Jun. 5th, 2017

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Who: Residents of St. Monmouth & OPEN to visitors
When: Throughout June
Where: St. Monmouth in Kauto R2
What: Various suspicious happenings over at the dream farm.
Warnings: Look to the subject headers.
Notes: This is a mingle/catch-all log. Start your own threads! Tag around!

they came again in the night under crescent moon, didn't wake me in my sleep. )
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Who: Lavellan, Chara, Cole
When: Sometime near the end of May for Chara, [RASPBERRY NOISE] for Cole
Where: Normandy Securities office and Elfhaus
What: Lavellan is bad at children and also investigating
Warnings: Every character involved is their own warning label
i know you don't mean no harm you're just doing your thing )