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once i dreamed i wasn't far away from you [closed]

Who: Asriel, Frisk, and Chara
When: 1/28
Where: Chara and Frisk's little encampment
What: What could be better than three emotionally-stunted children deciding to live together?
Warnings: Your typical Undertale warnings for probable mentions of suicide ideation, self-harm, and general unpleasantness

Frisk, presumably, has something of the utmost important to speak of with them. Seldom do they speak of anything other than that which they consider to be pivotal, but Chara can only assume this occasion will be different.

They remain at the small makeshift encampment the two children have established for themselves, organizing and reorganizing their scavenged equipment, ticking through their PacDisc with an icy efficiency - all calm and carefully mediated activities that, to the outside observer, would not be so unusual, save for the fact that Chara has performed these very same tasks at several points in the last hour alone.

They are not the least bit anxious.

They came to this conclusion quite swiftly, thank you.

It is simply that Frisk decided that this conversation, whatever it may entail, is important, more so than is typical, and they wish to devote their full attention to it. That is the true extent of it. No one may fault them for that.

And if they do, one could hardly consider that unusual.

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