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Who: Joseph Kavinsky or Boobvinsky & CR & you
When: April & throughout May, catch-all
Where: Various regions, various chaos, various Kavinskisms.
What: Operation Idiotic Apocalyptic Revenge and Accidentally Falling For Hot Boys & Girls are concurrently underway, under the leadership of one Joseph "I Definitely Know What I'm Doing" Kavinsky. Note that the cut is empty, I just wanted to put more of the Stars' lyrics in here because they're beautiful. Feel free to tag me with a starter of your own!
Warnings: NSFW for explicit sexual content, also Kavinsky is highly offensive (homophobic, racist, sexist comments, harassment, references to past felonies likely); mental health, suicidality often in meta.
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If you need a setup for logs, use this!


Who: Characters involved.
When: Time or date.
Where: Location.
What: Brief summary.
Warnings: Label for content.

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Who: Duelists, medics, friends, spectators, and you!
When: Mid-March
Where: Shock Box Arena
What: Duels to decide whether the Artifixx choose to share their technology, which will protect the Savrii, Moirans, and Ingress Complex from the space storm. Please mark any duel threads in the title so they can be found easily and linked in the entry text below. However, combat RP is optional; you can also use this log for characters to socialize, provide medical care, heckle, steal, and so on. PM me or use this post to provide feedback.
Warnings: PG-13 for violence, quite possibly language, etc.!

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Who: Joseph Kavinsky, CR, & you
When: Throughout February
Where: Various, generally Kauto; including the Shock Box
What: smol monster gets bearings in alien world. Open starters in entry, closed starters in comments.
Warnings: PG-13 for offensive language (racist, homophobic, etc.), drug use and underage drinking, possibly themes of death/injury/murder, mental illness, etc.

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Who: Residents of St. Monmouth & OPEN to their various guests
When: Throughout February
Where: St. Monmouth in Kauto R2
What: The Backstreet Boys move into their magical farm of dreams.
Warnings: Look to the subject headers.
Notes: This is a mingle/catch-all log. Start your own threads! Tag around!

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Who: Kavinsky + Andyr + some hallucinated guests ;;; also a separate Ronan
When: Early January 2017
Where: The floor in the tower with all the corpses. Also, Andyr's imagination.
What: Kavinsky being http://37.media.tumblr.com/acc0449d5631384dd581e69a17a3dfbe/tumblr_n4b43yL9nv1qiju81o5_r1_250.gif, elaborate creep revenge, the usual. Edited now to include Ronan Lynch's murder-shaped revenge!
Warnings: R for death, corpses, psychologically manipulative revenge, mention of suicide, concerning themes from Andyr's character history, murder attempt

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Who: Joseph Kavinsky & some existing CR
When: This miserable trek toward the Midway Hub! Various parts thereof.
Where: Various stops on the 'planetoid.'
What: Some closed starters in which Kavinsky does the real life, in person version of shitposing people who know him. There's no text in the entry behind the cut, everything will be in the comments. ~\o/~
Warnings: Animal gore/death (hunting), suicidal gestures, offensive language, dickish dicking.

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Nov. 28th, 2016 02:21 am
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Who: Jesse Pinkman & Ronan Lynch; Jesse Pinkman & Joseph Kavinsky; Jesse Pinkman & Noah Czerny; Jesse Pinkman & Andyr Prince. (Will set up more starters if anyone wants one!)
When: Post-Moira crash into the Midway Hub
Where: Around the camp set up
What: #justpostwhatthefuckthings
Note: Warnings for swearing and other stuff I'll edit in if necessary. If anyone wants to do post-crash things with Jesse, shoot me a PM and I'll toss up a starter for you!

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Who: Ronan Lynch & Joseph Kavinsky
When: During the Indoctrination
Where: The Rec Area
What: Kavinsky kidnaps Ronan, because of course he does.
Warnings: Kavinsky's creepy obsession and all that entails.

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Who: Joseph Kavinsky & you
When: Throughout November [2016 or your local star-date]
Where: The Moira, Midway Hub pending mod information
What: Open catch-all for November! Kavinsky noodles around being reckless and problematic and young, despite the fact that we were all aliens a couple days ago and now our spaceship is getting peculiarly spongy and exhausting.
Warnings: Offensive language (e.g., racism, misogyny, etc.), underage drinking, drug use (i.e., cocaine), some indications of mental illness

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Who: Ronan Lynch & Joseph Kavinsky
When: Late October/Early November, during the Desiderium Festival plot/fallout
Where: Moira Gardens
What: Kavinsky trolling Ronan with pyrokinesis in the Gardens, which is definitely a good combination.
Warnings: Offensive language, possibly involving misogyny, homophobia, mental illness, etc.

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Who: Ronan Lynch & OPEN
When: October
Where: The Moira
What: Day-to-day encounters with Ronan Lynch.
Warnings: Horror, violence, self-harm, rude language... Typical Ronan stuff.

the main hall (open) )
the lounge (open) )
the gardens (closed to jesse pinkman) )
the gardens (closed to noah czerny) )
the observation deck (closed to joseph kavinsky) )

( To encounter Ronan at the Colony, see here. )