Jun. 22nd, 2017

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Who: Erik, residents and visitors of the X-mansion, anyone else who comes across him
When: June 22
Where: Ingress Complex, Kauto (region five, residence fifteen), the places in between
What: A canon update and probably a lot of apologies
Warnings: Will update as needed

Ingress Complex, and the trip to R5

This isn't the first time he's been through the Ingress Complex, but this time at least he knows what's happening, and where he is. The anger that had tainted his arrival here is gone, too, or at least subdued enough not to be so apparent. It's manageable now, and he can start to move past it.

He allows the technician to complete their assessment, as patiently as he can, because he knows that he's not injured and he's got somewhere he wants to be. Finally he's allowed to move on again, and because it's a long trip from here to his destination in Region Five, any number of people could come across him on the way.

X-mansion, residents and visitors

He never knows what to expect when approaching this place, whether it's in this world or the one he came from. He knows that things weren't left on the best terms the last time he was here, and that this is something he needs to work on. He just hopes that it can happen without the endless arguments like before.

He takes his time, strolling slowly through the grounds before approaching the house itself. He still thinks it's more house than anyone needs, but at least now he can see why Charles was so eager to use it for a school.

X-mansion, for Lorna

Once inside, and away from any of the residents or visitors who may have stopped him along the way, he stops by his room to pick something up. There's something he wants to show Lorna. Raven had been right when she told him that he had more family than he knew, and he hadn't been doing much about it before. Now he knows better, and is determined to do something about it. There's nothing he can do about Peter right now, but Lorna's here, and he'll make the most of that.

He sets out to look for her, starting with a knock on her door. Hopefully he's not disturbing her.