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If you need a setup for logs, use this!


Who: Characters involved.
When: Time or date.
Where: Location.
What: Brief summary.
Warnings: Label for content.

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Who: Jesse Pinkman & various; one starter semi-open to anyone!
When: Feb 17 onwards.
Where: Around Monmouth & Region 1.
What: Jesse has returned from being [spoiler alert??] canon updated.
Warnings: Drug use, swearing, other stuff that comes with Jesse Pinkman territory. If you want a starter, feel free to hit me up via PM or over at [ profile] nanageddon!

I wanna see it all come down )
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Who: Pharah and open
When: October
Where: Aboard the Moira
What: Dreamscapes and Waking Nightmares
N/A will add as necessary

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Who: Bumblebee (tfa) and You!
When: Throughout September
Where: Medbay for first half of the month and then his room during the second half.
What: Bumblebee got ripped in half by Megatron and has to be bed ridden for a month due to technical difficulties. This is recovery throughout September. Getting stabilised in the medbay for the first half and then being moved to his room the second.
Warnings: Mentions of Robot gore, medical gore, PTSD, small robot children getting maimed.

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Who: Hanzo Shimada & YOU
When: Mid-August
Where: Various locations! Shooting range, garden, and observation deck ahoy.
What: Catch-all for Hanzo. Shooting up targets with arrows, trying (and failing) to meditate, and then watching the stars.
Warnings: Angry ninja

splitting the heavens )
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Who: Pharah, Lucio, and any medbay people who want to help
When: After this
Where: Random hallway to Medbay
What: Pharah made some poor decisions
Warnings: Injury

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Who: Everyone
When: August 1st and on
Where: The Moira
What: New “guests” join the crew on their journey and implement some changes.
Warnings: None for now. Please label your content!

july intro log )