinging to a fragile calm has left her weary. She needs a hug. She'd like to hope friendly contact will do Rinzler some good, too.
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In the long pause Yori wonders if she needs to explain herself in a way Rinzler would understand, if she can explain herself. If her request would cost him more than help him for some reason he probably won't tell.

Then he gives a wary nod.

She ought to offer Rinzler a chance to change his mind, but right now she can't. Yori wraps one arm around Rinzler's waist and curls her other hand into his tense left shoulder, careful not to get in the way of his weapon or risk any accidental brush of his disk.

Leaning in means her unarmored face presses against his dark armor. She doesn't mind the discomfort. Proving that Rinzler is here and himself enough to put up with a hug means more.

Can these new captors have done anything worse than Clu is still doing? Yori doubts their creativity.

But that's all the more reason she needs to hold Rinzler, even if she suspects he hasn't quite figured out what a hug is or why.

"Thank you," she murmurs, not letting go. The urge to cling is very strong, though she doesn't want to make Rinzler stay longer than he's comfortable with. "I've been so worried about you...this helps me prove we're both safe."

For now. As safe as a million unknowns plus Clu's all-too-well-known presence can leave them. But feeling Rinzler's solid bulk lets her shut down her fears, if only for the moment.
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As Rinzler trembles in her grasp, Yori wonders if she should let go--but she can't make herself end the hug too soon when she has no idea if Rinzler will ever let her do it again.

Yori knows she can't confuse him with Tron. She's not assuming too much. She just thinks Rinzler might need a hug as much as she does, and deserves a chance to realize it.

She holds on, and Rinzler's uncertain touch on her shoulders makes her smile. Maybe he only needs a chance to figure out the benefits. Or maybe he won't mind humoring her sometimes, even if he decides hugs aren't something he likes.

The single word startles her, frozen, eyes wide. He still sounds so much like Tron, even though the grinding against her ear leaves no doubt it was Rinzler who spoke.

"As long as you're safe now, I forgive you for being reckless." How many times had she told Tron something similar? "But be careful," she whispers, an old plea. Be careful for me, because I'd be lost without you.
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The curve of Rinzler's helmet presses gently against her hair. Yori doesn't mind the protection. He isn't Tron, and seeing Tron's face only ever made separating the two more of a challenge.

He's Rinzler, who survived Clu, and she cares about him with a deep desperate affection that owes only a little to the love she and Tron shared so long ago in Encom.

"Good." The attempt is all she's ever been able to ask. She knew Tron too well to expect him to sit out a fight, doesn't want to limit Rinzler's freedom to choose when he has so little of it.

He hasn't objected at all to her hug. Maybe Rinzler does need the affection. Yori makes a note to request another at a time when she can bear to end it in a reasonable timeframe instead of clinging forever. "Should I get you some energy?" she asks, because his claims aside, she can tell he needs it and his well-being might be the only thing important enough to let go for.
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She catches the negative motion, then the uncertainty. "You know you need it," she mutters. Stubborn as always. "Hold on."

Of course Yori did bring backup energy in case any of the programs were damaged enough to need immediate stabilizing. She leaves one hand as an anchor on his wrist, makes herself lean away from Rinzler just long enough to fish a small spare battery out of her armor's shielded pocket and wrap Rinzler's reluctant fingers around it.

The limited charge in the battery probably won't meet Rinzler's energy needs, which are considerable, but it'll make her feel better about staying here instead of making him go get a proper rest at once.

And since he doesn't seem to want to let her go either, she settles back against his shoulder with less guilt. "Tell me if you need more," she adds. He won't say any such thing, but Yori wants to be sure he's aware he should finish that one.
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Yori chuckles into his arm. She is long familiar with a wide variety of stubborn scowls, with mask and without.

"You don't think you need it yet, because you're not falling over," she translates loosely. "Let's just agree that it makes me feel better if we push the time when you will need energy as far into the future as I can safely manage."

At least she seems to have distracted him from whatever happened on 91c, for which she's well aware she will never get sufficient details from anyone but in particular not from Rinzler.

Not knowing sits ill with her drive to analyze everything, but she doesn't want to hurt Rinzler more by demanding a report. She can survive not knowing, as long as Rinzler is safe: the essential piece. If he'll let her share a little affection, as well, it's a luxury with near-infinite value.