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Who: Rinzler and Saren, plus later Shepard and Nihlus
When: late March, after this
Where: Some back alley on Kauto
What: Rinzler tries to go three for three on fighting Spectres
Warnings: violence, probable injury, frequent and varied mindscrew references

'cause one of us is going, one of us is going down )
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Who: Closed to Saren and Nihlus and Shepard later on.
When: Right after this debacle.
Where: Nihlus’ tech repair shop’s basement.
What: Reaper coding fun times! And potential reconciliation?
Warnings: Potential body horror?

We need some serious cable management up in here. )
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If you need a setup for logs, use this!


Who: Characters involved.
When: Time or date.
Where: Location.
What: Brief summary.
Warnings: Label for content.