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Who: Asriel and YOU
When: August 6th
Where: A lot of places! Your room, the janitor's closet, in a cargo box, etc.
What: A tired goat keeps falling asleep in places he's not supposed to be
Warnings: Random snail facts?

Asriel's lack of proper sleep had been a problem for a few days now. It was harder to concentrate, frequent yawning, and more recently... he kept finding himself dozing off at random.

And soon enough, Asriel's sleeping problems start to become a problem for everyone else on the ship. He'll end up wandering into other people's rooms by mistake, before flopping onto their beds and drifting right to sleep. Sometimes he can be found passed out in a janitor's closet, sprawled out in the garden, or curled up and snoozing behind the bar (it's a mystery how he got there).

Wherever a person is going, or whatever they're doing, they're bound to find a sleeping, snoring goat in their way. And if someone tries to shake Asriel awake, he mumbles something before trying to turn over and going back to sleep.

"Snails have a long tongue called a radula. The radula has 14,175 teeth... zzzzz..."

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