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Who: bucky crau, steve, and zevran
When: during the event
Where: солнце orchards
What: discussing the hell world and emotions
Warnings: none; will update as needed

one: bucky/zevran/steve
[Zev had been gone too long, but Bucky tried not to think about it.

They'd talked about this. Bucky didn't want that kind of life anymore, didn't want to fight. He was gonna be a century in a month and he was exhausted. If someone needed his help, an emergency, he'd grab a gun, kiss Sugar goodbye and go help them - 'til that time came, he was retired.

Retired in the form of starting an orchard. Plums and peaches, though he'd had to add the former since the previous owner had only grown the latter. He ordered mature trees, planted those, and some saplings, too. But the long day's work, as the sun was setting, couldn't distract him from the fact that his elf wasn't home. That neither him nor Steve were answering their TABs. So he sits on the porch and waits, doesn't go out looking for anyone. He'd promised himself that he'd work on the paranoia.

Who knew it'd be so hard.]

two: bucky/zev
[The decision to court his elf was easy.

It was the only way he knew how to show someone else how much they meant to him. Was a bit old fashioned, but it was a part of himself he was glad was slowly coming back. So he plans it out. He's got time. Zev comes and goes from the farm. Does his missions and other things elves do, gives Bucky space to do things without the other noticing.

He plans out the whole day, doesn't mention it the night before so it seems legit.

Bucky wakes Zev up with a soft nudge, twines their fingers together and asks him to stay home. Tells him he can't stand to be alone, makes it convincing, and they fall back on the bed as he presses kisses to all that golden skin. When they get up again, he coaxes the elf into the shower, but slips away saying he's making breakfast. He takes a shower of his own, puts on a blazer, button down, and twists his hair back in a loose bun. He's standing at the door when Zev comes down, a small box in his hand.]

This is for you, солнце.

[When he opens it, he'll find a key.]
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[It is easy to convince Zevran not to leave. The jobs he had today were nothing too exciting, and things that had could easily set aside for the day or two if he liked. With Bucky's words he feels as if he has been neglecting his lover lately, can't have that. They had only just started this...whatever it was that they had. He had been taking these jobs to make sure that they were both comfortable, so far it turned out to be working rather well. They had a home, land, food on the table. It just meant Zevran didn't come home sometimes for days at a time.

He was fine with the hours and the physical exhaustion if it meant their future was secure. The future is more than just a house or money though, Zevran had to remember that. It was also time, tender kisses, suggestive glances, and gentle touches. So he will gladly cut back on work to spend more of his time on the important things. He nearly melts into those kisses, and he is easy to sway. He had hoped for something more than just kisses or a shower alone, but something told him that Bucky was planning something.

He dresses in a loose linen shirt and tight leather pants. He wrings the water from his hair and puts it in a quick braid across his shoulder before he comes down the stairs. Gold eyes flicker up and lips curl into a smile at the sight of him and the box. He isn't sure what he likes best, when Bucky is covered in sweat and dirt, or all cleaned up.]

You keep calling me that, but still haven't told me what it means.

[Even named the farm after it. It makes him even more curious.]

What's this?

[He's careful as he takes the box and opens it. He's confused when he sees the key. He grins as he pulls the key out and holds it between his fingers.]

The key to your heart?
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[When Bucky explains what it is, an empty apartment in the city, Zevran's mind goes to the worse case scenario. Its an old habit, and even though Zevran knows that Bucky wants him here with him it's hard to shake that feeling that this is a way of saying that he is done and wants Zevran out.

But he doesn't panic right away, because he knows better than to listen to that annoying voice in his head. Instead he waits and listen and...gets confused.]

Wait wait, you bought us another house?

[A place in the city, where he wanted to be. Bucky knew that and the fact that he is doing this all for's odd. He's never been given such a lavish gift before. And then he says that last part, as if he can tell that Zevran misses the loud and busy streets that he has grown so accustom too. It's sweet.]

While I agree with the idea of a safe house, I am curious now. What makes you think I'm not happy?
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[There he goes again, confusing him with all this support and willingness to change and give. He isn't use to it, no one has simply given him a gift for the sake of him or giving before.

His head leans into the touch, wanting more of it as he too steps closer. He smiles as he grips the key in a loose fist and wraps his arms around Bucky's waist to pull him closer.]

I am happiest with you by my side, mi leon. Don't ever think that I'm just content.

[He stands on tip toes for his lips to push against Bucky's. Soft, tender, lips over lapping and taking Bucky's in between his as he gives a playful nip.]

It is a fine investment though.
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[They surely would have missed the EN-line if Bucky kissed back with the vigor that he normally did.]


[He didn't realise that they were leaving to go anywhere. But he should have known with Bucky looking so nice that they weren't going to just hang about that house. He grins as he pockets the key and pulls his boots on his feet. He follows Bucky out the door and gives a short chuckle as he taps his shoulder.]

I think you just enjoy me being on top of you.

[He climbs on top of him. His arms wrapped around his neck and he rests his chin on Bucky's shoulder, close enough to whisper in his ear.]

And I do like to ride.
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Ohoho, I'm corrupting you.

[He chuckles at that kiss. It's cute, he is cute. He doesn't understand how he got this lucky.]

Ideas about sex?

[He leans onto Bucky as he is raised a bit higher, and they move faster.]

I have plenty. It's went I run out of idea that we should worry. Exactly what were you thinking?
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Something different...

[He thinks for a moment and starts to smirk as he notices the red blush creep on Bucky's neck. He leans forward, nuzzling his face against the side of his neck to nip and kiss at any skin he could.]

You don't know? Tell me your hearts desire, mi amor. I shall give it.
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Oh? A guessing game now? Let me think...

[He slides off, but that doesn't mean he has his hands off of him. Oh no, his hands are free now that he doesn't have to hold onto anything. His hands plant themselves in Bucky's back pockets to give his ass a squeeze as he grins.]

Is it something we do alone? Or is something else involved?
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[He chuckles when Bucky squirms an takes his hand instead. He decides to be good as they board the EN-line and he takes his seat on Bucky's lap. There is room beside him, but who could give up taking a seat on those perfect thighs?

He leans against him. Zevran's head under Bucky's chin as he relaxes.]

Something else and you can show me? Oh...this does sound naughty.

[He grins and leans in to whisper in his ear.]

Could it
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[He gives a low, throaty cackle as Bucky pulls him closer. His fingers comb through dark locks and he buries his face into the crook of his neck to smell his cologne.]

What stops us from doing both?

[He says as his hips just slightly start to rock against his. He knows he is being bad....but the train isn't busy, and even if there were people no one is paying them mind.]
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This is why we need a private car...

[He says with a smile as his head dips down to meet his lips. His hands go to the ones on his hips.]

It would make this ride so much more interesting.
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[Zevran just laughs in response. Nope. They wouldn't and he won't deny that. When the car comes to a stop he let's himself be taken with Bucky and takes his hand as they walk out. He grins.]

Anything? Oh, amor you will regret saying that one day.
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I have shamed myself and become predictable.

[He chuckles as he wraps an arm around Bucky's waist as he is pulled back in.]

I must fix this.

[He smiles as he looks up at Bucky and grows quiet as he admires his face. It's as he stares that he remembers something.]

You still haven't told me what that word means.
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Boring is so....boring though.

[He chuckles as he leans into him, putting a hand into Bucky's back pocket.]

I'm hardly an old man-- unlike you mi amor, someone has to be the exciting on here.

[He grins as he teases. And then Bucky teases back and he chuckles.]

You know which I am referring too.
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[He leans closer, smiling at the affection as he nods his head. Yes, he will count that.]

I do managed to make everything better, don't I?

[But his grin doesn't last long. It fades ad he listens to Bucky speak. His jaw slacks for a moment at the thought of being that important to anyone. He didn't think it were possible. He soon smiles, a warm and affectionate smile as he steps up on tip toes to kiss his lips.]

While I was hoping for something naughty....I think I enjoy that. [alot.]
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[Zevran isn't use to being the object of true affection to anyone. Nor is he use to being the light of someone's life. He is much more use to being the shadow, the dark thing that no one wanted and could easily do without. He's glad that it isn't like that here, not with Bucky. What he did to deserve this he will never quite know. He's lucky, and undeserving of it all. It amkes him think to his own nickname for Bucky. His reason is far less pure.

He chuckles as his hand leaves Bucky's back pocket and he takes his hands with his own. He pulls his metal hand up to his lips and presses a gentle kiss to his knuckles.]

Such a romantic, mi leon...your name pales in comparison.
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[He repeats with a smile on his face as he keeps Bucky's hand with his as they walk. He leans in a bit closer, to whisper in his ear. This wasn't an chaste reason like 'sun' was. Zevran just isn't like that.]

It means 'my lion'. I picked it because you get that look where you're on the hunt and that's right before you pounce on me.
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Threeway (lol)

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[His body hurt with each step. He knew he could count on a few new scars appearing after this. It had been worth the money though. Or at least he keeps saying that to himself.]

The next time there is a job that seems too easy, and to good to be true-

[He pauses as he turns over his shoulder to glance at his new companion. Another mercenary, or maybe he was just exploring, either way they had become fast friends on that dark planet. Zevran was positive that they would both still be there if they hadn't teamed up.]

Then it most likely is.[He grins at Steve as he pulls his dust covered scarf from around his neck. He shakes the dust and whatever else could be on him off as the reach the drive way.]

I apologize in advance, I might be mother henned at.

[He says that with a smile when he sees Bucky waiting for them. He knows it was difficult for him to sit and wait, and he will happily take any choice words that Bucky might have for him since coming back from that maker awful planet he had gotten the notification of 10 missed calls.]

Hello, bello. [He greets Bucky with an easy smile and a quick kiss on the lips. He would have lingered longer, but he was sure that he smelled awful and they had company. He steps to the side to introduce Bucky to Steve.]

I brought a friend. Steve.
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[ There's not an easy way to think about what had happened on that planet, and for most of it, Steve's sort of compartmentalized most of it to think about later. It's simpler that way, less to worry about in the immediate present, and just as Zevran is covered in dust from head to toe, Steve is as well. He also thinks there's ash and... some other things he'd rather not consider as the walk down the path towards the farmhouse sitting in the middle of all that land. At least Thisavrou is a lot nicer in some places than half of the others they'd visited while living on the Moira.

Yet, that sort of falls away when he catches sight of Bucky, and before he can lift his hand in greeting, Zevran is pushing into his space and-- oh. Oh??? A glance at the other, and he stares at his best friend. ]

Hey, Buck. [ This is a little awkward, though he just gives him a partial grin. ] Sorry we took so long getting back.
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[Zevran smiles in apologize to Bucky. He takes his hand with his after they part. ]

Forgive me, the planet was more difficult than originally thought.

[He was about to introduce them, but then Steve said Bucky's name. And Bucky said Steve's name. He glances between them before he grins.]

Oh, you know each other? Well, that makes him using our shower much less awkward then. Come, let's go inside.