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Who: Soldier: 76 and Ana Amari
When: after this kerfuffle.
Where: the decontamination center
What: mission debrief, excessive worrying
Warnings: nothing yet!

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Who: Sombra and you!
When: open catchall for May
Where: various locations across Kauto and Chioni
What: intel gathering, supply runs, aquiring allies— Sombra is getting settled into Thisavrou as actively as possible in the wake of her arrival
Warnings: NA
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Who: Friends of Nathan Drake and Jane Shepard and also basically anyone who wanders in
When: The local calendar equivalent of April 11th-ish
Where: unp̨̛r͠o̧̕n̢ơ̕͡únć͢͡ȩ͢ab͞͠l͘͡e͟ s͏̶̢p͏̡͞a̢̧c̴̶̀e̴͞ ̢bar̵͢ ͟͡n͝a͡m͝è̛ in Region 1
What: It's a come meet my long lost brother party. It's a birthday with no birthday decorations party. It's a combination come meet my long lost brother and birthday with no birthday decorations party. Also there's a bar fight.
Warnings: F for Fisticuffs

We'll drink, and drink, and drink, and drink, and drink, and drink, and fight )

[ooc note: If your character is on friendly terms with Nate or Shep, it's likely they got a casual invitation to come by tonight. If not, the bar owners have been aggressively promoting their new business, so it would be easy for their attention to be caught—all are welcome!]
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If you need a setup for logs, use this!


Who: Characters involved.
When: Time or date.
Where: Location.
What: Brief summary.
Warnings: Label for content.

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Who: Duelists, medics, friends, spectators, and you!
When: Mid-March
Where: Shock Box Arena
What: Duels to decide whether the Artifixx choose to share their technology, which will protect the Savrii, Moirans, and Ingress Complex from the space storm. Please mark any duel threads in the title so they can be found easily and linked in the entry text below. However, combat RP is optional; you can also use this log for characters to socialize, provide medical care, heckle, steal, and so on. PM me or use this post to provide feedback.
Warnings: PG-13 for violence, quite possibly language, etc.!

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Who: Angela & you!
When: The month of February and onward
Where: Region 2 farmlands, at her cottage
What: A permanent downtime log for house shenanigans!
Warnings: None, but I will update if anything comes along!

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Feb. 17th, 2017 09:59 pm
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Who:Fareeha Amari, Ana Amari, with special guest Soldier: 76
When: Friday evening
Where: Old People's Farm
What: Awkward Family Reunion
Warnings: Overwatchdrama

A little tea, a little chat, a little salt )
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Who: Angela Ziegler, Soldier: 76, special guest Solid Snake, extra special guests Reinhardt and Reaper and Mei
When: Early February
Where: The Ingress entrance to Eosoros and then some other places maybe
What: Basically the part of Undercover Boss where the boss stops being undercover, except with fewer monetary gifts
Warnings: Blood, medical business, an angry old man

he said jack morrison had an eight pack. that jack morrison was shredded )
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Who: Ingress nerds, coffee gods and OMG please help [ OPEN! ]
When: ICly this lasts across multiple days in the beginning of November
Where: The Ingress Room and Section U but also where ever your mingle takes you.
What: Trying to unwrap the puzzle of the Ingress and Ploitoas
Warnings: Language probably. If a thread requires a warning please place it on the comment line!

NOTES: This is a multi-part log for This Ingress Journal Plot. Since most folks were up for threading interactions! You DO NOT need to have signed up to participate in the first part of the log. Anything from noodling on the journals to blowing spitballs at the nerds.

For reference here is the IC announcement about this plot. Again you DO NOT have to have responded to them to come around and investigate what's going on.

Voodoo dolls and chants )

Go for it guys!
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Who: Toriel, Mettaton & Open.
When: Oct 20th mid-afternoon, Oct 21st and Oct 22nd.
Where: Observation Deck, Toriel's room, around the ship.
What: Toriel and Mettaton have a chance to finally talk after Toriel awakens from her time at cryo. Toriel and Ana are moms having tea. Along with open prompts below!
Warnings: Sad goat, tea and mom jokes.
Thats because it's the Greatest Of All Time. )