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[sticky entry] Sticky: Tell Us What We're Getting Into

If you need a setup for logs, use this!


Who: Characters involved.
When: Time or date.
Where: Location.
What: Brief summary.
Warnings: Label for content.

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How can you even be mad?

Who: Nyx & Ardyn
When: after R4 is cleared
Where: Nyx's aquarium/apartment
What: cat blocking
Warnings: Sexual themes and idiocy
Look at that face! )

(no subject)

Who: Sam Drake & Nathan Drake
When: Backdated to shadow event
Where: Around Region 1
What: Shadow Sam roams around
Warnings: Violence??

Here there be monsters )
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(no subject)

Who: Anyone. Maybe you!
When: Post-Shadows event
Where: Region 4
What: The search and rescue event for a piece of equipment to further stabilize the Ingress
Warnings: Probable violence

Under the sea... )
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my queen got machine gun hips

Who: Diana & Tex.
When: 12 July.
Where: Shooting Range, Kauto R1.
What: Diana learns how to use yet another weapon.
Warnings: N/A

better duck once they go off )
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Let it go, let it go...

Who: Sombra and Gabrielito
When: July 7th
Where: Talon Nest
What: the continuing saga of two spooky ghosts
Warnings: NA

can't feel my fingers anymore. )
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tonight i sleep to dream of a place that's calling me.

Who: Ronan Lynch & others
When: July 9 - July 19
Where: St. Monmouth in Kauto R2
What: Ronan encounters shadows and others encounter Ronan's shadow.
Warnings: Violence, attempted murder, intense suicidal ideation & trauma.

i don't want to lose myself. it's a whisper. it's a funny thing. )

son, you better take it all

Who: Snake-kouhai and Snake-senpai (Solid Snake and Big Boss)
When: Mid-July
Where: R1
What: It was only a matter of time before they ran into each other.
Warnings: Possible talk of death/violence; will edit if anything else happens!
they'll tell you what they know )
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(no subject)

Who: Shadow!Asriel and Open
When: July 9th-13th
Where: Around Region Five
What: Shadow!Asriel appears and tries to replace his original
Warnings: Discussions of slavery, suicide, death, violence, and other unpleasant things
I am the true self )

the smile on my face is just a lie [open + closed]

Who: Chara, Chara's Shadow, some closed starters, and Y O U
When: July 9th - July 21st
Where: All over? All over.
What: You're really kind of a freak, huh?
Warnings: Chara. Suicide ideation and extreme self-hatred are probable. Further warnings will be noted.
a lie, a lie; i just can't hide )
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The Demon Plot: DEATH OF GRINDING MADNESS [July Player Event]

Who: Ensemble production, all individuals who opted in to the plot
When: July 9-21
Where: Two inhabited planets around the Ingress
What: The demon plot kicks off, in which malevolent shadow beings, copies of existing characters, begin to materialize and harass the PCs across the worlds. Plotting post is here, and a network post will go up within the next 2 days from several PCs advising on how to end the plot.
Warnings: Violence, psychological themes, possibly past trauma, etc.

Death of Grinding Madness
The Demon Plot
(mild spoilers for The Raven Cycle)

On July 9, a demon begins to make its way through the Ingress, summoned through by a shitty teenager. Catch-all log for the demon plot! )

Home design with programs

Who: Yori, Quorra, open!
When: Backdated to mid-June.
Where: Ingress Complex.
What: New neighbors meet.
Warnings: The programs will probably talk about canon program genocide, mass murder, and forced rewrites, but nothing's expected to happen in the thread.

Shopping trip )
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we find out what we're made of

Who: Hermione Granger, Katsa and open
When: End of June and throughout July
Where: Treehouse in R3
What: Katsa and Hermione are finally moving in.
Warnings: N/A
count on me )

use the sleeves of my sweater [ota]

Who: X-Mansion residents, students, weather!refugees, whoever else.
When: Through July
Where: R5, Residence 15
What: Schooling nonsense, weather sheltering, general shenanigans, et. al.
Warnings: See individual top levels for applicable warnings.
Let's have an adventure; )
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i've seen this room

Who: Solas, Cole and open to others!
When: Throughout July
Where: Elfhaus, R3
What: General catch all for the house in July!
Warnings: N/A atm
and i've walked this floor )
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Who: Percival Graves & Credence Barebone
When: Early July
Where: Charles' place.
What: A wizard goes into a child center and looks for the Obscurial that's looking after them -- wait, there's the punchline?
Warnings: Nothing.
click here, dude. )
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(closed) run from the pity, from responsibility

Who: Tex, L, and Calla
When: Backdated to late June
Where: Earth 91c
What: Tex and L help Calla escape Earth 91c
Warnings: References to AI slavery
run from the country and run from the city )
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(no subject)

Who: big boss, ocelot
When: early july
Where: R1
What: john and adam hash out what they know.
Warnings: #justmetalgearthings

spit your game, talk your shit, grab your gat, call your clicks )
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I always feel like somebody's watching me

Who: Hawke, Cole, and Varric. Maybe others.
When: Before the power outages
Where: Hawke and Varric's inappropriately nicknamed house
What: Varric brought a spirit boy to come visit.
Warnings: None. Probably.
tell me is this just a dream )
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we got off on an exit 'cause we couldn't read the map so great

Who: Lion House Crew + Lavellan
When: Backdated to before Lavellan Wrecked The Ingress
Where: An Unpopulated area of Region 3
What: Local teens and their adults who need adults get lost in the woods with an elf who should know better.
Warnings: None none

near the Choctaw Motel we parked to deliberate )