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If you need a setup for logs, use this!


Who: Characters involved.
When: Time or date.
Where: Location.
What: Brief summary.
Warnings: Label for content.

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Who: Bucky Barnes, Andyr Prince
When: Early March
Where: Andyr's Farmhouse
What: Someone has some catching up to do.
Warnings: None.

memory comes when memory's old. )
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Who: bucky ([personal profile] dislocked) & steve ([personal profile] abide)
When: some time before the 7th
Where: the link'd inc sector
What: trying to free some slaves, getting fake married instead. y'know. the usual.
Warnings: maybe some violence. will update as necessary!

always forgive me )


Oct. 12th, 2016 11:16 pm
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Who: Andyr and Bucky
When: Now
Where: Andyr's aquarium room
What: Sleepless nights, keeping company with another new, very little friend.
Warnings: Will update where needed

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Oct. 12th, 2016 10:36 am
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Who: bucky ( [personal profile] dislocked ) + val ( [personal profile] mangled )
When: backdated to a few days back aboard the ship after island/time shenanigans.
Where: medbay
What: visiting hours.
Warnings: graphic discussion of organs and organ harvesting. it might get gross. i'll warn for anything else.

put down his son to spite the dog. )
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Who: Bucky Barnes & Steve Rogers
When: During the August event
Where: Bucky's barracks
What: Steve has questions, Bucky sometimes struggles to answer them.
Warnings: No warnings.

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Who: bucky ([personal profile] dislocked) & steve ([personal profile] abide)
When: 08/08, late morning
Where: training sim room / hallways
What: just a general check-in since there are some Bad Men on board
Warnings: to be updated.

tryna break the chains but the chains only break me )
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Who: James Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier) & Alexander Pierce
When: A few days after Pierce's arrival
Where: Nomo Deck - Room #005
What: The Winter Soldier pays a visit to a former (or is it?) HYDRA head.
Warnings: Will add as necessary

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Who: Everyone
When: August 1st and on
Where: The Moira
What: New “guests” join the crew on their journey and implement some changes.
Warnings: None for now. Please label your content!

july intro log )
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Who: Everyone
When: July 18th and on
Where: Slave trade outpost in the Runoff.
What: The Ingress malfunctions, sending the Moira into a different universe. Some of the crew end up on one of the Runoff’s many slave trading outposts.
Warnings: Sex, murder, kidnapping.

July Event Log )
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Who: steve ( [personal profile] abide ) + bucky ( [personal profile] dislocked) + wanda ( [personal profile] seeingscarlet )
When: 05.22 ( afternoon → evening )
Where: medbay + mero deck
What: steve thaws out again after nearly a month. a lot of things have changed.
Warnings: none for now!

no way to run from this )
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Who: Bucky Barnes and YOU
When: Throughout all of May.
Where: Pretty much just in front of Steve's cryotube.
What: Steve goes into cryofreeze, Bucky chills in front of it like a particularly scruffy guard dog.
Warnings: Well, aside from the standard PTSD, trauma, brainwashing, and all the horrors that come with experimented on, nothing much. Will update as necessary.

where my shoes become hammers, and my words become sand. )
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Who: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers.
When: 19/3
Where: Cargo bay.
What: Bucky receives a text to deliver something to Steve Rogers. He does not take kindly to what's in it.
Warnings: Two supersoldiers with seventy years worth of trauma and heartache and pain. Possible mentions of war, low-key depression; brainwashing, and everything that comes with being a) an icicle and b) a prisoner of war with zero autonomy.

'Fools,' said I, 'You do not know. Silence, like a cancer, grows.' )