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Who: Primarily Adrien, Elena, and Nate for the closed prompts; for the open, anyone who wants to visit at the house and bump into her.
When: June 25 to June 30
Where: Ingress Complex, then at the house
What: Elena comes out of cryo after being 'dead' for the past 2 weeks and coping with the damage. It isn't a fun experience.
Warnings: Emotional things? Possible swearing. Will update if necessary.

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If you need a setup for logs, use this!


Who: Characters involved.
When: Time or date.
Where: Location.
What: Brief summary.
Warnings: Label for content.

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Who: Ronan Lynch & Joseph Kavinsky
When: During the Indoctrination
Where: The Rec Area
What: Kavinsky kidnaps Ronan, because of course he does.
Warnings: Kavinsky's creepy obsession and all that entails.

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Who: Clone Shepard and Commander Shepard, Nihlus Kryik, and Aurelia Hammerlock; Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan and Nathan Drake
When: October 26th
Where: various
What: Everyone's out of cryo - thread dumping ground!


  • Shepard - the clone's out of the bag
  • Nihlus - mentor no more
  • Aurelia - reintroductions


  • Sully - blast from the past
  • Big Nate - what'd I miss?
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    Who: Everyone
    When: August 1st and on
    Where: The Moira
    What: New “guests” join the crew on their journey and implement some changes.
    Warnings: None for now. Please label your content!

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