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Who: Kazuhira Miller | Various
When: Through June
Where: Kauto Mostly
What: Posts in starters, OTA and Closed
Warnings: Warnings attached to threads

Starters In Comments
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Who: Anderson and Venom (although if you would also like a log with me, please ask!)
When: A couple days after her arrival
Where: Kauto-1 apartments
What: Anderson tries to get acclimated to her surroundings, but finds it hard to relax with the mental snarl that is the person in the apartment next door.
Warnings: Nothing, I think?

what's right with this world and what's wrong with it )
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If you need a setup for logs, use this!


Who: Characters involved.
When: Time or date.
Where: Location.
What: Brief summary.
Warnings: Label for content.

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Who: Angela & you!
When: The month of February and onward
Where: Region 2 farmlands, at her cottage
What: A permanent downtime log for house shenanigans!
Warnings: None, but I will update if anything comes along!

and the sky is heavy )
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Who: Kazuhira Miller | Various
When: Throughout February
Where: Thisavrou
What: Month stuff, open posts and closed posts
Warnings: Will update.

Starters will be in the comments.
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Who: Jesse Pinkman & closed threads | Open top-level starters are over here!
When: Throughout December
Where: Trekking across the planet X(
Warnings: None yet…! If you want a starter, feel free to hit me up via PM or over at [plurk.com profile] nanageddon! Otherwise, feel free to hit up Jesse's open top-level starters over here. :D

black holes and revelations )
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Who: Kazuhira Miller | Various
When: Month of October
Where: Moira | The Mini Colony
What: Various
Warnings: slavery, references to past pet death

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Who: The Entire Moira
When: Mid September 22nd - 25th
Where: All over the ship
What: Holes in reality, holes in reality everywhere.
Warnings: None so far, please mark your content!

Hey, what's that sound? It sounds like a sharp whine of white noise and moving air, and quiet. And it's coming from a glowing crack that appears to be... floating in midair inside the ship. Surely that can't be good, right? How come they're appearing all over the Moira? And why do they show such bizarre images when you get close enough...?

((OOC: Plot details are here, feel free to use this post or make new ones! :D Any questions, feel free to hit me up at [plurk.com profile] kouject, otherwise GO NUTS GUYS, AU SHENANIGANS~))
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Who: Everyone
When: August 1st and on
Where: The Moira
What: New “guests” join the crew on their journey and implement some changes.
Warnings: None for now. Please label your content!

july intro log )
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Who: Kobra Kid and OPEN
When: Throughout May
Where: Battery City and the surrounding desert Zones
What: Running, mostly
Warnings: potential for violence or references to drug use, but they can be easily avoided if you'd prefer I gloss over those details.

Then we just get up and go! )
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Who: Venom Snake and YOU!
When: Throughout the month of May
Where: Various aboard the Moira
What: Catch-all for May with various starters. Feel free to tag in on any one of them.
Warnings: Possible embarrassment, doggie drool and angst.

[A- Snake receives his new swimming trunks. [OPEN] May 4-14th]

Ahab rather liked the choice of swimwear he was allowed to pick at the beginning of the month. The captains must have felt rather generous to gift members of the crew with items they could use in the pool. Snake's trunks were camouflage. A nice sporting pair.

He is now sporting them at the side of the pool just looking at his reflection in the still water.

"Huh. Wonder what else we'll get next month." He shrugged his shoulders, before diving into the water and surfacing wiping water from his face. First time in the pool and he was actually enjoying it.

[B- Walk about with DD on various decks. [OPEN] May 14th- onwards.]

Snake had DD walking beside him whilst walking down the corridors of the Moira and acknowledging people if they walked past. DD always loved visiting the gardens as well as the training room. It was where he went with his master to train and keep in shape. Snake had always tried to keep DD on form since his arrival just under a month ago now. Ahab had already had offers from people who wanted to walk DD, since he seemed to capture the hearts and minds of most.

"You want to go in the gardens, huh? You're not chasing any birds this time, ok?" Snake warned his dog and saw the wolf-like dog bark in response.
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Who: Venom Snake and Ocelot
When: Backdated to the 30th of April
Where: Med bay Ocelot's office
What: Venom has been suffering with nightmares and flashbacks related to his PTSD and trauma suffered in his past. He has come to Ocelot to seek hypnosis lessons to try and find out more about his past but being careful not to erase who he has to be.
Warnings: Angst, PTSD, language, possible violence.

Snake made his way down to Ocelot's office in the med bay without DD this time. He wasn't going on a social call so that DD could play with his trainer. No, this time Ahab was going for another reason; to see if he could find out more about his past. He had been experiencing harrowing nightmares, which usually woke him up in a cold sweat. The helicopter crash and his role as a medic; he wanted to explore and possibly temper his dreams by delving into his past. He trusted the cowboy and hoped that hypnosis might help him.
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Who: Venom and Liquid Snake
When: End of April
Where: The Bar
What: Venom and Liquid end up talking and sharing a drink at the bar after the events earlier in the month.
Warnings: Angst, swearing, possible fighting and drink umbrella fights.

Ahab had retired to the bar after the rather manic last few weeks with the zombie prisoners and nakedness. Contamination they said. Yeah right. He placed himself up on the bar stool and looked around to see if there was anyone else he knew. He didn't frequent the bar often, only when he needed to. He had to wash the scent of zombie prisoner from him. He was going to order a whiskey but held off when he felt someone behind him. Turning around he kind of expected to see the blond man show up.