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If you need a setup for logs, use this!


Who: Characters involved.
When: Time or date.
Where: Location.
What: Brief summary.
Warnings: Label for content.

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Who: Tailgate and Muppet movie watchers
When: August 9th (srsly backdated I'm so sorry)
Where: The Lounge
What: Muppets
Warnings: Whirl, probably

Clever muppets quote bc I have indeed watched a muffet movie before like the rest of my fellow humans )

[ OPEN ]

Aug. 5th, 2016 12:11 am
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Who: Rodimus & Tailgate SLAMMOTH and open
When: After Tailgate tries bringing the Enigma of Combination to Soundwave
Where: Around the ship
What: Two robots combined into one bigger robot and now his self confidence and extroversion is off the charts.
Warnings: Robot... flirting??

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Who: Tailgate, Riptide, Sideswipe and any other sucker who ventures close.
When: They start not long after the new people arrive and keep going until someone tells them to fuck off.
Where: All around the ship.
What: In a sort of weird protest to the strict new rules, Tailgate, Sideswipe and Riptide have banded together to form the IDIOT BRIGADE, and are using this power to do stupid shit that no one asked for. PRANKS GALORE!
Warnings: Stupid robots.

Age doesn't equal wisdom )
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Who: Everyone
When: August 1st and on
Where: The Moira
What: New “guests” join the crew on their journey and implement some changes.
Warnings: None for now. Please label your content!

july intro log )
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Who: Tailgate and Cyclonus
When: May 30th
Where: Observation Deck
What: Tailgate asks for Cyclonus' hand in marriage.
Warnings: Drama

Conjunx Ritus )
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Who: Cassandra ([personal profile] deal) & Tailgate ([personal profile] daintylegs)
When: Sometime between May 8-10
Where: Garden
What: Tailgate has to show something off
Warnings: Probably nothing, but you never know when you're considering giving the birds and the bees talk to a transformer.

i apologize for these two )
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Who: Tailgate and Cyclonus
When: April 27th
Where: Observation Deck
What: Time to talk about things
Warnings: None

This week on: One Robot to Live )
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Who: Tailgate, Riptide, Sideswipe, and rescue
When: March 7th
Where: Ceta
What: Bored robots do pointlessly stupid things.
Warnings: none for now

Whale riding )
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Who: Megs, Lara Croft, Tailgate, and others!
When: Post Explosion (Feb 15)
Where: Multiple Moira Locations!
Tailgate and Riptide suffer the consequences of their utter buffoonery
Warnings: N/A?

Threads Incoming! )
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Who: tailgate and riptide
When: the afternoon of the 12th
Where: their room (nomo deck 15-16)
What: they decided to try and build an xbox. somehow, they manage to build an explosion instead
Warnings: robots

- lady, 2k16 )
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Who: The motley robot crew, Peridot and possibly others?
When: All of January!
Where: Emiri & the Moira
What: January Catch-All
Warnings: N/A

Starters incoming!