May. 9th, 2017

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Who: Joseph Kavinsky or Boobvinsky & CR & you
When: April & throughout May, catch-all
Where: Various regions, various chaos, various Kavinskisms.
What: Operation Idiotic Apocalyptic Revenge and Accidentally Falling For Hot Boys & Girls are concurrently underway, under the leadership of one Joseph "I Definitely Know What I'm Doing" Kavinsky. Note that the cut is empty, I just wanted to put more of the Stars' lyrics in here because they're beautiful. Feel free to tag me with a starter of your own!
Warnings: NSFW for explicit sexual content, also Kavinsky is highly offensive (homophobic, racist, sexist comments, harassment, references to past felonies likely); mental health, suicidality often in meta.
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Who: Peter and various closed CR
When: Early May
Where: Various; mostly X-Mansion
What: Peter makes amends, makes a few confessions.
Warnings: Will be added as needed.
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