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Who: Closed to the Tron-Undertale Trainwreck Cast & Friends
When: June 24, shortly before the player plot ends
Where: The Center for Created Oversight and Affairs (Earth 91c)
What: Rinzler and Alan get in trouble; everyone else gets them out. With worse trouble. And frisbees that are brains that might be bombs?
Warnings: Mindscrew references for pretty near everyone. Personhood issues. VIOLENCE AND FRIENDSHIP, which are strangely inextricable.

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Who: Chloe Frazer and Sam Drake
When: A day after this post
Where: Sam's apartment.
What: Getting your friend accidentally killed sucks, especially when they're the shoulder you'd usually lean on to help you get over it. Time to promote a new drinking buddy.
Warnings: Drinking hard liquor, angst and associated negative feelings that go with it.
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Who: Everyone!
When: Month of June (whenever)
Where: Kauto: Region II: Ellguana Fields.
What: Carnival!
Warnings: Please warn appropriately on subjects, thanks.
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Who: Primarily Adrien, Elena, and Nate for the closed prompts; for the open, anyone who wants to visit at the house and bump into her.
When: June 25 to June 30
Where: Ingress Complex, then at the house
What: Elena comes out of cryo after being 'dead' for the past 2 weeks and coping with the damage. It isn't a fun experience.
Warnings: Emotional things? Possible swearing. Will update if necessary.

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Who: Erik, residents and visitors of the X-mansion, anyone else who comes across him
When: June 22
Where: Ingress Complex, Kauto (region five, residence fifteen), the places in between
What: A canon update and probably a lot of apologies
Warnings: Will update as needed

Ingress Complex, and the trip to R5

This isn't the first time he's been through the Ingress Complex, but this time at least he knows what's happening, and where he is. The anger that had tainted his arrival here is gone, too, or at least subdued enough not to be so apparent. It's manageable now, and he can start to move past it.

He allows the technician to complete their assessment, as patiently as he can, because he knows that he's not injured and he's got somewhere he wants to be. Finally he's allowed to move on again, and because it's a long trip from here to his destination in Region Five, any number of people could come across him on the way.

X-mansion, residents and visitors

He never knows what to expect when approaching this place, whether it's in this world or the one he came from. He knows that things weren't left on the best terms the last time he was here, and that this is something he needs to work on. He just hopes that it can happen without the endless arguments like before.

He takes his time, strolling slowly through the grounds before approaching the house itself. He still thinks it's more house than anyone needs, but at least now he can see why Charles was so eager to use it for a school.

X-mansion, for Lorna

Once inside, and away from any of the residents or visitors who may have stopped him along the way, he stops by his room to pick something up. There's something he wants to show Lorna. Raven had been right when she told him that he had more family than he knew, and he hadn't been doing much about it before. Now he knows better, and is determined to do something about it. There's nothing he can do about Peter right now, but Lorna's here, and he'll make the most of that.

He sets out to look for her, starting with a knock on her door. Hopefully he's not disturbing her.
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Who: Those selected for Atarah’s retrieval mission
When: June 22nd
Where: Earth 91c, on the outskirts of Eastgate
What: Atarah’s mercenaries raid an Extinctionist hideout to take back… something.
Warnings: Possible violence
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Jun. 15th, 2017 09:16 pm
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Who: A Stark and a Stark
When: Early June
Where: A completely innocuous coffee shop
What: Mostly this
Warnings: N/A

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Who: Lavellan and Hawke
When: Now ig. Whenever
Where: A park and then a bar
What: Lavellan trips over Hawke in the park and then they go get smashed because that's what you do. I'm dead serious that's actually what this log is about.
Warnings: See summary

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Who: Chloe Frazer and Nathan Drake (more may be added later)
When:Backdated to 11/6
Where: Medical.
What: Bad things went down on the planet and Chloe has to be the bearer of bad news. Really bad news.
Warnings:Blood and discussion of character death.
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Jun. 12th, 2017 12:32 am
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Who: Mettaton and anyone crashing in Rinzler's home, including Rinzler because it is his home.
When: Backdated to 6/10
Where: Rinzler's condo
What: It is time to die from monster sadness.
Warnings: Character death
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Who: X-friends and visitors to the Howlett farm
When: The month of June
Where: Howlett farm, R2
What: Mingling for those evacuated to the farm!
Warnings: Threads will have individual warnings
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Who: Pepper Potts, Marian Hawke
When: Early June
Where: Kauto R1
What: Pepper takes Marian to get mani/pedis and it all goes downhill from there when she picks the wrong salon.
Warnings: Alien pet traffickers? Eventually.

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Who: Cole and Varric
When: Not too long after he arrives
Where: Elfhaus and then ADVENTURE!
What: running across a field of flowers and then twirl-hugging
Warnings: None... yet
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Who: Kazuhira Miller | Various
When: Through June
Where: Kauto Mostly
What: Posts in starters, OTA and Closed
Warnings: Warnings attached to threads

Starters In Comments
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Who: Lavellan, Chara, Cole
When: Sometime near the end of May for Chara, [RASPBERRY NOISE] for Cole
Where: Normandy Securities office and Elfhaus
What: Lavellan is bad at children and also investigating
Warnings: Every character involved is their own warning label
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Who: Residents of St. Monmouth & OPEN to visitors
When: Throughout June
Where: St. Monmouth in Kauto R2
What: Various suspicious happenings over at the dream farm.
Warnings: Look to the subject headers.
Notes: This is a mingle/catch-all log. Start your own threads! Tag around!

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Who: Everyone
When: June 4rd to June 26th
Where: Earth 91c
What: Thisavrou’s Ingress connects to an alternate, technologically advanced version of Earth.
Warnings: Murder (and mystery!), potential violence, arguably slavery(?)
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Who: Cayde-6 and you!
When: Now. Now's a good time as any, sure. Let's say...a day in after his arrival.
Where: Kauto-1
What: New city, new planet, new resident. A Hunter goes exploring.
Warnings: N/A

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Who: Solas and Cole
When: When Cole arrives
Where: Elf House™
What: Solas gets to see Cole for the first time in a long time
Warnings: N/A currently!
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